Chapter 10: It Was an Accident!


In the big dark hall, Dongfang Ruyi sat lazily on his majestic black crystal throne. He was closing his eyes and grinning by himself while thinking the funny incident that happened when the first time he met with Mu Xuan Yin.

Zhong Yi was already kneeling in front of Dongfang Ruyi for half an hour to inform him about Mu Xuan Yin latest information but he did not dare to interrupt Dongfang Ruyi when Dongfang Ruyi is in the middle of his love daydream.

After another ten minutes, Dongfang Ruyi jolted and woke up from his daydream. Dongfang Ruyi frowned in annoyance when the first thing he saw was the kneeling Zhong Yi.

"Cough... Cough... Speak... What information did you get?" Dongfang Ruyi straightened his posture while putting up back his cold expression on his face and asked Zhong Yi.

"Report My King, Miss Jian Chen was in Dongzhuo City and she should be taking Holy Light Sect exam right now! What should this subordinate do now? Should this subordinate catch Miss Jian Chen and bring her here for My King?" Zhong Yi asked for further instruction from Dongfang Ruyi.

"Sigh... That is why you are still single right now Zhong Yi. You really didn't know how to get the woman's heart at all!" Dongfang Ruyi was staring at Zhong Yi with an expression full of pity.

"Eh... Uhhh... This subordinate apologizes for being useless! Then My King, what should we do right now?" Zhong Yi stared at Dongfang Ruyi with a puzzled expression.

Dongfang Ruyi was smiling mischievously but he did not answer Zhong Yi's question.

"Do not need to follow me! Just do your usual job!" Dongfang Ruyi stood up from his throne and walked out of the hall while keep smiling.

Zhong Yi was scratching his head in puzzlement but he had a bad premonition each time he saw that mischievously smile from his king. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Sigh... It looks like there will really rain of blood soon!" Zhong Yi sighed worriedly then he also left the hall toward the military barrack to train his subordinates.


The three examiners were discussing exam format once again and after a few minutes, one of the examiners walked back toward the crowd.

"Okay... After we discuss it, we decided to follow battle royale format! However, we will ask you all first if more than half of you against it then we will change this exam format back to one on one! Anyone that was against battle royale format exam raises your hands now!" Examiner was shouting to the crowd.

However, only a handful people that raised their hands, even Mu Xuan Yin herself did not raise her hand. She also wanted that this kind of exam to end as soon as possible after all.

Sun Xiang was smiling coldly while staring at Mu Xuan Yin. About a third of these people here are his own people and he already instructed all of them to spread the news to other participants that there will be a great reward for the one manages to kill the white-clothed man.

"Okay, everybody... You all can get ready now and took a position you most comfortable wherever you want!" The examiner was smiling while told it to all participants.

All participants began to spread on the stage. Some of them stood alone at the corner of the stage, some of them gathered in several groups.

"Ready... GO!!!" The examiner was shouting as the sign that the exam started.

After the examiner gave the starting sign, all the participants began to run toward where Mi Xuan Yin stood up and quickly encircled her.

"Do not blame me for this! It is your own fault for not having any backing up! Hahaha..." Sun Xiang was laughing loudly in front of Mu Xuan Yin.

'So all of this was this villain's plan from the start? Sigh... This is what everyone said that every villain would always court their own death!' Mu Xuan YIn was sighing while shaking her head.

Since the first time she saw this villain, she already thinking whether she will get rid of him or not but she finally decided to leave it for later like in the novel so the story will not stray too far from the original plot.

However, this villain keeps provoking her again and again, made her almost lost her patience. This time Mu Xuan Yin decided to gave this villain a little lesson and beat him up black and blue.

The three examiners watched Mu Xuan Yin tensely, sect elder instructed them to bring Mu Xuan Yin back to Holy Light Sect no matter what happens and sect elder will punish them harshly if something happened to Mu Xuan Yin.

The three examiners can clearly see that Mu Xuan Yin cultivation only at low-level body tempering stage while the one that encircled her all already at middle-level body tempering stage but when they saw Mu Xuan Yin calm demeanor and her confident smile, they decided to watch a little longer.

