57.94% Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System / Chapter 60: Side Chapter: Demon King’s Rebirth! ( Last Part )

Chapter 60: Side Chapter: Demon King’s Rebirth! ( Last Part )

Dongfang Ruyi left Mo Family residence and heading to the place where the clue in the novel pointing, Death Abyss.

Like the name, Death Abyss actually a place that all the people feared as the place with no return. All the people that entered it will never come back again. At least until now, no one ever came back after they entered it.

In the novel, it was never mentioned that the antagonist found his cultivation manual in this Death Abyss but it said that the antagonist was the only person that managed to come back from this Death Abyss alive. So there was actually no guarantee at all that the cultivation manual was actually in this Death Abyss but Dongfang Ruyi's instinct told him that the cultivation manual should be here.

Dongfang Ruyi needs only one day to learn how to ride a horse at first but he needs almost a month to arrive at Death Abyss.

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Death Abyss was a cliff with black fog completely covered it restricted the vision of any people that entered it. Dongfang Ruyi used his rope to descend through the cliff and venture deeper into Death Abyss.

Dongfang Ruyi tried to use fire or lamp but everything was futile, he still cannot see his surrounding at all since the black fog was too thick. He gritted his teeth as unwillingness and stubbornness shone from his eyes.

In the end, Dongfang Ruyi choose to walk slower and venture deeper despite his restricted vision, he decided to use a long stick to grope his surroundings while imagined this place as a map in his mind.

Dongfang Ruyi cannot use a compass in this situation but he relied on his strong sense of direction and instinct that he honed in his previous world.

There were many traps and deep swamp in this place but Dongfang Ruyi manages to avoid them all safely and after spent two weeks in this deep Death Abyss, he managed to find a deep well.

Dongfang Ruyi tried to peek inside the well and threw a stone to know how deep this well is but something inside the well grabbed his head and dragged him inside the well.

"Human… Alive… Food… So hungry…"

"Mine… He is mine…"

"No, his body is mine… I will possess his body…"

"Hihihihi… What a handsome boy… Give him to me… I will play around with him."

"Sh*t…" Dongfang Ruyi's face turned pale when opened his eyes in the well and saw a countless dark evil soul floating around while greedily staring at him.

Some of them only had their body without the head, countless heads flying around, there were also some women with pale skin but without eyes giggling eerily at him, countless different kind of evil spirit lurking around in this well. It looks like Dongfang Ruyi's luck had run out and he stumbled into the dark evil spirits nest.

All of the dark evil spirits invaded Dongfang Ruyi, countless dense evil soul swarmed on him. A scene like this could easily overwhelm all people that saw it with fear and terror made their feet trembling and wetting their pants.

However, Dongfang Ruyi was not afraid on contrary he was smiling coldly as he finally found what he was looking for.

"Shut up!" Dongfang Ruyi was shouting made all the evil spirits stunned.

'Why was this human not afraid even a bit when facing them?'

When all of the evil spirits stunned, Dongfang Ruyi was casually walking forward with an excited smile.

"Quick… Stop him!"

"He intended to take the manual! Stop him!"

All the evil spirits began to assault Dongfang Ruyi but since they were only souls without the body, they can only attack his soul and mind.

"Ahahahaha… Mere dead souls dare to defy me!? What a futile resistance!" Dongfang Ruyi was laughing coldly while mocking all of the dark souls.

Dongfang Ruyi's mind was unmovable like a giant mountain while his soul was steady like an iron pillar made it impossible for all of the dark evil souls to affect it.

"Checkmate!" Dongfang Ruyi reached out his right hand and when he touched something in front of him, the countless black abstruse runes from the surrounding wall began to fly and entered his mind.

"Hahahaha… All of the black evil spirits get refined by me now or perish?!" Dongfang Ruyi was laughing out loud and his black hair flew scattering behind him like a domineering king that ordering his slaves.

One of the Evil God Cultivation Techniques – Devour!

Dongfang Ruyi's body began to suck all of the flying evil spirits around him one by one and it got even stronger each passing second. In the end, his body devoured everything inside the well cleanly like a black hole.

Dongfang Ruyi sat on lotus position and began to refining all the evil spirits that he devoured just now. His cultivation also started to skyrocketing non-stop.

