Chapter 22: Celestial Dance

Mu Xuan Yin tried to look around on the first floor, there were countless yellow class martial arts in the bookshelves.

Burning Palm, mid-tier yellow class martial art, burning anything it touches.

Iron Fist, low-tier yellow class martial art, can easily destroy any rock.

Wind Slash, Peak-tier yellow class martial art, sword slash that capable to attack from the certain distance.

Mu Xuan Yin was trying to search for some martial arts that suitable for her but after searching for several bookshelves, she decided to pick up 'Iron Fist Manual'. She stopped searching on the first floor and began to head toward the second floor.

She did not know if she can enter the second floor or not but still decided to try it anyway. There was an old elder that guarding the second floor, Mu Xuan Yin tried to show her white badge to him. The old elder bowed a little to Mu Xuan Yin made her dumbfounded for a moment but she decided to not think about it for now and focus on what she needs to do.

The number of bookshelves on the second floor was much less than on the first floor. Mu Xuan Yin walked toward the nearby bookshelf and began to skim through it once again.

Tri-Sword, mid-tier mystic class martial art, triple attack in one slash almost unavoidable.

Fire Cross Slash, Peak-tier mystic class martial art, cross flash imbued with the power of flame.

Seven Fatal Fist, High-tier mystic class martial art, seven consecutive blows with the power capable of killing any enemies.

Feathered Light Step, Low-tier mystic class martial art, made the user's body light like a feather, the user will not only move faster but also capable of walking on the top of the water.

All of them sound powerful and domineering but it did not attract Mu Xuan Yin at all. She was a girl after all so she wished for some martial arts that not only powerful but also graceful. In the end, she decided to take Feathered Light Step Manual.

Mu Xuan Yin was heading to the third floor and showing her white jade badge to the other elder that guarding it. The elder also bowed to Mu Xuan Yin a bit and let her entered the third floor without question her anything.

There were only several bookshelves on the third floor. Mu Xuan Yin began to skim through several martial art manuals.

Soaring Dragon Spear, High-tier mortal class martial art, spear martial art that could summon the dragon's shadow to attack the enemy.

Meteor Sword, Peak-tier mortal class martial art, sword slash with the power of meteor capable of destroying anything on its path.

Mountain Crushing Palm, Mid-tier mortal class martial art, palm attack that can easily crush even the mountain itself.

Deadly Frost Aura, High-tier mortal class martial art, a martial art that emitting chilling aura capable of freezing everything around it.

Searing Light, Mid-tier mortal class martial art, shoot the bullet of searing light toward the enemy.

Mu Xuan Yin decided to take Searing Light Manual since she had S-rank light aptitude. It's not like she will train this martial art in the near future because she must reach Acupuncture Opening Stage first before she can train mortal class martial arts.

Usually, Qi Condensation Stage could only train yellow class martial arts but she still had some confidence in mastering Low-tier mystic class martial arts like Feathered Light Step.

Mu Xuan Yin wanted to go back down to the first floor but she noticed a bookshelf that was full with dilapidated books.

"Excuse me, Elder, can I ask what books in that bookshelf over there?" Mu Xuan Yin asked the Elder full of curiosity.

"Ahhh… That was where we dumped incomplete old Manuals and uncomprehended Manuals. Sometimes when we exploring the old ruin, we will find some damaged Manuals that was already eaten by time or some manual that was written with ancient unknown language and we dumped all of it there, waiting for someone with high knowledge to comprehend it." The Elder explained to Mu Xuan Yin patiently.

Mu Xuan Yin nodded her head and thanked the elder then headed toward that bookshelf to take a look. Like the Elder said before, many of these books already too old and too damaged made it almost impossible to read anymore.

"Ehhh…"Mu Xuan Yin's attention fell to one of the books in the corner of the bookshelf. She quickly reached her hand and took the book then skimmed through it.

"This… This book… No, this manual was written in English!" Mu Xuan Yin dumbfounded when she looked at the familiar language in the book. All of the books, manuals, and words in this novel should be written in ancient Chinese language so how could this book written in English.

