57.89% ReBirth of The Primordial / Chapter 10: Io's Rules

Chapter 10: Io's Rules

Io reached a decision just to treat it as a necessity. Her body was different and, so were her needs. Just like when someone is out to kill you, you couldn't be squeamish about killing because it was either you or them. Survival was all it amounted to. Io quickly moved to the small stream and submerged various parts of herself until the blood was gone. Then dripping wet, she returned to where she had hid Dagan and Sorcha.

'Effing bells!!!' Io yelled internally while letting out a vicious snarl. They were gone. Upset with herself for scaring the little ones, Io breathed in deeply, trying to catch a hint of their scents. She shifted through the smells of vegetation, earth, and mold until she finally caught wind of the twins' particular spicy and cool fragrances. Got it. She grinned to herself her white fangs exposing themselves for a moment before she darted into the brush after the two.

It wasn't long before she heard anger-filled echoing cries. Shit! Io cried out as she pushed herself to run faster, her sleekly muscled body moving agilely between the trees, moonlight cascading over her exposed scales between shadows creating the illusion of stars dancing in the forest.

The cries turned into head-splitting warbling as she got closer and closer. She broke through the woods only to halt suddenly as it ended in a sheer drop off about fifteen to twenty feet. Across from her two small bloodied forms cornered against a rock with a creature nigh identical she had murdered- no killed, she corrected herself, pacing snapping at the Sorcha and Dagan.

Sorcha was hugging an unconscious Dagan close as she shrieked her rage and at the beast. In her rage Sorcha's eyes had turned pitch black, only unlike last time Io had seen her change, this was more extensive. Frost gently coated her ink-colored hair while a delicate layer of ice covered the outside of her arms, legs, and neck. From the sides of her neck the thin layer of armor traveled downwards, wrapping around her chest and back down over where her genitalia would have been if had she not been rendered androgynous by her transformation.

She had numerous cuts and furrows on the outskirts of her arms and legs in places where it looked like her icy armor had been broken, liquid silver flowing freely onto the frost-covered ground. Whereas Dagan was no longer that healthy pale translucent shade of gold Io had begun to associate with him, but a burnt shade of brown as if he been charred. His raspy breaths clear huffs of mist made visible in the colder temperature that surrounded the duo. In comparison to Sorcha, the boy had gashes and puncture marks all over him, golden liquid of an almost syrup-like viscosity pouring from his wounds.

A thunderous roar reverberated through the forest, reminiscent of tyrannical primordial beast. Birds flew away in droves, animals stampeded in crazed fashion away from the area, and even trees shivered for a moment. Io huffed as she glare at her prey. Yes prey, she thought right before she hurtled herself over the edge.

The beast turned shifted around, it's large button-like eyes trying to place where the threat was when Io landed a meter from the beast. She snarled savagely at it, her mind painted red at the scene that had branded itself into her soul. She had just three rules when it came the safety of the twins, but it was precisely because of those three rules that she left a river of blood in her wake during her time on Earth.

Rule #1: Don't ever get between her and the twins or you're dead. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Rule #2: Don't effing make them cry or you're deader than dead.

Rule #3: Don't f*kin' hurt them or you're dead without a corpse.

Unfortunately for the beast, it had broken all three. Persuading Io to change her plan from doing a simple rescue, leaving the creature alive out of for respect life, to now it was a dead thing walking.

'Never shall I abandon' Io thought as she started towards the beast. Her body tensing and loosening as she drew closer and closer in preparation for battle.

"Yours to protect." A soft and feminine voice whispered lovingly as Io jumped towards the beast, snapping it's face. It lunged backwards to evade and to immediately swept it's spike cover tails scraping across her side. With a snarl Io stepped into the attack and bit deeply into it's shoulder, her teeth sinking easily into it's flesh. The beast tried biting at Io's neck to rip her off of it but ended up catching on to one of the horns that crowned the sides of her head. With a jerk Io's head twisted uncomfortably as her teeth dislodged from it's meaty flesh.

That was a mistake. Freed of the awkward angle, Io put her claws to work, grabbing onto the beast's head, sinking them in deeply as she could and pulled it off of her. Roaring in pain the the beast snapped at her face as it made an attempt to rear up. Io shoved it over onto the ground and with her greater weight her claws sank even deeper. The animal thrashed, hooves raising to do damage when Io leaned down ripped a chunk off its injured shoulder.

