Chapter 55: Slaps!

"Wahahaha… It looks like you understand my words perfectly, cute girl! Beauties, My name is Changhong. Give me all the treasures, follow me as my wives, and I will make the happiest women in the world!" The black-clothed man thought Mu Xuan Yin was laughing because she was happy to become one of his wives and he slowly reached his hand toward Mu Xuan Yin to pull her toward him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


The black-clothed man was sent flying several meters backward without even knowing what had hit his right cheek and made him spurting out several mouthfuls of blood along with some of his teeth.

"That is for trying to touch my disciple with your dirty hands!" Nangong Liuchen said to the black-clothed man with an icy tone that made the black-clothed man shivering a bit but he quickly recovers and his face changed into the rage.

"Do not think that because you are a beauty then I would not dare to hurt you! Take this my Mortal Class Martial art…"


Nangong Liuchen did not even give the black-clothed man a chance to use his martial art technique. He arrived in front of the black-clothed man and slapped him once again, his move was too fast that even Mu Xuan Yin and the black-clothed man cannot see how Nangong Liuchen moves at all.

Moreover, Nangong Liuchen did not use any of his martial arts techniques at all, only a normal slap using not even a fourth of his true strength since if he uses his full strength, the black-clothed man's head already flew from his body by now and Nangong Liuchen did not want Mu Xuan Yin to be afraid of him because of that.

"That is because you dare to say that you want to make me and my disciple your wives!" Nangong Liuchen tone was even colder this time and his murderous intent flaring even more made the black-clothed man trembled with a shocked expression.


"This is for calling me beauty! Which part of me looks like a woman, hah?!" Nangong Liuchen held the black-clothed man's neck while keep slapping his face, even the black-clothed man's face turned bloody pulp Nangong Liuchen still did not stop and keep slapping him.

After slapping the black-clothed man many times, the black-clothed man turned into a black smoke in the end like the other the black-clothed man before.

Mu Xuan Yin gulped her saliva when she saw how savage Nangong Liuchen was. It was clear that when her Master sparring with her near the waterfall, he was trying to held back most of his strength or she already died with a single slap if her Master slapped her like that black-clothed man.

After killed the black-clothed man with his slaps, Nangong Liuchen stared back to Mu Xuan Yin with his bloodshot eyes made Mu Xuan Yin quivering a bit.

"Forget everything that you see and hear just now, do you clear?" Nangong Liuchen warned Mu Xuan Yin and she keeps nodded her head like a woodpecker.

"Good! As I expect from my disciple Xuan Yin, quick on uptake. Since all of our businesses here already finished, let's go out!" Nangong Liuchen patted her head and his face turned back to his normal gentle look. "

Nangong Liuchen and Mu Xuan Yin began to walking together and heading out of the tomb. Mu Xuan Yin was shivering a bit when she saw many corpses scattered on their way but she straightened her heart in an instant.

'This is the law of this world. The weak will be trampled or killed while the strong will gain all the glory. There is no need for me to feel sorry for them since all of them tried to kill me and my Master before. However, I need to get stronger faster so I do not end up like them in the end or become a burden for my Master like before.' Mu Xuan Yin made her will to become stronger firmer than before.

"Master, that black-clothed man talked about a true Demon God. Does Master know about it? Why they need so many souls? To resurrect their Demon God?" Mu Xuan Yin tried to pry some information from her Master.

"I never heard about it too before but it seems like another heresy sect that worships dead cultivator with Nascent Soul Stage or in Profound Connection Stage cultivation. It's pretty common before but most of them already uprooted by six Great Sects and the rest that manage to survive were live in seclusion. Listen, Xuan Yin… There is no need for you to meddle with this matter. I promise that I will investigate it clearly." Nangong Liuchen answered Mu Xuan Yin's question nonchalantly while warned her because his heart feel uncomfortable as if something big was brewing begin the scene and he did not want his disciple plunged in danger.

Nangong Liuchen sighed in relief after he saw Mu Xuan Yin nodded her head and promised him not to meddle with this heresy sect anymore.

"Then master what about that senior in the tomb… From his story, the Sage Clan that he slaughtered should be Gu Sage Clan, right?" Mu Xuan Yin asked her Master to clarify her doubt.

In the novel, there should be Five Sage Clans in the beginning but one of them, Gu Sage Clan destroyed in a single night one hundred years ago leaving only four Sage Clans now. No one knew who did it and no one knew why he did it either.

"Yes, there is no doubt that the Sage Clan in his story must be Gu Sage Clan and he definitely had the grudge with the current patriarch at that time, Gu Rulong. However, in his story, Gu Rulong should be still alive but in reality, he died along with his clan.

"That is why all the people said the one that killed Gu Sage Clan was actually the previous patriarch, Gu Rulong's father. The people speculated that his cultivation went berserk when he tried to break through to Profound Connection Stage and he got possessed then went crazy. In the end, he slaughtered all of his own family but the truth was actually like this." Nangong Liuchen shook his head in pity.

"The senior in this tomb wanted to avenge his beloved one but I do not think he was doing the right things at all since he also killed many innocent people in Gu Sacred Clan including all of the children. Moreover, the one that went crazy was not Gu Rulong but his innocence father that do not know anything about it." Mu Xuan Yin expressed her opinion to her Master to see his reaction.

