96.05% Dragon Ball: Altered Time / Chapter 68: Lunch Date

Chapter 68: Lunch Date

After I had appeared back, I was sent back to where I was before I got summoned and it seems two minutes had just passed, as I had laid back down under the Sakura blossoms with them littering the ground in a light pink light as it brightened up my mood.

And as I laid down there, I remembered that every time I made a transaction with anyone I took some of their life force depending on what they wished for, and the thing was the one who was on the receiving end didn't even realise this as I took away ten years from my last deal, and this was then converted into usable energy that I could battle with.

After a while of thinking of such things Red had appeared as she had a bento in her hands, as she smiled seeing me waiting as I leaned on the trees old textured bark.

Sensing her presence, I turned my head towards her as I saw a massive bento packed with countless foods, using my multi-zen eye I saw that inside it was filled with meat and savoury food, something I didn't expect as I thought it'd be balanced, but nonetheless it seemed she really cooked.

"It seems you really can cook, Red."

Hearing that she began pouting as she sat down next to me as we leaned close, "Hmph I won't give you any food for that comment Baka-Sei."

After this she puffed her cheeks up as she turned around crossing her arms together, seeing her do this I leaned in for a quick peck changing her expression instantly as I wrapped her around myself.

"I'm sorry for that comment Red, but girls who can cook have a special charm, and it makes my heart go doki."

Said I with a deadpan yet sincere face, "Mou, saying that so suddenly..." As Red tried hiding her embarrassment and blush on her face.

"So it seems you've made only fried meat and no rice or Vegetables."

"Yes dear as I heard from mum that you love savoury foods so I tried to make it how you like it. Please have some and tell me how it honestly tastes."

Saying this she used the attack called [Puppy Eyes] and it was [Super Effective] as I complied with her,

as we both said "Itadakimasu" Red put her hands together as soon she opened the bento, and a wave of aroma voluptuous to the nose spread out in every inch causing me to salivate in joy.

I was drooling, like really drooling as my eyes were fixated on the pieces of thinly sliced meat wafting an unknown aroma to my nose, capturing me instantly.

But something was off as I used my Saiyan instincts to inspect the food closely, and I saw the mistake, "Red where are my chopsticks they're not there?"

"No, I never put them in, the first place anyway Baka-Sei."

Hearing this I frowned as with a quick leak of energy I used my inventory taking out my oldest pair of chopsticks to eat with as I went into the food ready to devour it all, my chopsticks suddenly burnt completely into nothingness, as I saw Red's hands glow in a red light.

"You, what have you done, you've destroyed my beloved chopsticks, I used them to each every single meal of mine yet their gone all gone and never coming back."

As I began sobbing over the chopsticks that I had gained while still a child by Grandpa Gohan, "There, there I'm sorry for your loss Issei but I only did that so you would let me feed you, can you find it in your heart to forgive me please."

Turning towards her I realised it was a trap as she had activated [Puppy Eyes] again as it was super effective once again, "You, Your manipulating me yet I still can't rid myself of it... Fine I forgive you..."

As soon as I said that Red jabbed a piece of meat into my mouth at light speed so fast I couldn't dodge (I most definitely could) as I tasted the tender meat in my mouth infused with multiple layers of flavour I knew she took her time on this as I could feel the sincerity on the meat.

It was that moment that I realised that she had conquered my stomach with her incredible cooking.

"Was it any good dear?"

Said she with a smiling face as somehow it gave me the chills as if saying, 'Say it's tasty or else I won't let you sleep on the bed' but I knew this wasn't necessary as I said, "Yeah, the taste is impeccable simply sublime, I can't commend you enough over this beautiful taste you've painted within my mouth."

And as she fed me repeatedly we both talked about our day, and it seemed that Red was a bit of a weaboo to be honest with the way she adored Japanese culture, kinda strange but I just nodded to it.

And as we were enjoying ourselves in each others company suddenly out if nowhere the grassland in front of us distorted rapidly as it revealed two figures on the other side, one red haired and one white haired.



Almost immediately as soon as the two arrived they started towards me as the red head clenched onto my neck gripping it ever so tightly as with this distance I could see the red flames in his eyes burning with anger and killing intent.

"Who are you?"

Were my simple words as I looked unperturbed being held up above the ground in the hands of this brash red headed fool, seemingly he became angry as words echoed out my mouth as suddenly his hands turned into flames as my shirt and blazer began to burn off into dust as only my toned body remained throbbing with veins as my muscles bulged in adonis-like immaculateness.

"I'll say this again, Who Are You? And Let Go before you face the consequences Boi!!"

Said I once again enraging the red head as he flung me into the nearby tree causing it to burn off into mere particles as he looked towards Red with anger and a hint of betrayal evident in his eyes, "Rias, you just how could you break the pact of the Gremory and Phenex clan like that, you were engaged to Riser Phenex yet you've commited adultery."

"And that too with a lowly stray devil, a weak yet arrogant one at that, Aarrggh I'm so angry I could burn him to dust yet this shame I'm feeling will never wear off... TELL ME, why you did this NOW!!"

Said the red headed arrogant fool as he looked towards the girl in anger and utmost confusion, 'why would she do something so stupid doesn't she know that she'll cause the clan to lose profit and respect within the underworld.'

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Hearing this the girl had seemingly had enough as she snapped back at her elder brother, "Why, Huh tell me Why you married Her then, if you can fall in love with someone and marry them then Why can't I tell me brother tell me now, what gives you the right to restrict my happiness, is it because your stronger than me Huh, is that it tell me NOW!?"

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