"Arruuoo!" It yelled out as it twisted and turned, it's legs pushing against her chest, striving to free itself from her grasp. Io's eyes darkened and hints of flame between her normally cool-to-the touch ink-colored scales. She wrapped her tail around the beast's legs, pinning them down and and lifted her right claw while she increased the pressure of the other on the head slowly fracturing it's skull. Io slashed down it's sides with her other claw. Once, twice, again and again her claws raked the beast, eventually her claws caressing the muscles buried deep between it ribs in vengeance for Dagan and Sorcha. Fueled by fury her scales started to heat up, burning the beast wherever they made contact.

Cold in her blood lust. Io bent over the struggling creature digging her free claw into it's exposed back leg to further pin the beast and started shredding it apart ferociously, bite by bite. The taste of blood satisfying that driving urge in her for dominance. To prove that she could ultimately protect what was hers. Dare to harm what is mine, hmph, then your life shall be the offering that I will lay at their feet in retribution. Io thought as various bodily fluids sprayed across her body, sizzling upon contact with the searing hot scales. The wails of the dying beast like that of a sweet melody to her ears.

'More!' Io moved on to brutally ripping the whimpering beast apart. An ear here. A leg there. One of it's three tail on the other side of that rock. 'They need you' The voice suddenly rang through her mind again drawing Io back to sanity. Panting she grabbed hold of the weakened beast's neck between her jaws. The bones crunched and cracked until Io had completely torn the head off. With a thud the head landed a few feet away from the corpse.

Io took a few moments to gather herself before she looked over at Sorcha and gently rumbled at her between her quickened inhalations.

"Io!" Sorcha cried as she had finally received the okay to speak.

"Io, I sorry. So sorry. We thought you bad. I know I wrong. Io is Io. Io protects always. Io never let us hurt. Our fault. Our fault. Never again! Please no leave. Need! Know you no harm me and Dagan. Sorry, I so sorry." Sorcha sobbed out clinging tightly to her brother as Io padded over. Io paused in front of her now back-to-normal moonling and rested her forehead against the girl. Her scales cooling rapidly from the leftover cold that still clung to the girl.

Sorcha let go of Dagan with one arm and hugged Io's enormous head to hers, her hand resting on one Io's horns as she sobbed out all the anxiety, fear, and pain. Io huffed again and wrapped her tail around Sorcha forcing her to let go of her brother before being placed on Io's back. Io then coiled her tail around Dagan and laid him down in front of Sorcha for the girl to hold onto.

She waited for Sorcha to finish making any adjustments she needed to for her and Dagan to stay stably seated. When Sorcha signaled she was ready Io tiredly trudged back into the shadows. Right before she faded into darkened landscape Io looked back, 'Just whose voice was that?' Io wondered.

RedsFables RedsFables

Hey everybody!

I know that it sucks with only one chapter a day but please bear in mind that this is my first novel ever. I am working on getting my chapters to satisfactory length and each following chapter has had increase verbiage.

When I can plateau there for a few I will work on updating 2 chapters daily and go from there.


Theme Song for Writing this Chapter: Ty Dolla $ign & Future - Darkside (Lyrics) feat. Kiiara (YT)

Comments (3)

  • RothsGab


    I was mad when they left her cause where they came from it seems that Io always protected them. She also killed for them, yet when she killed another creature for food she instantly was considered' bad' . But if you consider them normal three year olds, then of course but these kids have been surrounded by death and misfortunes. Then when they were found injured I was very how do I say sassy about like ' you ran away literally from your chance of survival ,bruh' and then it was heart warming that the protector herself didn't care they abandoned her .

  • RedsFables


    The kids understand Io the Human, but on the other hand, Io the Wulgon is very new to them. They have to relearn all of her tells, how she expresses herself, even more difficult how to communicate with her. Misunderstands are bound to occur, and don't forget while yes they still acknowledged Io after her transformation, seeing it in action is a whole other story. It would be like seeing an adorable bunny turn and eat a whole pack of knights.

  • RedsFables


    Yeah I get it, but there is different mentality between gathering and hunting. Especially if the animals are considered to like the big foot of their time only with less negative connotations. Of course there will be some trauma.

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