100% Ruler of the worlds / Chapter 2: Winterfell

Chapter 2: Winterfell

Under the scorching heat of summer, a young boy stood in front of the big city with a thoughts what to do. Arthur saw this magnificent city rising from afar as a line of people swooped down from their horses and walked towards Winterfell on foot. After considering this situation he decided to collect information by listening talks of passerby after half an hour he got something.

The walls of the city were 50 feet high and stretched for hundreds of miles.

This city was named Winterfell, and this was economic capital of the kingdom you can buy everything and hire anyone there.

There was a city-wide flying ban for hundreds of miles around Winterfell City.

Along the way there were many caravans coming and going. Most of them have good quality steads and cariges so with their movement abilities, they were able to cover the hundred miles in only a quarter of an hour.

Outside the city gate of Winterfell was a team of guards that kept watch. Seeing  these guards, Arthur let out a breath, they were actually all strong fighters. The captain of that group of guards was impressively big with tattoo on face.

The Winterfell City's gate was gigantic, but there were too many people trying to enter the city, it seemed very crowded. Particularly because the Grand auction was occurring, there were many people that come to participate in it and a lot of who accompanied them.

To enter the city cost 40 silver taels. This high entry fee caused many of the low-level merchants and common folk to shrink back, discouraged by the price.

This city was created and ruled by big corporations to earn more money.

He went to one of poor caravans and hide under the carige they rested for thirty minutes and went to the city. Guards stopped them to check everything Arthur start to be nervous because guards were checking bottoms of caridges using mirror on the stick in few minutes they will discover him but some fat guy come to Capitan shacked his hand said some words and they let them go Arthur noticed that fat guy bribed guards and was very grateful that caravan have something pohibiden.

As the group walked by, Arthur saw all sorts of various treasures being sold. There was a pill shop and weapon shops everywhere.  What they sold  considered incredibly valuable items that a common folk would never be able to afford even if they added up all of their savings.

On one of the turns Arthur escaped hide in the dark valley and try to rest.He was in very dire straits he had no money in unfamiliar city want to eat and sleep. Everything happen with a nine year boy this was big strain but Arthur grew up on the street if you weak you will die this is what he know.

As for now he need some food so he go to the street he pas under the caridge and saw fruits on the stall come near grabbed few fruits that reassemble apple and run away while running he sized bred from bascet he run few quarters find abandoned building climbed it sit down and start eating at the same time he was looking at the city.

One of the most interesting things that Arthur saw was large training field near city center. Fighters were training in there so he can see their transformation, mind blowing power they get from blodline and unknowingly started to think abot having so much power so he can do what he want. After some work he find some rags spread some out covered and start dreaming.

The next morning he get up find some mud and put on the face to make it more difficult to identify him. Find one of the busiest streets in Winterfell which looked very beautiful his old town doesn't have such places there were very big auction house because of it a lot of people come here he don't go to the gates because of guards. Arthur stood at the entrance to the street saying that he is starving and asking for help after half an hour he got two copper coins and decided to live. Living he bumped to busy man and stole his purse. On the way to home he get some food. In the house he looked in purse where was 10 copper and 3 silver coins hid the money and gone to investigate more about his sorounding.

He find out that in the house in front live fighter because he saw him training Arthur knew that all fighters are rich but it was very difficult to steal from them they have some kind of perception so Arthur decided to watch after him every time he do his routine.

After few days Arthur come near training field by following his neighbor and saw that guards of this training field take him under guard.

Arthur come back to quickly and break in the house It is one storey house with 6 rooms he looked around the house but can't find anything and remembered gangsters saying people hid their belongings under floor In walls or some unoticable place so he start looking in this. He find hiding place under the flor where was only one bag Arthur took the bag put everything back and run away very fast.

When he returned home he was eager to see what is in bag. But he have things to do when he was watching his neighbor he saw orphans coming to him every day by following them he find an orphanage and decided to recruit some children.

Arthur come to the orphanage where orphans were playing the survilence of them isn't very good so Arthur can come and go whenever he want he come near one of the boys maby 8 years old offered him candy and said "Hi, my name is Arthur I'm nine years old. What is your name?"

Somewhat hesitant he answers "Hi, I'm Frodo please to meet you"

They played and speak for some time Frodo told about his life in orphanage it was very hard life you never can eat enough do what you want and always get beaten by every fail to get food you need to do different jobs such as sweep up, clean house etc.

Arthur suggested him to change his life.

" Look you can take some of your friends run away from there and I will take care about everything else I give you two days to make decision if you decide to join me come to fighter house you clean every day where you will see abandoned and damaged house it is a place where we can meet"

After everything was done he returned home got bag to see what was in Arthur opened the bag and saw two books and little box. When Arthur was In Potor he often sneak in school and learn how to read and count that's why he was responsible for money delivering in the gang. He take one of the books and read it's title "Basics of body and Bloodline training" second book was "Theory of blodline ". Then was box's turn Arthur opened it and saw Green pill that reassemble crystal it was very beautiful almost transparent. He was so agitated that his hands were shaking he decided to eat something and have a rest to

calm down then he will read books.

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  • Anume


    I like the concept. Although the spelling and sentence structure needs a lot of work. Makes it a bit hard to follow esp in the first chapter. Everything seemed rushed and blurred. Like I said I like the idea of what you have going on. So keep it up, I'll be reading.

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