97.36% Dragon Ball: Altered Time / Chapter 69: Talking with Nii-san Part 1

Chapter 69: Talking with Nii-san Part 1


As the redheaded girl spoke out her true feelings everything around her began to disintegrate into nothingness save for her clothes as around her a black and red aura spread out seemingly the power of destruction, seeing this Issei got up immediately.

'Could it be that Red can use the Hakai?!' was what was going through Issei's mind as he saw that everything around was getting destroyed into nothingness but her power also reminded him of his Quincy abilities as he completely destroys souls using it similarly leaving nothing behind.

Seeing the rage in which he inflicted upon his beloved sister he immediately calmed down and put down his magic as his aura that was once flaring flattened until nothing was left, at this point he bowed at a 90° angle as he said, "I'm sorry for angering you dear sister."

Apologetically he got up his head as I headed to him with aggression within my eyes evidently I stood in front of my brother-in-law preventing him from talking to his sister, as I reared my head up against him, "Hahahaha look at you you've become so serious, don't worry it's just a joke brother-in-law."

After this I leaned my head near his neck as I whispered gently, "Though put your filthy hands on me again Devil and I'll eradicate you from existence if not for your sister you wouldn't even have your soul exist, petty little devil."

"Hah, I hope we get along brother-in-law, now I'm sure Reds raring to talk to you."

After our little tense encounter finished red gained ground as I gave her a little embrace calming her raging emotions until the crystal tears stopped forming in her eyes, wiping the frown off she held me tighter as if wanting to embrace, as I looked down at her beautiful eyes her fair skin glossed under the light of the sun as her lips glistened in a cherry like colour, slowly the two of us became entranced until we were about to kiss, but we were interrupted by my redhead.

"*Cough... Uhumm..."

Remembering the scenario the two of us were in Red began blushing as she put her hands to her cheeks as she looked away in embarrassment, taking her hand I lead the way as with a single 'Vice Shout' a portal appeared in front of us as Red seemed confused as if never used the ability seeing this Nii-san got wary of the portal as he thought it was a trap but didn't let it show.

I mean why would the great Sirzech Lucifer fear a low level devil it makes no sense as the white haired woman who was by his side looked cautiously at my portsl as if trying to analyse it's properties as it seemed nothing like magic, she was spot on this wasn't magic.

After a few seconds of hesitation their curiosity was peaked as they wanted to see where the other side would be, so without a word they followed us in.


Sirzech's Point Of View:

'This being it's obvious he's no low level devil his abilities are too varied and vast, just before when he whispered to me his words I couldn't even sense or prevent him moving closer and the magic aura he's leaking is absolutely... Incredibly... A gargantuan source of nothing...'

'He reeks of nothing no magic, devil magic nothing as if he really is just a human but that's not possible as for humans theres a limit compared to other races meaning he's hiding his true abilities and powers it seems I've underestimated him greatly.'

'And the place he's brought us to is what's the word, yes nothing I've been using that word too much but this place is nothing but a white empty space with seemingly no end to its space wait how are we even standing there nothing on the ground.... Wait "Aaarggghh!!"

Point of view end:

As Sirzech doubted the ground and feeling of ground the ground pulled him down, yes this was a strange place but this is why he brought them here to show them things and show that he's not to be messed with lightly.

With a quick snap of my fingers the redhead stopped falling as suddenly the whole area became a dining hall one would find at any type of expensive venue as suddenly everyone began flying through the skies by my whims as Sirzech's and his wife fell into two chairs sitting in front of a table filled with delacacies one would drool for.

With another snap out of nowhere plates and knives and forks appeared in front of them, as I said, "Dig in!"

With them words I began to cut my meat elegantly and in a refined manner, seeing me as cool as a cucumber Sirzech doubted everything that happened and asked, "If you were this strong from the beginning why did you do all this why waste time and effort I don't get it."

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Hearing this I scartched the back of my head as an embarrassing smile formed on my face as I said, "Oh I forgot to do it."

The redhead clearly became angry at that point, 'He's clearly stronger than me yet he can't be bothered doing anything and is a coach potato, just great now what'll I say to Mother and Father.'

Rubbing his forehead in astonishment of how this seemingly powerful entity forgets to do the most basic of things.

"Hey Nii-san, I'll call you that brother-in-law's too stiff, so about that engagement just cancel it for me me and Red have already consummated our relationship I'm sure you wouldn't want your sister to get angry and make her power partner beat you up now would you?"

With a smile I said this as I took a piece of meat within my mouth as I let out a loud voice due to how tender it was, "Subarashi!"

"It seems you've really improved Red by leaps and bounds, I'll reward you when we go home..."

"Wait, you say end the engagement so easily don't you understand the impact it'll have on the reputation and trust of the Gremory clan in the underworld, and Rias clearly knew of her actions and did this willingly meaning that she's broken the house rules suggesting severe punishment for her."

"Ptssh, as if I care of such trivial things she's my woman and will stay with me do you think you and your puny devils will cause me a threat? with a flick of my finger I could erase you all from all planes of existence and even I don't know what that feels like but I'm sure it's painful- Very Painful."

"I'm sure there something your not telling me Nii-san, come on spit it out I can tell it's bugging you!"

'What how did he know!?'

Was what Sirzech thought as he replied with his regained composure, "There is a way to nullify and void their engagement but that is if you defeat the Phenex clan's Riser Phenex the one engaged to my sister, defeat him the marriage is off lose you'll be killed she'll be used as a bargain for business between the two clans and be used as a breeding animal."

"Hah you give me options yet you know of what I'll choose, Nii-san."

'But, say something like that again and I'll rip out your throat... Behave yourself!'

As I telepathically sent him a message he responded in fright as he could feel a dense amouth of killing intent leaking off of my soul almost causing him to vomit blood shocking him again... once again.

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  • King_P


    Well it would be cool if he gets to go in "Tales of Gods and Demons" OR " Douluo dalu" the best "spiritual energy" to cultivate for him as he already mastered "Ki" - the physical energy. Than later on in " Naruto" for experiencing "Chakra" 🤓🤔👍🤩

  • Ivan_2018


    What about seven deadly sins world ?or black clover or a cultivation world like against the gods or douluo dalu

  • Ivan_2018


    I don’t know what plane but I do know is I love the novel

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