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Chapter 14: Trial Race

"So you are Jian Chen, the one with S-rank light aptitude. It looks like the report from one of my disciple did not exaggerate at all, you can defeat high-level body tempering stage cultivator only with your low-level body tempering stage. Keep it up, our sect had high expectation for you!" The elder talked to Mu Xuan Yin with a gentle smile on his face.

Mu Xuan Yin knew this elder, he was Jian Chen's master in the novel, Elder Fang Guangli. In the novel, this Fang Guangli was described as a gentle and kind-hearted with the appearance of sixty years old wise man.

However, Mu Xuan Yin did not really like this old man when she read the novel. The reason is that he always took the main character's credit from helping the other people and made it raise his own standing on everyone's eyes.

In the end, this elder even managed to took Holy Light's Sect leader seat by force using everyone support for the main character and this is also because of the main character credit. It is like this Fang Guangli only makes use the main character as a tool to raise his own standing. That is also why this Fang Guanli evaluation was not very good in Mu Xuan Yin's eyes.

"Disciple Jian Chen pays respect to Sect Elder!" Mu Xuan Yin saluted Fang Guanli. Even though she did not like this elder but it's already the duty for the younger generation to give their respect to the elder.

Fang Guanli nodded to Mu Xuan Yin in satisfaction then kept walking to the front of the hall.

"Congratulation to everyone, you all already came this far! But do not be happy yet. There is still one last exam that you must pass before you all officially become Holy Light Sect's disciples!" Elder Fang Guanli's declaration made everyone in the hall frowned and nervous except Mu Xuan Yin since she already knew about this from the novel.

"This exam is different from before! We should mention this 'trial' rather than exam now since this trial is really important to prove yourself worthy and also you will be facing many dangers later that can threaten your life. So if you all change your mind now, you can step down and we will send you back to your city!?" Elder Fang Guanli's tone turned stern and his expression became serious.

However, despite Elder Fang Guanli's stern warning, no one wanted to step down after coming this far.

"But you all do not need to worry! Since the risk is higher, naturally there will be a heavy reward this time for the one that finished the trial in the first place! The first place in this trial will get a body tempering pill!" Elder Fang Guanli was smiling when he mentions this reward.

The crowds turned a bit chaotic after they heard the reward from Elder Fang Guanli.

Body-tempering pill was really expensive and hard to get since almost all of the cultivation items cannot be bought with money and gold like the items in the mortal world. The only way to buy them would be traded it with energy stones. While almost every cultivator needs energy stones to speed up their cultivation since the spiritual energy around the world was very thin and contain many impurities.

Each of the outer disciples only got thirty low-tier energy stones every month as their allowance. They could use it to cultivates or trade it with other people for other items.

Body tempering pill contained pure energy needed for body tempering stage and most of body tempering stage cultivators will use it for breaking through to qi condensation stage.

Even though Mu Xuan Yin did not need it yet right now, but it still can easily be sold for five hundred low-tier energy stones and if she can find a buyer that urgently need it, they will even buy it at double price.

In the novel, the one that managed to get the first place and got this body-tempering pill was Wang Jinhai but the main character, Jian Chen took it from him in the end after saved Feng Ying Yue and crippled him.

Mu Xuan Yin gripped her fist harder and steeled her determination to get this body-tempering pill.

Elder Fang Guangli walked toward the corner of the front hall and rotated a golden decoration on the wall. Instantly, the hall's front wall opened upwards and there was a deep dark tunnel behind it.

"The trial is very simple you all just need to enter this tunnel and came out safely. Okay then, now Holy Light Sect's trial officially BEGIN!!!" When elder Fang Guanli gave his starting sign all the people in the hall including Mu Xuan Yin was dashing entered the dark tunnel.

Mu Xuan Yin already knows what they will face later on so she slowly decreases her speed and let all the people slowly passed her.

Mu Xuan Yin halted her step once she saw a long narrow corridor in front of her while the others still keep dashing as fast as they could.

When the others ran entered the narrow corridor, there were countless arrows shot out from the wall and ceiling, raining down upon all the participants.

Some participants got pierced and countless arrows penetrated their bodies like a porcupine then killed them directly while the rest only got injured.

Only the one with exceptional skills like Feng Ying Yue and several others managed to pass this long narrow corridor easily like walking in the park.

One by one of the participants manages to pass this first trial, some of them dodged all the arrows skillfully, some of them using their steel gauntlet as a shield and repel all the arrows using it, and many others using their own specialty to pass this first trial.

The rest of them was walking slowly while forming a circle and protecting their each other back to back from the arrows and manage to barely pass the first trial.

Mu Xuan Yin still stood there nonchalantly before the first trial and waited for something. After waited for half an hour, she walked to the left corridor wall and began touching the left wall to examine it.

Mu Xuan Yin found a stone that a little loose and press it down then the wall began to slowly opened up shown another corridor behind it.

Mu Xuan Yin was smiling happily when she found the secret corridor. This was a secret corridor that elder will use later when the trial almost over. This corridor will skip all the trials ahead and arrive at the finish goal directly. No participant of this trial knew that this trial's route was actually formed 'U' so all of the participants will go back near the hall eventually when they finished all the trials.

Mu Xuan Yin entered the secret corridor and the wall automatically closed back like it never been opened before.

Mu Xuan Yin did not know that her every action actually monitored by someone without her knowing it.


In the elegant traditional Chinese room, a man sat lazily on the floor while kept looking at the mirror in front of him in amusement.

"Hooo... This little girl here is really interesting! She could know that there was a secret corridor there... Is it her instinct that told her? No, it was more like she already knew that there was a secret corridor there. Hehehe... It's already so long that I cannot find something that can attract my attention but this little girl is really interesting!" The man had long black silky hair with a pair of beautiful blue emerald eyes but he wore a white fox mask to cover his face.

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