Chapter 2: Void God Scripture

Supreme God: My Dear... This Supreme never thought that your luck would be this bad. How could you kill the main character within a few minutes after you transmigrated?

Dear Yin: God... No, The Great Supreme God, you can resurrect him, don't you? As a Supreme God, something like resurrecting people must be a simple thing for you, right! Please, Great Supreme God... Help me!

Mu Xuan Yin was trembling while sobbing and begged for the Supreme God's help.

Supreme God: This supreme cannot help you, my dear. Resurrecting the dead is the biggest taboo for God. Moreover, for the Supreme God like me, the one that made all the rules. Listen up my dear, if you really want to survive in this world. First, take all that main characters belonging along with his all of his clothes.

Mu Xuan Yin followed all of the Supreme God's words, she took all Jian Chen's belonging then stripped his corpse naked.

Supreme God: Second, dig a hole and bury his corpse then change your current outfit to his clothes.

Mu Xuan Yin was a librarian and she did not have any strength but she borrow a shovel from nearby villager house and tried very hard to dig a hole in the forest and after a half day, she managed to bury Jian Chen's corpse.

After that, she went to a nearby thicket and changed her clothes to Jian Chen's clothes.

Supreme God: Third…. Congratulation, My Dear!? You already promoted to Main Character right now! Clap… Clap… Clap…

Mu Xuan Yin tried very hard to suppress her urge to throw her mobile phone to the ground if this God is in front of her right now, she would already slap his face several times. She thought that since he cannot resurrect the main character then he will teach her how to do it. However, this unreliable God seems to tell Mu Xuan Yin to substitute Jian Chen as the main character.

Mu Xuan Yin held her mobile phone again and started to type her message then send it to the Supreme God.

Dear Yin: Dear God… Please stop joking around! What I asked is how can I solve this problem? Without the main character, there will be no one that can stop the world's calamity in the future.

Supreme God: My Dear, all had become like this and you still did not understand?! You are right… There will be no one that can that can stop the world's calamity in the future… Except you!

Mu Xuan Yin became more puzzled when she read the message from Supreme God.

Supreme God: Listen up My Dear… The main character save the world only relies on his luck and then he must sacrifice his life in the end but you are different! You have complete knowledge about this world… You even know this world like the back of your hands…This supreme believe that you can become a far better main character than that man. No… It is not 'can'… You will definitely become one!

Mu Xuan Yin's eyes were started to sparkling in excitement when she heard that.

Supreme God: However My Dear, you cannot become like today. Sobbing and trembling in fear is only for a coward or common people! Since you are the main character now, you must start to act like one. Just assuming that all of this was in a movie and you got the main character role then you must start to act like your role.

"Acting like my role… As the main character…"Mu Xuan Yin closed her eyes and chanted these words many times inside her mind. When she opened her eyes once more, the weak little girl that was often crying already no more replaced by the gallant expression with a pair of beautiful sharp eyes.

Dear Yin: When will the Holy Light Sect entrance exam be held? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Supreme God: six months and ten days from today. So, My Dear, you have six months and ten days to begin cultivating while heading toward the Holy Light Sect.

"Six months and ten days… it will take at least three months to arrive at Holy Light Sect if I go directly there by foot. However, even the real Jian Chen had to cultivate diligently ever since he was a child to reach five-star body tempering stage and he was barely qualified to enter the Holy Light Sect. If I start now, I do not have the confidence that I can reach five-star like him…" Mu Xuan Yin began to think for the solution.

"I know! The closest hidden cultivation technique from here is Void God Scripture! If I can take that and cultivate it even just a tiny bit will be enough to make me rivaling even nine-star body tempering stage!" Mu Xuan Yin was grinning happily after set her next destination.

Void God Scripture is one of the strongest cultivation technique in the novel. The most unique and frightening of this technique is that it can superimpose with another cultivation technique then strengthening it even further beyond anyone imagination.

Void God Scripture's stage is different from another cultivation technique since it counted as auxiliary skill. It is consists of thirty-six levels and if anyone manages to reach level one, it will be enough to make them invincible in body tempering stage. From this, it can clearly be seen how frighteningly powerful this technique is.

In the novel, the protagonist that learned this Void God Scripture only managed to reach thirteen levels but it already enough for him to slay some famous sect leaders. However, he ultimately died in the hand of the main character that joined hand with all remaining sect leaders.

This Void God Scripture buried deep inside Wu Mountain. Mu Xuan Yin spent one month traveled by foot to reach Wu Mountain.

Fortunately, she listened to the Supreme God's words before and took all Jian Chen's belonging if not she already starved to death by now without any money and some dried food to eat during her travel.

However, the hardest part is after she arrived at Wu Mountain. Wu Mountain is full of the demonic beast, even nine-star body tempering stage cultivator will find it hard to survive in this mountain.

Mu Xuan Yin already planned for this before when she was still in the way to Wu Mountain. She was already decided to imitating one of the herbalist characters in the novel and extracted some liquid from the nearby plant inside the Wu Mountain then apply it on her skin all over her body.

With this way as long as she walking slowly blending in the bushes carefully and not spotted directly by any demonic beast, they will not notice her presence at all.

Mu Xuan Yin proceeds very carefully and hides on the nearby bushes each time she spotted any nearby demonic beast. If she made one wrong move and noticed by any demonic beast then all would be over instantly since Mu Xuan Yin is not even a cultivator yet right now.

Her heart was beating so fast but she felt really excited right now. She has always been an introvert librarian that never in this kind of tense situation. She did not know why but every time she was in this kind of tense situation or when she watched Jian Chen fought that mountain bandit, she felt something that lay dormant inside her started to wake up and made her dull colored world before became more and more colorful radiant.

It looks like the Supreme God sent her here maybe because this kind of world is far more suitable for her rather than her previous one.

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  • GeezAmy


    Nope I feel bad for the white Feng guy. Well look on the bright side he got to die in the arms of a beauty?

  • wisheart


    Am I the only one felt sorry for the guy called jianchen? 🤔 its like she robbed his fate..

  • Moonsredshadow


    So she will save everyone EXCEPT the pitiful main character... sigh.

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