Chapter 17: Continuously…

Feng Ying Yue's secret poisonous needles were specially designed by Feng Family as Feng Family's custom secret weapon. Even after being thrown, it did not make any wind howling sounds like another item. So even though Mu Xuan Yin could detect Sun Xiang's sneaking attack before, she still cannot detect Feng Ying Yue's sneaking attack this time.

However, it did not mean that Dongfang Ruyi will not be able to detect it too. Dongfang Ruyi waved his right hand gently and all Feng Ying Yue's secret poisonous needles melted into silver liquid instantly. If Mu Xuan Yin saw this, she will realize that even though Dongfang Ruyi suppressed his power but actually he still had enough power to kill every single person in this hall.

Dongfang Ruyi was smiling mischievously while keep staring at Mu Xuan Yin secretly and thinking 'little girl, you really like to help other people, didn't you? Then it is better to help this king rather than help all of those insignificant people!'

"Uhhh…Little one, can you help me? There is too many of them, I cannot hold on much longer!" Dongfang Ruyi looked very overwhelmed by all the people that attacked him at the same time. Then Dongfang Ruyi's chest got hit by one of them, forced him to retreat back several steps, and made his face turned pale.

Mu Xuan Yin frowned deeply while thinking 'so this Demon King was not lying when he said that he suppressed his power and seal it to enter this sect since it was impossible that the majestic Demon King will lower himself and asked for my help if he was not in the urgent situation .'

How could Mu Xuan Yin know that Dongfang Ruyi only acting right now to mess with her?

"It looks like this will get nowhere if I keep fighting like this… Then I am sorry everyone!" Mu Xuan Yin was apologizing to everyone, made everyone a bit puzzled but they keep attacking her in the end.

However, they will know why she apologized before immediately. Mu Xuan Yin stopped holding her strength back and released it all. She fought even more ferociously than before.

One of the people punched toward her face but Mu Xuan Yin caught it, she crushed his fist easily and kicked his stomach made him flew several meters backward.

Mu Xuan Yin threw her pair of fists to meet with another people attack on her right side when their attacks hit each other, it made a very loud noise but Mu Xuan Yin's attack easily overwhelmed them all and made some cracking bone's sound. It looks like Mu Xuan Yin's fists managed to break some of their bones.

After tidied up all the enemies in front of her, Mu Xuan Yin jumped and flipped several times on mid-air then threw several kicks at some of the people that surrounded Dongfang Ruyi. Mu Xuan Yin landed gracefully in front of Dongfang Ruyi and helped him pushed back his enemies.

"What's wrong? You look… A bit strange!" Dongfang Ruyi realized Mu Xuan Yin strange condition. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mu Xuan Yin body turned red like a prawn while she kept shivering like caught a cold.

"I do not know! My body feels really uncomfortable right now. It feels like when I had a fever before…"Mu Xuan Yin answered Dongfang Ruyi's question while gritted her teeth in discomfort.

Dongfang Ruyi also frowned in worry when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's weird state but he did not know what kind of disease that infected her.

When the situation did not look good for them and grew more awry, Mu Xuan Yin heard unknown voice talked directly to her mind.

"Calm down, little girl… Do not need to be panic! Just follow my instruction and everything will be fine."

"You… Who are you?" Mu Xuan Yin observed her surrounding but she did not find anyone suspicious and someone that could whisper their words directly into her minds must be a very powerful person, it is impossible that person was also one of the new disciples.

"Hehehe… Do not be so impatient, little girl. You will know it later! For now, you just need to follow my instruction!" The man whispered once again to Mu Xuan Yin's mind while giggled in mischievously.

The man began to chant some kind of cultivation technique to Mu Xuan Yin. Mu Xuan Yin did not have any other choice for now so she immediately memorized all the cultivation technique that man told her.

Mu Xuan Yin probably not too smart but she already had photographic memory since she was little. She could easily remember everything that she saw or heard immediately, she only needs to saw or heard it once to memorize it.

Even though it did not mean she will also understand it right away after she memorized it. It was the same when you memorized some math formula, even though you memorized it does not mean that you can solve the math problem using it right away.

After memorized all the cultivation technique that man told her, she immediately channeling her inner force and changed her breathing pattern according to that cultivation technique then she immediately felt that her body became much better and better.

However, this was still in the middle of the battlefield, everyone that wanted her Body Tempering Pill will not wait for her to finish her doing her business patiently.

All the people that she had pushed back a moment ago began to charge towards her once more. Dongfang Ruyi tried to hold back some of them but several people still get away from him and locked their attack to Mu Xuan Yin.

Mu Xuan Yin was forced to fight all the people in front of her while keep channeling her inner force and breathing like in that man cultivation technique told her to. However, she was immediately aware that instead uncomfortable, her body became even more comfortable when she fought using this cultivation technique.

Holy Light Sect's barrier function was not only to keep away the intruder and protecting the sect from outsider attack but it also to keep the rich spiritual energy inside it so it will not disperse to outside.

Mu Xuan Yin did not realize that when she followed the man's instruction and used his cultivation technique. Her body was sucking the surrounding rich spiritual energy greedily like there is no tomorrow. The spiritual energy keeps entered her through her every pore and her every breath then channeled all over her body parts, tempering and strengthening it over and over again.


4-star body tempering stage…

Mu Xuan Yin felt her body become even more comfortable and her movement became lighter and more powerful. She swiftly jabbed several of people in front of her, right on their chest made them fell hard backward while splurting a mouthful of blood.

However, Mu Xuan Yin's breakthrough still did not stop there.

5-star body tempering stage…

Mu Xuan Yin threw a roundhouse kick towards all the people behind her and jumped up while threw another consecutive kick toward the rest of the people that still stood up.

6-star body tempering stage…

Mu Xuan Yin jumped toward Dongfang Ruyi and twist her body then threw a spin kick toward all the people that encircling him. Even Dongfang Ruyi forced to duck down to dodge her kick and it still grazed his head a little almost hit his head.

7-star body tempering stage…

Mu Xuan Yin was smiling excitedly and her body feels agitated like it was still hungry to face more enemies. She quickly scanned her surrounding but she only found Feng Ying Yue that still stood.

Mu Xuan Yin quickly dashed using her full speed toward Feng Ying Yue like a hungry wolf and threw a punch toward her. Feng Ying Yue knew that she cannot dodge Mu Xuan Yin attack so she tried to defend it using nearby candlestick.

Mu Xuan Yin's punch bent candlestick and broke both of Feng Ying Yue's hand instantly then hit her stomach hard, send her flying several meters backward. Feng Ying Yue crashed onto a nearby wall, made the wall cracked and printed her body inside it. Feng Ying Yue coughed several mouthfuls of blood and went unconscious.

Mu Xuan Yin was looking around her once more but no more people stood up again this time. She sighed in disappointment this time, she feels that she will breakthrough to 8-star body tempering stage if there were several more enemies to fight. She already completely forgot that she was the one that complaining about this unfair arrangement before.

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    Omg did she just beat up the female lead rofl

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