44.85% Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System / Chapter 46: Breakthrough to Qi Condensation Stage!

Chapter 46: Breakthrough to Qi Condensation Stage!

"What happens? Something wrong?" Nangong Liuchen approached Mu Xuan Yin and asked her, full of worry for his disciple since she had looked distressed before and abruptly let out a shout in surprise.

"Uhhh… No, Master. Sorry to have disturbed your cultivation… You can carry on now. Hehe…" Mu Xuan Yin giggled while waving her hand to drive away Nangong Liuchen.

Nangong Liuchen sat back in a lotus position a distance away from her but he was not convinced and kept his gaze at her, full of suspicion.

Mu Xuan Yin sighed in relief when Nangong Liuchen sat a touch away from her spot. She sent a message to Supreme God, asking him where all her points came from.

Xuanxuan Cute: Why I have so many Helping Points?

Supreme God: My dear, your helping points came from the list of the evil-to-be outer disciples that you and that Demon King had purged. Well, even though all of them were purged by that Demon King but he only did it because of you and for your sake, so you still got half of the helping points.

Xuanxuan Cute: Half? So Ruyi also has this Supreme God System?

Supreme God: Of course not! It's handmade by this Supreme exclusively and solely for you! Meaning you're the only person who has it. But helping points are different because everyone always has it with them however only the name is different. The mortals usually call it 'good karma'…

"Good karma…"Mu Xuan Yin pondered it for a moment then decided upon to upgrading all her aptitudes for now.

Current amount of Helping Points (HP): 120

Fire aptitude rank: S <<UPGRADE>> (50 HP)

Water aptitude rank: S <<UPGRADE>> (50 HP)

Earth aptitude rank: S <<UPGRADE>> (50 HP)

Wind aptitude rank: S <<UPGRADE>> (50 HP)

Thunder aptitude rank: S <<UPGRADE>> (50 HP)

Light aptitude rank: SS <<UPGRADE>> (300 HP)

Darkness aptitude rank: SS <<UPGRADE>> (300 HP)



Void aptitude rank: SSS <<MAX>>

Mu Xuan Yin spent 100 HP to upgraded the light and dark elements to SS rank and 60 HP to upgrade the other 5 elements to S rank.

After that, she sat in a lotus position, swallowed the Body Tempering Pill then began to cultivate.

Mu Xuan Yin focused on her cultivation, neglecting everything else. Her body began to devour the energy on her surrounding greedily. She was absorbing it quite slow at first, but then consumption rate rapidly sped up, resulting in the creation of a distortion on her surroundings.

Mu Xuan Yin was using all of the energy that entered her body along with the energy from the Body Tempering Pill to form the Qi inside her dantian.

The transparent energy inside her body began to transform upon entering Mu Xuan Yin's dantian and this transformation usually accommodated the affinity of the cultivator. This was also why the Supreme God reminded Mu Xuan Yin to upgrade all of her element affinity ranks before breaking through to the Qi Condensation Stage.

The first Qi that formed was white Qi, representing light.

The second Qi that formed was black Qi, representing darkness.

The third Qi that formed was yellow Qi, representing thunder.

The fourth Qi that formed was crimson Qi, representing fire.

The fifth Qi that formed was brown Qi, representing earth.

The sixth Qi that formed was blue Qi, representing water.

The seventh and last Qi to form was green Qi and represented wind.

After all the seven elements of Qi formed, they began to mingle in Mu Xuan Yin's dantian and in the end, it successfully became a colourful pool.

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'Colorful Dantian'

Mu Xuan Yin had read about this legendary 'Colorful Dantian' in one of the books that her Master has in his residence. This Colorful Dantian outclassed the normal dantian by far and in everything.

The most noticeable distinction between them is that the normal dantian can store only a small amount of Qi while the Colorful Dantian can store Qi many times that.

However, the higher the cultivation of someone with Colorful Dantian the starker the difference will be. Not only will the cultivation be several times faster, but also their martial arts techniques will be stronger when they execute it helping their mastery to progress quicker.

Xuan Yin already managed to reach 1-star level Qi Condensation Stage but there were still so many energies within her body and in her surroundings. Mu Xuan Yin, however, did not plan to use it to break through once again.

She had already planned to use all the remaining energies to advance her 2nd level Void God Scripture to the 3rd level – Tempering Mind.

Every 3 levels of Void God Scripture will give the cultivator one special ability. Special abilities were different than the martial arts techniques since there was no need to train them at all to master them.

The first special ability of the Void God's Scripture is the one Mu Xuan Yin need the most right now since she really lacks the fighting experience many have. It is so especially against Qi Condensation Stage cultivators that already mastered several martial arts techniques.

Mu Xuan Yin began to revolve all the remaining energy then used it to temper her mind and all of her senses further. She could instantly feel the sharpening of her senses.

Mu Xuan Yin began to devour the energy surrounding her quicker, creating an energy whirlpool with her as the centre of it. The mine began to tremble.

Nangong Liuchen was startled when he awoke from his cultivation due to the trembling of the cave. He immediately found out that the source of this turbulence was his own disciple.

"She's only breaking through to Qi Condensation Stage so why is the reaction was so great! It will be worse if it remains like this... This cave will not last for long. Sigh..." Nangong Liuchen sighed and shook his head but he was smiling whilst watching Xuan Yin.

'This disciple is really a handful one. Unbelievable talents yet always creating commotion wherever she goes. She is so excellent yet so silly.' He thought to himself.

Nangong Liuchen waved his hand several times, creating some kind of formation to strengthen the cave's surfaces. After Nangong Liuchen finished setting his formation, the trembling structure of the cave also halted.

He also set another formation. One that made all the energy inside the mine focus on where Mu Xuan Yin sat.

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    This novel has a great plot story and comedy, I don't know why this is so underated. This novel deserved for top 10

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    6 elements to upgrade from rank F to rank S needs 10HP each so equals to 60 then 2 elements upgrade to rank SS needs 50 each equals to 100HP

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