Chapter 26: Sleepless Night

Dongfang Ruyi slowly put Mu Xuan Yin that still unconscious on the bed in his room.

" Sigh... Such a pair of smooth and beautiful hands... These hands are too good to be used to kill all of those useless trashes and dirty it with their filthy blood will be their biggest sin. Even this King will be a bit jealous of them if you do that personally." Dongfang Ruyi slowly held Mu Xuan Yin and gently kissed the back of her hand.

"Little girl, you should just stay pure and innocent as you are now. As for this kind of killing and slaughtering job, this Demon King is far more experienced and suitable to do this kind of job rather than you!" Dongfang Ruyi pulled the quilt and covered Mu Xuan Yin with it.

"Lack of sleep is the greatest enemy for your beauty so you should just sleep peacefully here while I will finish this job quickly." Dongfang Ruyi slowly bowed down and removed her fox mask then he kissed Mu Xuan Yin's forehead with full of gentleness and adoration.

He took a last glance at Mu Xuan Yin that still sleeping peacefully before he left his own room quietly while smiling and waved his hand to casted some kind of protection enhancement to protect her.

After walking out of the room, Dongfang Ruyi took a quick glance at Mu Xuan Yin's target list once more.

"Sigh... To think you all will die in this Great Demon King's hand personally, you all must be really lucky tonight! Actually, all of you are not worthy of it at all! Sigh... Well, this King just needs to think of it as running some errand for this sleeping beauty then..." Dongfang Ruyi sighed in resignation then began to sprinting with amazing speed that almost undetected by naked eyes.


In the dark of the night, Dongfang Ruyi moves so freely like a fish in the deep water.

Dongfang Ruyi's next target and his gang were in front of him yet Dongfang Ruyi only kept dashing and passed them quietly, they did not even noticed Dongfang Ruyi presence at all and keep laughing while chatting happily.

However, after a few seconds have passed, all of their bodies dropped down limpidly and their blood began to spilling profusely on the floor.

Neat, clean, and painless without any wasted movement at all… Even Dongfang Ruyi's assassination target himself did not aware that he already died when Dongfang Ruyi passed by him.

This is Dongfang Ruyi's true ability as a famous ruthless Demon King but he always hesitated to use it in front of Mu Xuan Yin because he was a bit afraid that if she saw it will make her afraid and took some distance from him.

If Dongfang Ruyi follows Mu Xuan Yin's way, it will probably take several days to completely crippled all the people on the list. It will not only make all the outer disciples become warier but they will also prepare some countermeasure for it after one or two days, greatly decreasing the chance of success while increasing the level of danger later.

Moreover, Mu Xuan Yin only planned to cripple them and not kill them so with so many witnesses it will make Mu Xuan Yin face much higher danger in the future.

However, with Dongfang Ruyi's way not only he will not leave any witnesses behind, but he could also completely slaughter all the people in the list with only in a few hours. Not only it would save so much time, it also to protect Mu Xuan Yin from some unwanted danger.

Tonight felt a lot colder and more silent than usual, made all the outer disciples fall deeper into their slumber, the blood smells also slowly permeated on the air but no one realized it yet.

Some people on the list also already came back to their room to sleep, but Dongfang Ruyi knocked their room's door a few times and make them opened their door. Dongfang Ruyi swiftly sliced their neck and quickly vanished to another target's room efficiently, his target's head slowly fell down on the ground along with his body.

Even if someone with the same cultivation level as Dongfang Ruyi doing this, he will not be able to do it as efficient and swiftly as Dongfang Ruyi do now. This was no longer about strength and experience anymore but it will also need the strongest unmoved will and the frightening level of talent as an assassin.

In a few hours, Dongfang Ruyi patrolled around the outer disciple area while slaughtering all the people in the list. Some of them already sleeping in their room but Dongfang Ruyi easily infiltrated their room and killed them in their sleep without waking them up.

After four hours, Dongfang Ruyi managed to finish off all the people in the list and come back to his room where Mu Xuan Yin still sleeping in.

Dongfang Ruyi slowly sat beside the sleeping Mu Xuan Yin and kept staring at her full of adoration while smiling like a silly kid. His cold ruthless eyes when he slaughtered all the people on the list were nowhere to be seen anymore replaced by endless gentleness.

Dongfang Ruyi keep accompanied beside Mu Xuan Yan for another three hours then Mu Xuan Yin long lashes began to flutter open and she slowly woke up.

"Good morning, my lazy princess! Are you already sleeping enough? It's okay if you want to sleep a little longer… I will keep guarding beside you!" Dongfang Ruyi was smiling and greeted Mu Xuan Yin.

"Why am I here? I remember that I was still in the middle of my plan to clean the outer disciple area from some bad people…" Mu Xuan Yin tried to remember what happened yesterday while holding her forehead.

"You must have forgotten that we already did it yesterday and you slept away in exhaustion after we finished it yesterday." Dongfang Ruyi tried to convince Mu Xuan Yin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"We already finished it all yesterday? Then all the people in the list…"Mu Xuan Yin frowned and asked Dongfang Ruyi.

"All of them already finished." Dongfang Ruyi nodded to Mu Xuan Yin while kept smiling at her reaction.

"Finished? Just in one day?" Mu Xuan Yin stared at Dongfang Ruyi in suspicion for a moment.

"It's already morning! I must go back to my Master residence if not he will suspicious to me!" Mu Xuan Yin quickly stood up in panic when she saw sunlight that passing the window but before she had a chance to walk away, Dongfang Ruyi quickly seized her hand.

"What?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Dongfang Ruyi in puzzlement.

"Little girl, you should enter Qi Condensation Stage soon so take this with you. All of the cultivation techniques in this sect are crap except the famous main character, Divine Lightning Cultivation Technique so it's better if you take this and cultivate it." Dongfang Ruyi gave a cultivation manual to Mu Xuan Yin.

"EVIL GOD CULTIVATION MANUAL!" Mu Xuan Yin was shouting in surprise when she saw the manual.

Evil God Cultivation Technique was another one of the heaven class manuals that used by one of the strongest antagonists in the novel.

To think that Dongfang Ruyi managed to get this manual and train it so it was natural that he can defeat the previous Demon King with ease and took his Demon Sect from him.

godadi godadi

My friend said that all of my chapters are too long (1200-1500 words) since all the female lead novel rank above me only 600-700 words per chapter.

So I plan to cut my chapter words from now on to 600-700 words but you all do not need to worry, I will release 2 chapters per day so the words count still the same. The reason is many chapters = more viewers = more popular = more vote lol.

what do you all think about it?

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  • Mireiama


    I like to read this so I don't mind if shortened but doubled if it will be the same amount daily. Hope it helps you grow.

  • MoonlessLotusLake


    2 chaps is more :Q Even though the count is the same xF

  • MoonlessLotusLake


    Good strategy xD More chapter = more people beginning to try it

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