"This is the true face of this world and you cannot blame him. Even if the senior in this tomb told Gu Rulong wrongdoing to Gu Rulong's father, he will only punish Gu Rulong lightly because the senior in this tomb was a nobody at that time. In this world, only the strong one could decide the fate of the weak one and if you want to help the weak people from the bad people wrongdoing, you must become strong first! That's why Master train…" Nangong Liuchen advised Mu Xuan Yin but when his word was interrupted by his communication talisman that lit up.

Nangong Liuchen frowned when he saw the one that lit up was his emergency talisman and the elders in the sect will only use this if something urgent happened in his sect.

Nangong Liuchen picked up his communication talisman and the elder sound transmitted directly to his mind. Nangong Liuchen frowned when he heard what the elder reported to him made Mu Xuan Yin staring at him full of curiosity.

"Hm… Ok… Ok… I will be there in five minutes." Nangong Liuchen turned off his communication talisman and stared at Mu Xuan Yin full of worry.

Nangong Liuchen was never been afraid of anything before but right now he is really afraid to leave this disciple behind. What if something like before happened again in the future when he is not beside her.

"Master does not need to worry about this disciple. I can take care of myself!" Mu Xuan Yin reassured Nangong Liuchen with the smile full of confidence.

"Not convincing at all…" Nangong Liuchen mercilessly trampled on Mu Xuan Yin's confidence made her smile froze.

"Sigh… No choice then… Take this ten mid-tier energy stones to cultivate." Nangong Liuchen pulled ten transparent marbles from his space pouch and gave it to Mu Xuan Yin.

"Mid-tier energy stones?!" Mu Xuan Yin was shouting in surprise. One mid-tier energy stone equal with one million low-tier energy stones. So her Master just gave her ten million low-tier energy stones.

'Sigh…So this is what it feels like when a poor man employed by an extremely rich guy. Awesome!' Mu Xuan Yin gave two thumbs up to her generous Master. However, it was only the beginning.

"Take this too. This is called Escape Orb. Break it if you are in danger and you will be teleported to the random place a thousand miles away."

"Take this one too. This is called Divine Lightning Bomb. I already inserted one of my most potent martial art techniques in it. If you throw it toward your enemy even low-level Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator will die in an instant."

"This one called Invisible Cloak. If you wear it, not only it will turn you invisible, it can even conceal your aura and Qi make you completely invisible!"

Mu Xuan Yin: "…."

'Why it sounds like something that 'Harry… Whatever mage' has before? Master did you stole it from another novel?' Mu Xuan Yin stared at Nangong Liuchen suspiciously.

"This one called Wind Travelling Shoes. I already tailor it to fit your size. These shoes can make you sprinting ten times faster than your usual speed, even Acupuncture Opening Stage cultivator will not be able to catch you. But never use it in battle since it's quite hard to move around freely when its ability is activated."

'Her Master can even sew?! Just how many abilities that her Master have? What an omnipotent Master!' Mu Xuan Yin stunned silly with her Master's capability.

"This is the last one. It's called Reflective Barrier Talisman. I carved my strongest barrier formation in this talisman and if you use it at the right moment, it will not only defend you against any attacks but will also reflect all the attacks back to its user! Do you remember all of it? Or do you need me to repeat it once more?" Nangong Liuchen asked Mu Xuan Yin with a proud expression like saying 'look all of my treasures are better than the one that you get from the tomb.'

'Even the formation that he makes is so formidable. Her Master is a Formation Master too?!'

Mu Xuan Yin opened her mouth wide do not know what to say, when her Master shoves his treasures one by one to her hands.

"Master… Are you really sure that you are not a cat robot that came from the future to help me?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Nangong Liuchen when she woke up from her shock.

"What is robot? I never hear it before… Also, what is tsundere that you said before?" Nangong Liuchen puzzled and asked Mu Xuan Yin.

"Pffft… Ahahaha… Master, just go now or you will make me laugh to dead… You only have five minutes, aren't you? Even with Divine Lightning Technique – Lightning Step, you will need one or two minutes to travel from here back to sect." Mu Xuan Yin was laughing out loud while pushing her Master to go.

Nangong Liuchen frowned, he really wanted to know about what Mu Xuan Yin talking about but he was really run out of time right now.

"This is my emergency communication talisman if you are in danger, do not hesitate and call for my help, understood?!" Nangong Liuchen stared at Mu Xuan Yin sharply while warned her with a stern tone and only sighed in relief after Mu Xuan Yin nodded her head.

Nangong Liuchen executed his Divine Lightning Technique – Lightning Step and vanished in front of Mu Xuan Yin in an instant. This technique was one of the fearsome techniques in Divine Lightning Cultivation Manual, if the user managed to reach perfection, he could move freely to all direction while dodging the opponent attack with ease and hitting him rapidly from all direction like a sandbag.

"Hehe… Luckily Master has another business if not then I must slip away from him. I have no business any more here in this Demonic Forest since the Devil's Flute is in my possession now so the beast stampede will not happen. My next destination should be Nanshu Empire Capital – Qiyang City." Mu Xuan Yin was sprinting with full speed toward Demonic Forest exit.

Mu Xuan Yin's time was really limited so she decided to start her first move now and the first character she must save was in this Nanshu Empire Capital – Qiyang City.

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