It looks like this dark evil spirit well was actually a baptism inheritance like the blood pool in Void God Shrine. The blood pool's effect was rebirth, giving a new body with priceless SSS-rank void aptitude to the inheritor but this dark evil spirit well's effect was raising the inheritor cultivation swiftly.

Body Tempering Stage…

Qi Condensation Stage…

Acupuncture Opening Stage…

"Not enough! It looks like all of these black evil souls are far from enough! Then I will devour all of the black fog in this Death Abyss!" Dongfang Ruyi spent six months to refine all the evil dark souls in the well but he decided to devour all the power in the black fog that shrouded the Death Abyss.

Foundation Establishment Stage ...

Core Formation Stage…

After two years, the black fog in the Death Abyss was completely cleared up and all of Dongfang Ruyi's long black hair turned into alluring long silver hair. He slowly opened his eyes and his black obsidian eyes also turned into golden yellow.

"Not bad… It's already two and a half years. It's time to pay back Mo Family and Nalan Family!" Dongfang Ruyi said with an icy tone.

Dongfang Ruyi destroyed Nalan Family in less than an hour then heading to Mo Family then began his massacre once again.

"Mo… Mo Fan… I am your father… Spare me, please!"

"Mo Fan? Pffft… Hahahaha… Unfortunately, your son already dead! My name is Dongfang Ruyi!" Dongfang Ruyi was laughing coldly while mocking him.


Dongfang Ruyi broke Mo Family patriarch's neck so easily like breaking a fragile twig.

"Hm… Building a new organization in this continent will take time and I don't want to waste another six years to build one. It will be faster to just take one that already exists, for example, the current Demon Sect." Dongfang Ruyi was grinning evilly then quickly took his step to the hidden Demon Sect.

Dongfang Ruyi knew the Demon Sect's tradition that any strong darkness cultivator can challenge the Demon King for a death match if that cultivator manages to win then he will be crowned as a new Demon King.

The current Demon King, Moyun was only a mid-level Core Formation Stage while Dongfang Ruyi was already high-level Core Formation Stage so Moyun was never stood a chance against Dongfang Ruyi and defeated in the end.

To be exact, Dongfang Ruyi's Evil God Cultivation Technique was far too superior then Moyun's cultivation technique so Dongfang Ruyi was already holding back most of his true power and only use a fourth of it.

"Give up and I will spare your life! There is no need to die in this battle. Your power will be needed by this Demon Sect in the future." Dongfang Ruyi warned the blood covered Moyun with his icy tone.

"You are so young yet so strong… Your talent is limitless while I am already old and withered… It will be hard to convince all my subordinates if you do not take my life… Kill me! Then bring glory to our Demon Sect!" Moyun stared at Dongfang Ruyi full of determination and faith in his eyes.

'In this young man's hand, the Demon Sect will surely rise to the peak!'

Dongfang Ruyi sighed then struck Moyun's head then it exploded like a watermelon and the blood splattered everywhere.

After killed Moyun, Dongfang Ruyi jumped up then sat on the Demon King's throne. All the people in the Demon Sect was kneeling and bowing to him to welcome a new Demon King.

"As a new Demon King, I vow that I will bring this Demon Sect to the peak! In the near future, this Demon Sect will bring down the Six Great Sect and conquer the world!" Dongfang Ruyi's loud sound resounding to the entire Demon Sect made all the people in the Demon Sect trembling in excitement.

"I also promise that all the people that follow me will be prosperous while the one that defying me will be facing the fate worse than death!" Dongfang Ruyi's sound was gentle at first but when he mentioned the half, it turned extremely cold like the cold ice was entered their spine made all the people that heard it shivering in fear.

Everything was running smoothly according to Dongfang Ruyi's plan and Demon Sect's power was quickly raising to equal even with the strongest of Six Great Sects, the Holy Light Sect but he never thought that he will meet with a girl that will make him forget about all of his ambition in fifteen months from now.

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    Oho. Dongfang Ruyi or Nangong Liuchen, who to choose? Ugh

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    Fine, i said i shipped her with her master previously but ruyi needs sum love! I now ship him with mc but he needs to learn how to forge a healthier relantioship >:o

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    Thank you for the chapter. (^.^)

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