Chapter 68: Outbreak

Mu Xuan Yin still cannot decide which one of the heaven-class cultivation techniques that she should focus on so she decided to cultivate her Void God Scripture for now.

Mu Xuan Yin sat on her bed in the lotus position and holding one of the mid-tier energy stones that Nangong Liuchen gave to her before while operating her Void God Scripture in full blast.

The terrifying aura was gushing out from her body warped the entire space in her room. Fortunately, Mu Xuan Yin could already control her power far more perfectly than before if not, all of these expensive furnitures on her surrounding already cracked and this gorgeous room already collapsed under her powerful pressure.

Every three levels of Void God Scriptures was a big hurdle almost like when the cultivator tried to break through to another stage. Even though Mu Xuan Yin has SSS-rank void aptitude, she still needs to solidify her foundation first before trying to break through to the fourth level of Void God Scripture - Forming Void Qi.

After cultivated for 8-9 hours, Mu Xuan Yin exhaled and the white steam was coming out from her mouth as the terrifying aura that emitting from her entire body vanished like the smoke.

Her beautiful clear crystal brown eyes slowly opened up, she was smiling in satisfaction with this mid-tier energy stone's effect. However, when she saw the mid-tier energy stone on her hand was dim a lot compared before, her face turned a bit gloomy.

"Sigh... Even the mid-tier energy stone with the energy comparable with one million low-tier energy stones can only be used twice to cultivate the Void God Scripture and I am only in the third level now! Just how many energy stones that I will need to reach thirty-sixth level! Urgh... " Mu Xuan Yin almost splurting a mouthful of blood when she imagining about that.

In the end, she decided to forget it for now while gloomily heading to the dining room to eat her dinner there since she already skipped her breakfast and lunch to cultivate the Void God Scripture in her room. Thankfully, cultivator rarely feels hungry unless they did not eat for several weeks and the higher their cultivation, the more they will be invulnerable to pain, hunger, and thirst.

However, when Mu Xuan Yin stood up and wanted to exit from her room...


Mu Xuan Yin frowned and her face turned serious as she dashing out her room. She found out several maids was pursued by the blood-eyed guards.

Just a single glance, Mu Xuan Yin already knew that all of these guards were obviously not normal since not only their eyes turned red but also their skin was flushed red like a prawn and their mouth keep drooling like the hungry wild beast.

"What exactly happened here?" Mu Xuan Yin approached one of running maids and asked.

"We... We really don't know... Those guards suddenly attacked us! Some… Some of us even got captured by them!" The maid stuttered and answered Mu Xuan Yin with quivering sound. Mu Xuan Yin could see their fragile body was still trembling in fear.

Mu Xuan Yin frowned even deeper and she quickly using her Feathered Light Step then ran toward all the berserk guards.

Like a fish in the water, her body slipped between the gaps of the guards and passed through all of them easily.

However, the scene that greeted her made her even more shocked. Several guards that caught the maids began to strip their own clothes then ripped the maid's clothes. All of the maids that got caught were screaming and struggling in fear and panic but it's was futile since their strength was far less than the guards.

Mu Xuan Yin gritted her teeth then send several kicks in succession sent all the guards that pinned down the maids flew and crashed hard to the stone wall until it got cracked and their body stuck inside it.

"Go! I will cover you all!" Mu Xuan Yin was shouting and instructing all of the panicked maids. Mu Xuan Yin's shout made their mind cleared then they started to run but their face turned pale when a group of red-eyed guards ran toward them.

Mu Xuan Yin jumped up then landed right at the center crowd of guards. She swiftly twisted her body then sent a spinning kick toward all the guards that surrounded her hit accurately on their lower jaw instantly knocked out almost all of them.

All the guards and soldiers in a mortal empire like this Nanshu Empire was only low and mid-level body tempering stage so they do not possess any threat to Mu Xuan Yin. While the guards that reached high-level body tempering stage would be promoted to captain and if they manage to reach Qi Condensation Stage, they would be promoted to general but it looks like some of the princes like Duan Qing Tian actually manage to reach Qi Condensation Stage too, thanks to the royal family abundant resource.

As for Acupuncture Opening Stage, only cultivator families have the expert at this stage and usually, the expert of this stage will become the family patriarch. However, in the six great sects, Acupuncture Opening Stage cultivator would only be promoted to core disciple, when they reached Foundation Establishment Stage, they will be promoted to the sect elder.

Only someone exceptionally talented that can reach Core Formation Stage like Nangong Liuchen could become the sect leader.

Mu Xuan Yin's silhouette was flickering leaving some afterimage on each of her moves as she struck several other guards on their neck with her lily-white hands and rendering them unconscious in an instant. Her Void God Eyes was working in full power plus her Feathered Light Step making all of her moves were not only fast and accurate but also dangerous since all of her attacks were aiming at the weak point of each people perfectly.

Mu Xuan Yin's figure was almost invincible like a towering war goddess in the middle of battlefield no matter how many or how tough the guards that charging toward her, she will definitely defeat them all with a single attack.

A very beautiful young girl with exquisite figure wore a white-colored silk dress was moving around gracefully, dancing in the middle of moonlight made it looks very beautifully enchanting like a scene in the painting but her ferociousness was not even a bit inferior to any renown general.

With just a few minutes, Mu Xuan Yin was already knocked out almost all of the red-eyed guards.

"Captain Luo!" One of the maids was shouting in fright.

Mu Xuan Yin quickly turned her head and saw the captain of all the silver armored guards in this palace, Captain Luo but his condition also the same as the other guards.

At first, Captain Luo intent to charge toward the several maids but when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's exquisite face, he instantly changed his target toward her.

When Captain Luo pounced toward her, Mu Xuan Yin threw several punches according to the cyan lines in her Void God Eyes but it quickly disappeared as Captain Luo blocked all of it with his hands.

Even though Captain Luo was only a high-level Body Tempering Stage but his battle experience was quite rich and he always training hard daily so although he lost his mind for now, his body was still automatically reacting on self-defense.

This also made Mu Xuan Yin realized that her Void God Eyes was actually not that omnipotent. She already attacked with cyan lines timing but it did not work this time. It looks like she must use the timing when cyan lines turned blue if she wants to increase her proficiency in using Void God Eyes.

This time Mu Xuan Yin did not attack Captain Luo randomly like before and let him attacked her several times to re-adjust her timing. If she wanted to attack when the cyan lines turned blue, she must match it with her speed and accuracy since the blue lines only appeared for several brief milliseconds and vanished very quickly.

When Captain Luo shoved his own face toward Mu Xuan Yin like wanted to kiss her, Mu Xuan Yin sent him flying with a twist kick that landed accurately on his cheek made his face crashed very hard on the floor until his head almost buried inside it.

Mu Xuan Yin sighed in relief after she scanned her surroundings and all the guards already went unconscious and she was smiling sweetly satisfied with her own current strength. However, she quickly found one more cyan line appear in front of her.

When Mu Xuan Yin saw where the cyan line headed to, she found that the cyan line was connected to a black-clothed man that hid on the top of the roof. When the black-clothed man aware that he has been found out by Mu Xuan Yin, he quickly escapes from the top of the roof and jumped to the other side of the wall.

"Wait!" Mu Xuan Yin shouted while kicked her feet to the ground and jumped high over the wall to chase the black-clothed man. With her trance mastery over Feathered Light Step, something like jumped over the high wall was a very easy thing to do.



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