20% TDG Fanfic: The Golden Throne / Chapter 11: Inheritance (1)

Chapter 11: Inheritance (1)

A couple of hours had past and Danny finally opened his eyes. "Finally you bastard are awake hurry and leave quickly find a near by cave or something to rest in."

"How long was I out Ay?"

"A couple of hours an you got lucky no other beast came. Now hurry Danny I still wanna see tomorrow."

Danny got up although he was in pain his injuries were mostly healed. He then asked Ay what going on.

" Grab your spear I'll tell you on the way leave the beast as we might get tracked by other monsters." Pulling his spear out of the beast he begins to make his way toward the small mountain while looking around to check for any caves.

"While you were out, your wounds although weren't serious they were a lot. Your body despite the seals some began to heal your wounds at a visible rate. So I think if we check your inheritance we might find enhanced healing among your the innate skills of the SODC(sky origin divine clan). The seals on you mainly prevent you from cultivating but don't seem to affect innate attributes which explains why your talents from the previous worlds and this one could activate. I'll screen your body when you heal up and restore soul force. Also the technique we used previously has been saved and I am working on improvements. Wait a second there should be a cave at the end of this stream."

Ay yelled as she notice the stream end into a small lake. This lake was between the small mountain recorded in the map and the forest. Danny followed the stream till he reached the lake then he went toward the mountain behind it(lake). As he reach there he stepped towards a very wide tree a meter and a half wide and as tall as the rest of the trees 10 meters tall. This tree was at the edge of the forest and he decided to rest a bit. So he sat on the ground and sat with his back laying against the tree. He gripped his spear looking at his surroundings as he slowly caught his breath. As he calmed down seeing that no one or beast followed he pressed his back against the tree stumbling into the tree.

He got up rubbing his back grabbed his spear and prepared to leave when he heard Ay tell him to look around make sure everything is clear. There wasn't much to see but a hollow tall tree so Ay told him to cover the small entrance with a bush. He went to a nearby bushes with white flowers and small thorns growing out of the stem. He dug two and put them around the entrance but then he received info from Ay to get the bush that was half the size of the two he got and had blue and red flowers with a bitter smell. According to Ay this can hide his scent to some extent so he dug it out and put it in between the two other bushes and entered the tree.

"Ay is this place really safe, it's crowded and the tree seems weak." Danny asked confused why Ay told him to stay here.

"It may feel crowded but for a 4 year old like you it's enough space to sleep. The space inside is two meters height, one meter wide, and one meter long. The tree is pretty strong and there is nothing to worry about. The entrance is blocked and most beasts won't want to get close or detect your sent and finally you got lucky to find the brittle entrance of the tree. This was an old den of a beast known as wood borrower(giant squirrel like beast with snake like scales instead of fur and two very strong claws it also has beaver like teeth) and it makes its home in the center of a tree and builds a brittle entrance when it sleeps inside. Now before you say anything please meditate a bit and restore you energy." Danny began to meditate and immediately his body, soul and Ay breathed as one and slowly began to restore soul force. After a while the soul form Danny opened his eyes and looked at Ay.

"So did you calm down."

"Yes Ay although I'm in pain, I feel better physically and mentally."

"Good!" Then Danny began to yell in pain as Ay beat the hell out of him.

" I told you the logical approach was to escape, get stronger and come back for revenge but your reaction time was slow and many people came which most likely alerted the killers. They will keep try to kill you to prevent future threats. Then I told you to escape from that dumb cat although it was faster than you it obviously wouldn't kill you quickly and you would have made it to the lake and jumped inside. That cat hates water and will never get near the lake.

What is gotten into you, I know our mom died but you can't get yourself killed or that would end everything. The only useful thing you did was make this skill EGL because if it wasn't for this we would probably have died."

Danny felt the fear in her heart as well as the pain he felt and he realized he wasn't alone. Ay was always with him and if he died so will she. Although he was getting beat up, he didn't retaliate in the slightest. After Ay calmed down Danny got up and said,"Dam woman you showed no mercy at least take it easy on me. I'm only human I make mistakes and how else was I supposed to act when my mom was killed. You might be right at the lynx but the bad luck streak I had put me in a bad mood and finally I had you and my mom only for her to be taken away. I wanted to win to see if I had the chance to control my fate. I don't was to feel the way I did back there helpless."

Ay sighed and feeling the negative vibe she changed the subject," Ok so here is why you feel pain even till now the seals are currently extending the period of time you feel pain but this might not be bad news but first I have a question do you feel hungry?" Danny nods toward Ay. "Then I will help you open bring out your inheritance from the ring so we can check it maybe their is something that can help you."

Danny took out the ring that he placed on his mother's necklace and placed it on his finger. Then Ay sent some of the restored soul force and released the chest. The chest was purple color and had gold lines going around it it laid half a meter wide and .75 meter length taking about half the floor space of the tree. Then he began to scan the books one by one. After he finished copying all the books he began to inspect the items inside but Ay told him there is no point as in one of the books it mention them. He didn't have the soul power to activate it and they were also too heavy for him to hold it.

"Danny come in here I want to tell you somethings I found."Ay said. Dropping the items back into the chest and closing it. He the. Meditated to go into his soul space.

Ay then proceeded to say, "The good news is that now we know where all the extra food you ate go. It is stored into your cells all over your body as physical energy and helps restore your body. The restoration is mostly to non fatal wounds and it restores equivalent to the amount of energy stored." This news surprised Danny as he thought his mom was just torturing him for fun and in the end she was the one who help in saving his life.

"This is no time to get emotional now I have 36 fighter physics I will begin working on fusing them as one and that should give you a unique overpowered technique." Ay said as she saw Danny remember him mom.

" No need for that Ay I need a technique that can improve my strength that is uninhibited by the seals, my innate talents. At least for until I get rid of these seals I can improve my strength to defend myself out here." Danny said back to Ay.

Ay smiles at Danny who seemed to get back into the game, "Ok but for that you need to understand your body and spirit completely and then learn which innate abilities you have inherited. Would you like me to begin?"

Danny looked at Ay paused for a bit before saying," Yes."

harem4life harem4life

I had a report and I start first exams next week so I began preparing from today wish me luck. I will try to get 1 chap everyday even during exams as this calms me down and helps me focus as well as I wanna see where Danny journey will lead him.

Comments (9)



    Slowly turning into one of those low grade fanfics with retarded mc

  • shugokage


    Good luck and good chapter!

  • harem4life


    No problem bro enjoy the story. I’ll try to make it a fun one.

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