78.94% Hunter x Hunter System in Against The Gods / Chapter 11: Chapter 10: Disturbances (3)

Chapter 11: Chapter 10: Disturbances (3)

In the coliseum.


A tall striking man could be seen shooting down like a comet, eventually crashing into the ground and causing a massive explosion. Across his chest, a deep cut could be seen, his organs almost spilling out. However, the tissue could be seen regenerating at an incredibly fast rate, closing up the wound in around 10 seconds.

In the sky was a swordsman peering down at the tall man.

"Fuck! So this is my limit?" cursed the tall man, who was obviously Chadero. He had fought his way up to the advanced ranked combatant, taking 2 months. "I'll need more experience then. Time to use the shop for once." he said while breathing heavily.

Every time he got near the swordsman, he would be met a stiffing nen that seemed to make him age. Even more was the fact that the swordsman control over the space aura was much greater than Chadero, in a head-on collision, Chadero would lose for sure.

"More!" he yelled as a golden construct appeared above him. Compared to before however, his nen construct seemed different. It was more complete and defined. It was covered all around by golden scales, combined with its 3 fierce-looking heads and its 3 pairs of arms, it was a frightening sight.

"Eyes of Deception & Dominance!"

The eyes of the nen construct glowed a pitch black on one side and a blinding white on the other. The swordsman who was channeling his final attack above felt some sort of fatigue and his channeling faltered.

Chadero used this opportunity it teleport behind the swordsman. But the swordsman regained himself too fast and slashed at Chadero. Chadero dodged it by a inch. Chadero threw out a high kick towards the swordsman's face. The swordsman was hit directly and instantly crashed into the ground, leaving a bottomless pit.

"That definitely didn't get him. Let me think. I need a killer move that can defeat enemies stronger. But to do that I need more comprehension on nen, since they're all equal or stronger to me..." he thought while searching for the swordsman.

"An attack that'll catch him off guard..."

Chadero felt the space aura around him rumble violently. He felt it coming from his back, so he shot towards his left. Right after he left, a space scar could be seen in the shape of a slash. "I'm running out of time..." thought Chadero.

"Need more control... faster... keener.... denser!"


The next day.

"Big Brother Chadero! I want more snacks!" shouted Hong'er.

"Snacks?" chucked Chadero. "Big Brother Chadero is spoiling Hong'er too much" he said as he got out a piece of Purple Veined God Crystal for her. So far he had about 97 kg (213 pounds) left of it. He had gotten a substantial amount from the sacred grounds, approximately 100 kg. Hong'er had already ate the original 50kg.

"I'll give you more after you come back" he said while pinching her cheeks.

"Mhm! Bye Big Brother Chadero!" exclaimed Hong'er cutely.

She went out of the house and boarded the carriage to the private school.

Chadero went to his personal cultivation room where he sat down on the Mantra Mat. Instantly, his mind felt clear and peaceful. He recalled his last training against the advanced level combatant. In desperation, he had pulled something out of his ass and somehow overpowered him.

He let out his nen and tried to condense it to an extreme level. He felt his internal organs shake and his veins pop out. "Damn!" he exclaimed. "Again!"

A few hours later, he stopped practicing.

"System, open shop."

[Very well, Host.]

A list of experiences came up in front of Chadero.

"Wait. How do I pay for this?" asked Chadero.

[Replying to Host. Host can pay using his nen (regenerates full every 24 hours from 1 nen, 0 nen = dead).]

"System, open stats."

[Responding to Host.]

[Host: Chadero

Strength: 200,000

Dexterity: 200,000

Endurance: 200,000

Defense: 200,000

Speed: 200,000

Nen (Unlocked): 200,000,000

Control: Medium-High

MAX AFFINITY: Conjuration, Emitter, Enhancement, Manipulation, Transmutation.

Abilities: Evolved Golden Demon Form 1-2-3, Divine Armour, Ten-Thousand Palms Collapse, Evolved Heavenly Judgement, Eyes of The Sovereign, Dragon Soul Domain, God Dragon Incarnation]

Through training, he had evolved and honed some of his abilities.

"I have 199,999,999 nen to use then?" asked Chadero.


Chadero nodded his head as he went through the shop. The experiences ranged from mythical figures such as Ares and Zhuge Liang. Apparently, they had naturally unlocked nen that boosted them unconsciously. By buying their experiences, he would essentially boosting his own talent. Then there were the elites, such as advanced-level swordsman or master-level pugilist. After those were the common people, farmers, herders, etc.

"System show me the prices for a mythical figure."

[100,000,000 is the price of one mythical figure, regardless of who they are.]

"What about master-level and advanced?"

[75,000,000 for master-level, 45,000,000 for advanced.]

"How would I gain the experience exactly?"

[The memories and literal experience will be passed onto you. Your body will adjust to it.]

"I'll take a master-level pugilist then."

[Deducted 75,000,000 nen. Transaction complete. Experience being sent.]

Chadero felt a sharp pain in his head. His body began to feel different to him but similar at the same time. Memories of the pugilist flowed through him. From the first step he took, to his last breath. Every punch ingrained itself into his body. All of the pugilist's thoughts were exposed. He felt as if he had just finished practicing nen for a lifetime.


9 months later.

Chadero had assimilated hundreds of master-level combatants. From swordsmen to archers, he had absorbed numerous types of combatants. Aside from playing with Hong'er and taking care of mundane matters, he trained every day for 9 months.

