Chapter 53: Overpower

Mu Xuan Yin's heart almost jumped up when she heard the shouting and she quickly turned her head toward where the sound came from.

'Aisss... It's only this fellow... Err… Whatever his name is... I thought the corpse got angry because we took his divine swords away and his ghost started to rise from dead and cursed at us...' Mu Xuan Yin sighed in relief when she saw the one that shouted was Jin Huang Lei that stood at the entrance of the huge room wearing the tattered clothes with disheveled look. It looks like that he only barely manage to pass all of those traps by force using all the strength from his cultivation.

"So this is really the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator's Tomb. Wahahaha! Soon I will be one of the strongest people in this continent!" Jin Huang Lei was laughing like a maniac full of madness.

"Hm… Look, Xuan Yin, a perfect lamb to test your new Divine Sword!" Nangong Liuchen did not even take a glance at Jin Huang Lei and only keep staring at Mu Xuan Yin.

"No, I still have a skill that I want to test on him. Master, please leave him to this disciple?!" Mu Xuan Yin put her fist together and asked for Nangong Liuchen's permission after stored her Nine Phoenix Sword into her space pouch.

"Go on! You can go all out and go wild as you like. No need to worry as long as there is me here." Nangong Liuchen nodded his head in approval while smiling gently at her.

This time will be different from before since Nangong Liuchen did not suppress his cultivation anymore, so if Mu Xuan Yin in danger later on, he could use his Core High-Level Formation Stage full power to protect her.

Mu Xuan Yin was smiling back confidently to Nangong Liuchen, so beautiful but thorny like a rose made Nangong Liuchen's heart began to pounding harder. Then Mu Xuan Yin walked approaching Jin Huang Lei while activating her Void God Eyes.

"Ck… Ck… Ck… Such beauty! Unfortunately, everyone that knew about this tomb must die! But do not worry I will have fun with your body first before killing you. Ahahahaha…" Jin Huang Lei stared at Mu Xuan Yin full of lust and then he licked his own lips impatiently.

"That depends on your ability. Come!" Mu Xuan Yin squinted her eyes and waved her palm while smiling at him full of provocation with the intention to provoke him but her cute little face betrayed her intention and only make her like a girl that wants to play around.

Jin Huang Lei laughed and pounced with incredible speed to her like a hungry wolf, Mu Xuan Yin saw the yellow shadow of Jin Huang Lei in front of her turned into red shadow and she quickly stepped aside a bit made Jin Huang Lei's move missed then slapped Jin Huang Lei with her palm with all her strength.

Jin Huang Lei looked down on Mu Xuan Yin's strength too much so he caught unprepared and sent flying a few meters backward with her slap.

"Sigh… I thought you are the strongest one since you act like their boss but your ability only so-so after all. This lady is disappointed!" Mu Xuan Yin put a smug face while mocking Jin Huang Lei.

Nangong Liuchen that watching from behind cannot hold his laughter anymore and burst to laugh out loud when he saw how Mu Xuan Yin's act. Mu Xuan Yin beautiful cute face really did not suitable with her smug act like now, it's like watching a kid act smug in front of a bandit.

"Damn bit*h! Do not think that I don't dare to hurt you just because you are a beautiful woman! DIEEEE…"Jin Huang Lei facing Mu Xuan Yin serious this time.

Mu Xuan Yin can see a yellow colored palm shadow connected from Jin Huang Lei right palm to her chest and when Jin Huang Lei dashed toward her the yellow colored palm turned again into the red palm shadow.

Mid Tier Yellow Class Martial Arts - Rock Shattering Palm!

Mu Xuan Yin once again shifted her body to the right side made Jin Huang Lei's attack missed her completely but Jin Huang Lei already predicted it this time and he quickly chained his attack with another martial arts skill.

High Tier Yellow Class Martial Arts – Cyclone Kick!

Mu Xuan Yin saw six yellow colored kicks shadow and it turned red one by one, she only tilted her body to the right and left a bit, and all of Jin Huang Lei's six kicks completely missed her.

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"What is this?! It's so easy! No wonder the protagonist can become OP so fast! This is clearly cheating ability!" Mu Xuan Yin was almost laughing at how easy to dodge all of Jin Huang Lei's attack. Even if she stood still without taking a single step, she can still dodge all of his attacks with ease with this Void God Eyes.

"Damn it! Stop running and fight like a man!" Jin Huang Lei was shouting full of resentment and charged to her once again.

"Boy… I am a girl, ok?! Not a man! Okay… Let's test this for attack!" When Mu Xuan Yin began to thinking about attacking Jin Huang Lei cyan colored fist appeared on Jin Huang Lei's dantian near his abdomen.

Jin Huang Lei was executing his Rock Shattering Palm once again aiming at Mu Xuan Yin's chest but before it could touch Mu Xuan Yin, she already punched her fist toward his dantian.

Low Tier Yellow Class Martial Arts – Iron Fist!


Mu Xuan Yin's fist embedded deep on Jin Huang Lei's body destroyed his dantian and crippled his cultivation in an instant. Jin Huang Lei fell unconscious and his body weakly dropped on to the ground.

One punch…

Only one hit needed for Mu Xuan Yin to defeat Jin Huang Lei the proud genius from Jin Family that had two-star level higher cultivation than her. Even Nangong Liuchen fell silent and gulped his saliva while thinking, what monster Mu Xuan Yin will become in the future.

"Sigh… He knocked out too fast and I still want to play around for a bit. Forget it then. Let's see the Nascent Soul Stage cultivator another inheritance. Hehehe… Hopefully, another overpowered martial arts techniques so I can use it with my Void God Eyes later to become even more invincible!" Mu Xuan Yin giggled full of anticipation when thinking about the inheritance.

"Good job, girl! Your performance really awesome, you really making me proud as your master!" Nangong Liuchen was clapping his hands while praising Mu Xuan Yin.

"Of course!" Mu Xuan Yin was smiling with smug face to Nangong Liuchen like asking him to praise her more.

"Pffft… Ahahaha… Ok… Ok… You really are Master's best disciple!" Nangong Liuchen patted Mu Xuan Yin's head gently and Mu Xuan Yin giggled happily at her Master's praise.

"Let's go out now!" Nangong Liuchen urged Mu Xuan Yin to go out together.

"Wait, Master! But… We still do not get the other inheritance from the corpse yet." Mu Xuan Yin held Nangong Liuchen's hand before he walked out of the room.

"Other inheritance? But the written on the wall do not say anything about it." Nangong Liuchen frowned and answered Mu Xuan Yin.

"It does not say anything about it! That's so strange… Let me examine the corpse first!" Mu Xuan Yin walked a bit toward the corpse but when she saw the corpse, she felt her scalp went numb as she began to think about ghost and curse like in the horror movie.

"Hehe… Master, can you help this Disciple to examine the corpse, please? Just this once and this Disciple will do what Master want later!" Mu Xuan Yin put her palm together and beg her Master's help.

"….." Nangong Liuchen stared at Mu Xuan Yin with a weird expression, this disciple did not afraid when facing the people with higher cultivation but afraid with a corpse? How ridiculous! He did not know whatever he should cry, angry, or laughing at her anymore but that promise of her was really tempting.

"Ok then… Remember my disciple Xuan Yin! You owe me one for this…" Nangong Liuchen was giggling mischievously while thinking what he going to make her do later.

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Mufufu... Girl, you will regret it later lol... Why? Because I, the author said so! pffft...

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also thank you very much everyone who has already voted and gave me the gift! XD

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