All the people around Mu Xuan Yin charged towards her.

Mu Xuan Yin swiftly kicked her right foot sweeping all the people in front of her then she jumped up, her sweep kick turned into roundhouse kick hitting all the people behind her right on their jaw.

Half of them were holding their own legs that bent to weird angle while screaming in pain. The others fainted instantly when Mu Xuan Yin kick landed on their jaw.

All the remaining people were shocked in disbelief and they quickly stopped charging toward Mi Xuan Yin.

However, this time Mu Xuan Yin was the one that charging toward them. Her speed was amazingly fast that she left an afterimage at where she stood just now.

Mu Xuan Yin jabbed her left punch many times to the crowd that her left-hand looks like it vanished.

Several people that received Mu Xuan Yin jab flew away hitting the people behind him and fainted away.

Mu Xuan Yin quickly somersaults backward a few times then spun her body on air and landed another roundhouse kick toward the crowd of people make all of them flew backward and fainted.

The three examiners dropped their jaws in shock.

How could low-level body tempering stage become this strong?

She could instantly kill anyone at mid-level body tempering stage with only one hit while still at low-level body tempering stage. Then if she already reached high-level body tempering stage does it mean that she can fight against qi condensation stage?

Sun Xiang gritted his teeth harder when he saw how Mu Xuan Yin fought as his hatred toward her grew more intense.

Sun Xiang silently sneaked behind Mu Xuan Yin when she fought against the crowd then dashed as fast as he could.

Sun Xiang jumped upward and kicked toward Mu Xuan Yin then there was a sharp knife came out from the tip of his shoes. His speed was so fast as a comet but Mu Xian Yin's senses already enhanced beyond body tempering stage cultivator so she can clearly sense what Sun Xiang doing behind her back.

Mu Xian Yin felt her heart burning with hatred toward Sun Xiang. She already spared him many times but he keeps challenging her patience again and again.

When Sun Xiang kick almost hit Mu Xuan Yin's back, she quickly spun her body and countered with his punch. However, Mu Xuan Yin forgot to control her strength this time because of her hatred toward Sun Xiang that already reached its peak.

Usually, she only used less than ten percent of her full power and it's is already enough to knock out any mid-level body tempering stage cultivator in one hit.

Mu Xuan Yin fist met with Sun Xiang kick head on creating a loud sound.

However, beyond Sun Xiang expectation his sharp knife on the tip of his shoes immediately bent when met with Mu Xuan Yin's fist then her fist proceeds forward unimpeded.

"AAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!" Sun Xiang was screaming in pain.

Like a tofu met with a steel pole, Sun Xiang right foot from his toe to his thigh completely destroyed into meat paste when it met with Mu Xuan Yin's fist.

Mu Xuan Yin quickly pulled back her fist or if it hit Sun Xiang's body, even his body will be turned into meat pie too like its right foot.

"XIANG ER!!!" Dongzhuo City Lord, Sun Xiang's father, Sun Chuan quickly jumped to the stage and feed his son, Sun Xiang with medicine pill to stop his bleeding.

"YOU… How could you attack him so deviously?! It is only sparing!!!" Sun Chuan was shouting to Mu Xuan Yin angrily while staring at her full of hatred.

"I…It was an accident! I… I forgot to hold back my strength! Also, it's your son's fault! He is a high-level body tempering stage cultivator but he was sneaking and attacking me from behind even use a secret weapon against low-level body tempering stage like me!" Mu Xuan Yin felt guilty at first and wanted to apologize since she was a timid girl before but she quickly remembered that she is the main character right now and the main character must be brave and righteous.

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Comments (23)

  • VersusZero


    She learned how to fight in the mountains right? Since the fight in lower realms doesn't really amount to anything but just using their advantage over physical strength and superior speed (body tempering stage), it's still better to lay foundation later in the story where/when/how she learned things to reduce plot holes

  • godadi


    yes, that's what I planned to do lol.body tempering stage fought like a thug, only swinging their fist and kick but later it will be different.

  • sattuiko


    hidden knife in the shoe. 15 second grin, I love it.

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