However, Chadero has had hit a bottleneck 3 months ago. Aside from honing his technical skills and control, his body hadn't really gotten stronger. Unfortunately, the experiences of mythical figures didn't increase Chadero's talent at all, which is was apparently maxed out.

"System, show me my stats."

[Responding to Host.]

[Host: Chadero

Strength: 500,000

Dexterity: 500,000

Endurance: 500,000

Defense: 500,000

Speed: 500,000

Nen (Unlocked): 1,000,000,000

Control: Very-High

MAX AFFINITY: Conjuration, Emitter, Enhancement, Manipulation, Transmutation.

Abilities: Evolved Golden Demon Form 1-2-3, Divine Armour, Ten-Thousand Palms Collapse, Evolved Heavenly Judgement, Eyes of The Sovereign, Dragon Soul Domain, God Dragon Incarnation, Emperor's Fist, Triple Draw, Teleportation, Fleeting Golden Demon's steps]

Emperor's Fist was essentially just a fist covered in nen and space aura. Triple Draw was a weapon technique he obtained from some swordsmen and spears-men, that allowed one to strike 3 times consecutively with no delay. Teleportation was a skill he obtained himself, but honed through the experiences of master-level archers. Fleeting Golden Demon's steps are something he obtained from his own comprehension.

With every step, his momentum and nen grows stronger. It was a specialized ability he obtained in order to fight beyond his own level. Due to it, he was able to defeat master-level combatants fairly easily, although not outright stomp them.

"I should be good to go to help Jasmine now then." thought Chadero.

"Hong'er! It's time to leave. Say goodbye to your friends." yelled Chadero.

Outside their estate was a more grown up Hong'er who has begun to resemble a teenager. She was taking to a group of other girls and greeting them goodbye.

"I'll miss you, farewell everyone!" said Hong'er. She was greeted with farewells from everyone. Chadero came outside to prepare to leave for Jasmine.

All the girls blushed and began to fidget in front of Chadero. Compared to before, he was even more handsome somehow and his hair began to smooth out a bit. He gave off the presence of a wild but refined striking deity.

The girls began to walk away while talking to themselves.

"Hong'er's big brother is too handsome!"

"I'm so jealous of her!"

Chadero heard all this and laughed. "Ahh, I am like Adonis." he said to himself smugly.

"Lets go." he said to Hong'er.

"Un. Big Brother Chadero, where are we going again?" she said cutely.

"To meet Jasmine."

Hong'er tilted her head out of curiosity. The last time she met Jasmine, although she had a good impression of her, Jasmine's aura was too scary. The two reappeared in a forest and Chadero brought out the Primordial Profound Ark.

"So I have to think of the coordinates..."

The Ark began to move and go through a spatial portal. They entered a new land and the pressure here seemed a good amount greater than before. The Primordial Profound Ark ran out of energy after entering this land and shut down.

From afar was Jasmine. "So he's finally here..." she thought.

Chadero and Hong'er appeared out of the ark and the ark went back into Chadero's box. Chadero looked ahead and saw Jasmine looking at them. In response he waved to her and teleported.

"How have you been?" asked Chadero.

"Good." responded Jasmine coldly. A hint of warmth flashed through her eyes as she eyed Chadero.

"You two haven't had a formal introduction yet. This is my little sister, Hong'er. Hong'er, this is Jasmine."

"Hello Jasmine!" said Hong'er cutely.

"Hello Hong'er" responded Jasmine softly.

"Big Sister Jasmine is so pretty!" exclaimed Hong'er. Jasmine responded with a light smile.

"So are we still attacking the Star God Realm and the Brahma Monarch God Realm?" asked Chadero.

"Yes. I assume you're ready to go?" said Jasmine.

Chadero nodded.

"Alright then.

By the way, don't use an ark for individual travel. For someone at your level, we can simply cross through space. Here's an outline of the God Realms." said Jasmine as she sent a ball of light into Chadero's glabella. "I'll hold back any outside interference while you deal with the Star Gods. Yu Luo notified the Realm King about you, so he'll be expecting this." said Jasmine.

"Fine with me." smiled Chadero. "Hong'er, you'll have to stay in the Primordial Profound Ark. ok?"

"Hmph. Only if you promise to feed me better stuff! More too!" responded Hong'er with her puffed cheeks.

"Alright, alright." said Chadero happily while patting her head. "She's way too cooperative and calm about all this though." thought Chadero.

Chadero opened his box and took out the Primordial Profound Ark, then Hong'er entered, and he put it back.

"Be careful. My father may have gotten reinforcements if he was extra careful." said Jasmine softly.

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  • PhectMaphter


    Not really a mistake, but is he ever gonna use/learn the 100-type Guanyin Boddhisattva?

  • Morvian


    Men of culture which still not joined since they don't know this holy book existed yet!~ Check it out, beware though only man of culture not Kid of culture since I don't want to be sued by their parent's!~ +18 - Harem Palace Sect's System Link : https://***.webnovel.com/book/12196542906073705/%2B18---Harem-Palace-Sect's-System

  • srVlad


    Author, read this !!!!! On the planet that he came, in a valley of the azure continent, if I'm not mistaken, hong'er found a little girl who reminded her of some of his memories (She cried a lot when she remembered). Do'nt forget that!

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