11.53% Dead's Requiem / Chapter 3: Young Scientist

Chapter 3: Young Scientist

Three years later, at the young age of 20, Ernst Haeckel had already received three Nobel Prizes and a Breakthrough Prize, with the last of his studies awarded with both the Nobel and Breakthrough Prize. He was first awarded when he was 17 in the field of chemistry.

By mixing Aluminum, Uranium, Vanadium and a newly discovered element, Corollonium, which he found through the coordinates in the necklace his parents had left him, he had discovered a more efficient alternative to fossil fuels.

Corollonium had surprisingly many uses. This mineral can generate and store energy, prevent radioactive decay, conduct electricity and so much more. One can even say that it is the perfect element at this time especially in this time when global warming continues to increase at an alarming rate.

However, its potential to be used as a weapon was too high. Country leaders put in a lot of money into research and development for Corollonium based weapons. Although it is being studied more at present, no negative effects to the health can be attributed to this mineral.

The only flaw with this mineral is that it is so rare to find. Haeckel was lucky he found one using his parent's heirloom. Corollonium deposits were found in China, America and Africa but there were only one or two deposits per country.

His second Nobel Prize was about the origin of life. There was no life on Earth from its formation up to its half a billion years of existence. Common knowledge dictates that the elements have formed compounds and these compounds formed into inorganic molecules. Then this simple inorganic molecules became complex and more complex until it formed organic molecules. These organic molecules were the start of life. But what pushed the elements to mix together and why did it take as long as half a billion years? This was the question posed and answered by Haeckel in his study that was garnered with a Nobel Prize.

This could be explained through entropy- which is a gradual decline into disorder. The Big Bang Theory is one that is inexplicable in itself, but can be used as a good reference for other theories. The cosmic inflation was caused by entropy. It fell into a disorder that's why it exploded. Likewise, our universe will also fall into decline just how living beings die of old age. Just like how we die with old age, we also grow when we were young.

A child is formed when the sperm cell fertilizes the egg cell which is then called the zygote. This zygote is very small that a microscope is needed to view it. After some time, the zygote develops and after nine months, a baby is born. The baby continues to grow until it reaches its peak state- adulthood. Again, after some time, the man dies. This goes the same for life on earth. At first two elements meet, combine into molecules, into complex organizations of molecules and then they grow even further until in the future, it will die. The Earth shall perish.

By publishing this study, he garnered the respect of the scientific community as he was not only capable in the field of chemistry, he was also capable in the field of physics. However, the scientific community didn't knew that these two ideas were just a few among the many ideas Haeckel has written on his notebooks when he was young.

This year, Haeckel had published yet another study and this had won him both the Nobel Prize and the Breakthrough Prize. This is about the Multiverse. There are only two universes- nothing more and nothing less. The first one is made up of Matter and the second one is made up of Anti-matter. For this reason, when scientists try to create Anti-matter, matter is formed and the same reason why we cannot see the other universe. It is because we cannot and if we try to, both universes would collapse and perhaps another Big Bang might occur.

For both universes, the amount of elements are the same. If one were to have more than the other, imbalance would occur and a collision would happen. When collision happens, a cosmic inflation, which is the rapid expansion of space-time occurs. This small time is what separates the Matter Universe from the Anti-matter Universe. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Through this study, many unanswered questions had been answered. Many scientists had been once again, inspired to research and study this topic.

As Haeckel was, once again, bathing in public praise and admiration from the scientific community, he was in his usual mood - nonchalant, not caring about others and was just simply reading.

Lately, he had been interested in technology and weapons. His discovery of Corollonium led to another industrial revolution. Prototypes of Plasma and Laser guns were being constructed. Although its release date was still unknown, it was a work in process.

His interest in creating weapons was piqued. To further his studies on weapons, he decided to study guns in its primal stage, the black powder.

His super memory had helped him remember all the things he had read. He can even remember the things he had read when he was still a child. That is why when he tried to construct a gun with black powder as its ammunition, even without consulting a manual, he made it so fast and so perfect that he seemed to be a professional in doing so. Actually, if Haeckel would put effort into anything, he would learn it quickly that he could probably reach black belt from a white belt in just three days.

Aside from firearms, Haeckel had also tinkered with melee weapons. From the Chinese staves to Ninja shurikens, and even to crescent blades, he tried to recreate and modernize them.

He loved the feeling every time he had finished reconstructing weapons. He felt obsessed with recreating weapons. But it wasn't just the weapons but also automobiles, aircrafts, gadgets, etc. He had even created some weird inventions that was sure to shock the world if they were to see it.

He had constructed a gatling plasma gun. This gun needed no ammunition. It was only powered by mixing elements with Corollonium. The only downside to it was that it had a limit when it comes to its heat.

He had also created cars which can run up to 360 kilometers per hour, which is also powered by Corollonium. During the time of his obsession, he was not able to publish any new studies but despite this, people still talked about him. It has been more than five years now since he had appeared in public.

During this time of seclusion, the only person he talked to was a woman named Kyla Louise. This was also the same kid back then who had pigtails and a runny nose. Now, however, she looked stunning. Women her age wore make-up most of the time but she didn't have to. Even without wearing one, she was the most beautiful woman the world had ever seen.

It wasn't just the way she dressed, the way she walked nor her short hair, it was her beautiful eyes. Eyes that reflect her intelligence that would intimidate most men.

Actually, when she was younger, she was dumb and hated studying, but by accompanying Haeckel for long periods of time, she started picking up books. There were also times when she would exchange ideas with Haeckel. This did not only benefit her but Haeckel as well, especially in the field of Physics since her specialty laid in Physics.

In fact, she had already garnered an award for herself. A year from now, she was going to present her study in a bid to win the Nobel Prize and if possible, the Breakthrough Prize.

Going back, the only reason Haeckel usually contacted Kyla was so that he could have some items delivered to him. Most of the time, it would be her calling him and asking him questions related to science. When he was about to have his 20th birthday, she invited him to eat outside.

As close friends, they would usually eat out if they had the time to do so, which would mean that the most time they ate outside was three times a year and it would usually be on their birthdays and some random day.

Even though Kyla had a crush on Haeckel ever since they were young, her feelings for him did not decline. It even increased as Haeckel was mysterious and passionate yet had a good heart.

One time, when they were outside walking along the snow, Haeckel saw a dog who was freezing to death. He took the dog to his house and cared for it. After winter, when he was letting the dog out of its house, it whimpered and with its eyes, pleaded to stay. This dog had remained with him since he was 18 years old.

"Have you ever thought of settling down?" Kyla's body swayed as she asked Haeckel in embarrassment. This habit of hers had stayed with her ever since they were young. She would unconsciously do it every time she was nervous.

"Not really." Haeckel answered briefly. "But maybe when the right time comes."

"Is that so?" Kyla looked down before he stared at Haeckel's eyes once again.

"Hey." Then, she kissed Haeckel on his lips, "You really are dense."

Then Kyla left. Haeckel was confused at what happened. He never expected her to kiss her and had never entertained the idea that she would do so. Later that night, he couldn't sleep as he remembered the kiss on his lips. He could not forget the look of her face on that day. He found it captivating and he seemed at ease every time he thought about it

Five years later, at the age of 25, Haeckel and Kyla got married.

echogillana echogillana

True love is the greatest adventure

Comments (2)

  • Dovah


    Interesting how reincarnation is affecting mc's life even when he has amnesia xD Assumed that fast paced marriage occurred b/c they were married in their past life lol

  • Nickjr321


    Whoa that was fast

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