62.61% Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System / Chapter 65: She really has fallen in love with me!

Chapter 65: She really has fallen in love with me!

Mu Xuan Yin entered her room and closed the door, she looked around and found that her room was really spacious with many expensive types of furniture that arranged neatly with several luxurious vases in several corners of the room with beautiful colorful flowers arranged in it.

"Sigh… As expected from the crown prince. Even his guest room is so luxurious like this." Mu Xuan Yin jumped to her bed and lied down lazily.

"Crown Prince huh… Hopefully, I make the correct decision this time… The calamity's scale this time is far larger than the beast stampede in Demonic Forest. If I fail… Just how many lives will lose… Sigh… Such a heavy responsibility." Mu Xuan Yin's face turned a bit pale when she thought about the consequence if she fails this time but she quickly shook her head and pat her cheeks to cheer herself.

"The life in the palace is hard, full of scheming and deception… Actually, I really did not want to enter this kind of place but if I can use this opportunity to gain the royal family support, searching for the information also use their military power to help me then this mission will definitely become far easier. Hopefully, all the people in this palace are sensible like Qing Tian and no bad people like in historical fiction." Mu Xuan Yin mumbled while praying in her heart.

In the novel, the main character Jian Chen came to this Qiyang City only to hunted Holy Light Sect fugitive to get energy stones reward but the tsunami comes over and swept the entire city including Jian Chen. Luckily with his main character's aura, he managed to survive and helped by a beautiful girl in the end.

The novel did not covering up about the royal family of this Nanshu Empire so Mu Xuan Yin did not know which one was bad people and which one was good people made Mu Xuan Yin must remain vigilant all the time.


After rest up for an hour, one of the maids was knocking Mu Xuan Yin's door and notified her that Qing Tian waited for her to eat dinner at the dining room together.

Mu Xuan Yin tidied her clothes for a moment then went out and let the maid lead her to the dining room.

"Miss Mu, please take a sit. I already ordered all of our chefs to cook all of Nanshu traditional cuisines. Hope that all of these foods will suit Miss Mu's taste." Qing Tian let Mu Xuan Yin sat across him so he can get a good look at her beautiful expression clearly.

"Thank you, Mist… Your Highness." Mu Xuan Yin was smiling and sat down while thanked Qing Tian but she immediately aware that it was inappropriate to call him 'Mister' and quickly fixed it.

"Hahaha… There is no need to be polite. Miss Mu can just call me Mister like usual." Qing Tian was laughing happily while keep staring at her in indulgence.

After a few seconds, several maids came inside with a neat line and put many kinds of cuisine on the table just its fragrance alone already enough for Mu Xuan Yin to almost swallowed her own tongue.

Mu Xuan Yin gulped her own saliva when he saw all the delicious foods in front of her but she did not dare to eat it before the host, the crown prince began to eat first.

"Let's toast first before eating, to welcome Miss Mu arrival in Qiyang City!" Qing Tian poured the wine into his cup and Mu Xuan Yin's cup then raised his cup to toast with her.

Mu Xuan Yin suppressed her urge to devour the delicious foods in front of her and toast with Qin Tian then drank the wine in her cup in one gulp impatiently. After that, Mu Xuan Yin took her own chopstick and get ready to eat waiting for Qing Tian took the foods first.

"Big Brother Qing Tian, you already came back! Why do you not tell Qing Er?" A soft feminine sound came from in front of the dining room.

Mu Xuan Yin and Qing Tian quickly turned their attention toward the dining room entrance and found out that a tall woman clothed in green stood in front of it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

She was quite beautiful but still pale in comparison with Mu Xuan Yin's peerless beauty. Moreover, with a touch of arrogance on her face, she seemed a little unripe but she had a distinct noble aura which was not owned by Mu Xuan Yin.

Mu Xuan Yin frowned a bit when she saw the girl in front of the entrance and her expression did not escape Qing Tian's observation.

"Ah… It's Qing Er... Hahaha… Come inside and take a sit. Let's eat together! Miss Mu, this is Bai Shao Qing, the daughter of the Nanshu Empire's Prime Minister." Qing Tian introduced Bai Shao Qing to Mu Xuan Yin.

"Miss Qing, nice to meet you." Mi Xuan Yin was forcing a smile an greeted Shao Qing while her stomach already grumbled in protest.

"Qing Er, this is Miss Mu Xuan Yin. She was the one that helps me when I got attacked at the Water Dragon Lake today." Qing Tian said to Shao Qing.

Shao Qing's eyes glint with hatred and jealousy when she saw Mu Xuan Yin's perfect features for a moment but it quickly changed back to normal.

"It's really unexpected that Big Sister Mu is not only very beautiful but her martial arts are also very high, really make Qing Er envious." Shao Qing walked toward Qing Tian then held his right arm while leaning her body toward him.

Mu Xuan Yin frowned deeper but not because she was jealous or anything but because she was already so hungry and almost can't hold back her urge to eat all the foods in front of her.

However, how could Qing Tian read Mu Xuan Yin's mind? When he saw Mu Xuan Yin's frowned expression, his heart was blooming with happiness and hope. He began to think that Mu Xuan Yin was really falling for him.

While Qing Tian was still drowned in his imagination, Shao Qing pulled him to sit down while she sat very close to Qing Tian that her body was plastering so close to him. Qing Tian wanted to push her away but Shao Qing hands already held his arm so tightly.

"Let's toast for Big Sister Mu!" Shao Qing poured the wine into her own cup and Qing Tian's cup but she did not pour it to Mu Xuan Yin's cup.

Mu Xuan Yin gritted her teeth while she poured the wine to her own cup. She toasted with Qing Tian and Shao Qing then drank the wine in her cup in one gulp while staring sharply to Shao Qing and Qing Tian.

'This… There's no mistake! She is so jealous with Shao Qing right now, right? She really has fallen in love with me!' Qing Tian's mouth curved up and his face blooming with happiness.

'These two, are they want to fill my stomach with wine and eat all these delicious foods by them self?! No matter what happens all of these foods will enter my stomach today or my name is not Mu Xuan Yin!' Mu Xuan Yin thought while kept staring sharply at the two of them.

godadi godadi

Lol the worst misunderstanding ever!

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also thank you very much everyone who has already voted and gave me the gift!

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  • Ricardes


    Hahaha omg forget his master and the demon king the true ship is our violent fairy x food!! The ship has cannon in every corner!! Jajjaa

  • Train425


    Qing Tian will puke blood if he knew what MXY was really feeling. Hahahaha

  • SummerRayn


    LOL, that was some grand level imagination on prince's part! Prince: I know you like me. *nods to himself* Mu Xuan Yin: *visible confusion* P.S. The cover is pretty!!!

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