"Martial Art… Celestial Dance!" Mu Xuan Yin really liked the name of this martial art very much. She decided to take it with her instantly.

After leaving Martial Repository, Mu Xuan Yin decided to not go back to her Master's residence first. She was using the teleportation portal and went to the outer disciple's area.

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Dongfang Ruyi was still in his own room at the outer disciple's area with his own right-hand man, Zhong Yi.

Dongfang Ruyi was reading Zhong Yi's report on what happened when he left Demon Sect with a very sour face.

Just with a single look Zhong Yi already knew that everything that happened here between the young lady and his King was not really good.

Dongfang Ruyi looked at Zhong Yi's report for half an hour but he still did not even aware that he holds it backward. However, Zhong Yi did not dare to remind his King about it and kept kneeling down in front of him with bowed head. Zhong Yi even afraid that his breath disturbed his king so he tried to breathe as slowly as he can.

That young miss from before maybe looked at his King as a silly Demon King right now but when his King was not in front of that young lady, he was far more ruthless than any previous demon king. His king will spare the person that bow down to his feet but if someone dared to stand against him, he will surely make that person's life far worse than death.

Knock… Knock… Knock…

"Ruyi, are you there? This is me!" Mu Xuan Yin knocked Dongfang Ruyi's door from outside.

"YESSS! I AM HERE PLEASE WAIT A MINUTE!" Dongfang Ruyi instantly stood up, threw Zhong Yi's report back to him, and quickly fixed his clothes with a happy smile on his face made Zhong Yi dumbfounded at what he looked now.

Was this the same as his King that put a very sour face like someone cheated on his money?

If Zhong Yi did not see it with his own eyes, he will not believe it even if someone he trusted the most told him about it.

"What are you stunned at? Quickly go away now! Do not disturb my precious time with her!" Dongfang Ruyi scolded Zhong Yi and drove him away.

"But… But… My King… The report… How should I…" Before Zhong Yi could finish his words Dongfang Ruyi already drove him out forcibly by throwing him out from his window.

Zhong Yi wanted to cry so much, he infiltrated the Holy Light Sect with great difficulty only to give this Report to his King but right now his King did not even read it.

The Holy Light Sect was one of the six great sects, the holy barrier that protected it was not easy to overcome. If Zhong Yi's cultivation was not high enough, he would already die the moment he touches the holy barrier.


Mu Xuan Yin waited for a minute, Dongfang Ruyi slowly opened his door and lazily walked out of his own room then invited Mu Xuan Yin into his room and sit on his bed since there was no chair in his room.

"What's wrong, little girl? Do you miss this King already? Sigh… Only two days passed and you already missed this King so much that you come here now…"Dongfang Ruyi was smiling and kept staring at Mu Xuan Yin while served her some tea.

"Of course not… I came here to ask you about how I can dispel this disguise spell of yours?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Dongfang Ruyi blatantly.

Dongfang Ruyi was frowning even deeper when he heard what Mu Xuan Yin's said.

"Why?! Do you fall in love so badly with him until you want to show your real appearance to him?! What does he have better than this King?" Dongfang Ruyi asked Mu Xuan Yin in furious and desperation while keep getting close to Mu Xuan Yin.

This was the first time Dongfang Ruyi felt like this, he had been stabbed and slashed by so many weapons before but he never felt this kind of pain like his own heart sliced many times by a dagger then smeared with salt.

"This King is not willing! This King will not let you be together with that bastard!" Dongfang Ruyi forcefully pushed Mu Xuan Yin down to lie on his bed.

godadi godadi

Lol desperate Nangong Ruyi...

Now, which one do you 'shipping'?

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also thanks everyone who has already voted!

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  • StarKiller901


    I ship with Ruyi tbh coz he was the first ML we saw and also his actions towards her are pretty sweet. Plus i always kinda root for the "bad boy" persona

  • djwasborn


    I vote for Nangong Liuchen😍😍😍 I think Nangong Liuchen is more suitable for our MC. Although i also like Ruyi but I like the chemistry more for Nanglong Liuchen than Ruyi.

  • Mireiama


    It's time to start a reverse harem 😜

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