75% ABYSS Tomb Of The Gods / Chapter 6: 006 Beginning

Chapter 6: 006 Beginning

Buhawi hurry up! yes uncle kor.. at the deck of the ship a 15yr old youth can be seen he's quite handsome almost 6ft tall has a leen body tan skin mostly because he use to join his uncle kor on a fishing trip during weekends that last about 6 - 8 hrs a day he remember begging his uncle to take him. fishing when he was young but his uncle refuse to take him.. and always said not until 13yrs old and a have a good grade!

he used to fantasize being on the sea with his uncle kor finnally 2yrs ago his uncle agree to take him fishing even against the wishes of his auntie rose.. he still remember the first time he rode the ship feeling the wind on his face tasting the salty air it was heaven.. that day they caught a lot fish.. he remember seeing his uncle happy face who keep patting his shoulder saying your my lucky charm! and indeed they caught a record breaking catch in the last 10yrs to the point that they had no choice but to go back because thier storage is so full..

kor look at the youth in the deck with the big smile on his face... its been 15yrs huh.. time sure flies he still remember how shaken the town was the next day when they found out what happen to the dock.. he remembers the mayor lock the dock for 2 weeks to conduct investigation and another 2months to rebuild the dock..

he also remember how the three of them rose, tom and himself asking almost everyone in town about the parents of buhawi until they exhaust all option.. finnally kor decided to adopt him at first it was rose who wants to adopt him.. but for some reason he has an afinity with the child he found at the docks so he fight it out with rose almost to the point that almost cause thier frienship.. if not for tom mediating he and rose wold have lost thier friendship.. and the funny thing is 2yrs later for some reason kor and rose fallen in love and decided to get married and rose bore 2 more children 1 girl 1 boy, the girl 10 yrs old now and boy 6 yrs old.. though he lost his boat that day he gains far more he lead a fulfilling life.. and was very happy.. as for tom he married his childhood crush. ten yrs ago the three of them decided to start a bussiness they pool all thier money and saving to build a ship that they will used to fish. as kor a captain and tom 1st mate and also responsible for mantinance as for rose she is responsible for selling the caught fish.. now they have 4 ship in thier company they called trident fishing co. normally rose forbids kor to go fishing anymore and ask him to just help her manage the company.. at first kor agreed but he was a sailor at heart so he beg rose to let him go fishing again.. finnaly rose with a heavy heart agreed, rose lost her brother during the storm 15yrs ago.. and that left a huge trauma on her.. she was always afraid when kor is sailing to go fishing and even more so when buhawi decided to join kor on weekend fishing.. but every time she look at the eager face of buhawi she lost the courage to stop him from joining kor.. she think to herself maybe thats why kor wants to adopt buhawi back then they are like two face of the same coin.. the both love going into the sea never get tired of it, haist.. she took a deep breath and just focus on her work..

uncle kor you promise to let me be captain when i turn 15 and graduate from highschool you said i can captain my own ship during weekends...

kor look at buhawi angry face he shrug saying well i did promise you and i intend to fulfill them but your auntie will kill me if i let you go alone..

buhawi look at kor and feeling helpless he knows her aunt would not let him sail by himself no matter how he begs..

hey youre turning 15 3days from now so what do want for your birthday?

you know what i want for my birthday uncle..

Kor roll his eyes other than that what do you want..?

hmmm i never realy think about it now that you ask besides having a ship and being a captian of my own fishing ship.. i coudnt think of anything... well ill worry about it later..

kor just smile and said well let me know if you think of anything.. anyways how about a girlfriend? he look at buhawi grinning

buhawi just shakes his head and said im too young for that.. but if you can find me a girl as pretty as maya ill change my mind.

quite an apetite you have there boy.. maya is a young superstar who realease consecutive no1 hits she even play a leading role in a action move that earns 100s of million of dollars and even earn multiple awards worldwide.. in other word shes an reachable goddess for people like them..

then youll die a virgin then hahaha...

buhawi just roll his eyes and walk to the nose of the ship and close his eyes. he like standing there feeling the wind on his face..

...... bloodline confirm....

genetic make up confirm...

what!? buhawi eyes jolted open he emmidiately turn around scan his surounding and found no one... ??? am i dreaming

access granted... searching access point..

huh? what the fuck am i loosing my mind?

it was a robotic sounding voice like one you can hear in a gps navigator or somthing..

but for some reason he didnt panic in fact never once he panic in his whole life he can always think calmly no matter the situation.. like when a fire started on his school an he and few other classmate of him was trap in his classroom with nowhere to go.. he was able to calmly think of a solution on his current predicament.

he took a deep breath close his eyes again and wait for the voice again.. but this time its all quiet he waited for somtime but nothing he never hear the voice again... buhawi stop daydreaming get ready to haul the net!

buhawi open his eyes still confuse but imediatly snap back, OK!

few hours later he was lying on the deck exhausted its not surprising he's doing a work of several men... normally it takes atleast 3-4 person to haul back the net full of fish but hes been doing all of it by himself for a yr now.. at first he needed 2 more people to help him with the task but soon eventually 2 was reduce to 1 till eventually he said he can do it alone.. at first his uncle Kor just laugh at him saying its imposible.. but when he actually did it his uncle just said good job i used to do it my self to when i was young haha.. turn around and runs to the captain house..

he just roll his eyes and laugh.. he had to admit even though hes been doing it for a year now its still very exhausting.. though it gets easier for him as he get used to it...

when hes doing the work he forgot all his wories and was just focus on finising the job.. another good haul he smile when he looks at the almost full storage..

an hour from now they will cast another set of nets in their secret fishing ground well thats what his uncle kor calls the area where they cast thier last set for the day..

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