8.86% I'm in love with my step brother. / Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Adams's (P.O.V)

I crawled on the floor in pain not able to stand I felt like vomiting. Every man knows how painful it was to get kicked in the balls. My head felt dizzy and my legs shook every time I tried to stand. I looked up to find her gone. That little menace kneed me in the balls and makes a run for it. "good heavens are you alright boy" and old lady asked me as she stood in front of me with her walking cane. "I'm fine." I said standing up. "are you sure lad? You should go see a doctor you don't look so well." She looked concerned, but she was getting annoying. "I'm sure ma'am just tripped I'm fine." I assured her. She was so short and old with an arched shoulder and a large pink coat. She stared at me with squinted eyes. "do I know you?" she asked. "I don't think so?" I said growing more annoyed. She kept looking behind me then back at me. I turned around and saw my picture plastered on the side of a bust stop I was shocked she could make a match I was dressed as Dark Scorpion in that picture. I lowered my hat to my face. "I think you have the wrong person." I started walking away but she kept following me. "are you sure you look awfully a lot like that young man in the picture." She said walking behind me. Now this was getting bad she might try and expose me this senile on bat. I started running but the pained in my sack made it difficult. I gritted my teeth and picked up speed. "wait you are him, aren't you?" she shouted out but before I knew it I lost her. That was a close one.

My balls killed. When I see that Honey, she's going to get it good. I've never been hit there before, and man does it ever hurt. When I get my hands on her she's going to wish she never did that. And what's funny she thinks I like her, little does she know she's not my type she's just an average looking girl she doesn't dress up or put any makeup on. I only toy with her because she's fun to bug. I'm far from interested in her. Besides I'm already seeing someone, So Honey can relax.

My phone rang as I answered it. "Hey Rob, what's up?" Robyn was my manager. "Adam hey can you come in to the studio to recode a few songs today? also we have Macy who wants to shoot some photos of you in her new catalogue." Robyn said. "I'm supposed to be off today Rob let me enjoy my day off." I said. She works me like a dog video shoots, photo shoot, commercials, recording something."

I've only been doing this singing thing for less than a year and I'm already being sucked in. I met Robyn about two years ago, she was a friend of my mother. she would always pester my mom into getting me to do modeling. But my mother didn't want me to be in the fame lane she said she was already having trouble keeping up she didn't want that same life for me. but when she passed away I wanted to do it.

I didn't want to be a model I found out my hidden talent, so I became a singer. I'm becoming famous but not a lot of people know me since I wear dark make up and dark clothing for when I'm performing, and I go by a different name. Dark Scorpion is like my alter ego. Does and says what ever I want. When I'm on stage performing I'm a different person. "Come on Adam they are eating me alive they won't stop asking for you, do me this one favor and I'll give you valentine's day off." she pleaded. How could I say no. I needed valentine's day off to spend with Rose my girlfriend? "Deal, ill be there in ten." I hung up and quickly went to the studio I rubbed my painful spot that bitter brat hit. It was still throbbing reminding me of that agonizing pain. Once I arrived everyone was running around getting me ready.

"Ok first change into your outfit that Brit laid out for you and get to hair and makeup asap." Robyn said as she carried around her coffee mug. I quickly changed into the black sleeveless shit with black tie and black leather like pants with chains and spikes hanging down. They didn't call me 'Dark Scorpion' for nothing all my clothing were dark, and my makeup was always dark. Black eye liner emphasizing my blue eyes. And my dark hair would be spiked.

"Are you ready Dark Scorpion?" Robyn asked. "He's all yours." Brit said. She's our makeup artist and Debby the hair stylist. "Great work ladies." Robyn commented. As she pulled my arm. She led me back to her office where I saw Macy the C.E.O of male modeling catalogue. "Macy this Is Dark Scorpion." Robyn introduced.

"Dark oh my you're one hell of a looker, I've always wanted to meet you…I'm a big fan of your music." She said as she shook my hand. She was older, but age didn't defy her she looked great with long brown wavy hair and a short blue dress that hugged her curves. "I'm a fan of your work as well Macy." I lied who gives a damn about a woman that takes pictures of men all day. But if Robyn says this will be good for my career then can't complain. "please have a seat Dark we will be asking you a few questions that the fans are dying to know." Macy said gesturing me to sit on the bright red sofa with fluffy white pillows. i hates bright colors this sofa was Robyn's doing. She Loved bright vibrant Colors and purposely decorated this room to piss me off I bet. I sat down with a fake smile. I watched the camera crew ready the cameras and Macy fixed her self up putting lipstick on. Robyn stood behind the camera man giving me death vibes like. (don't mess up or I will kill you) kind of looks. Macy looked at the camera and started her speech "alright here we go. We are here today with the one and only Dark scorpion for an exclusive interview that only Macy can bring you folks. Today we will be getting real and deep with Dark to find out more about this mysterious star that has everyone wondering who is he? Well ladies and gentlemen we will find out more about this Venomous Scorpion today on Macy don't miss it." I rolled my eyes at her cliché announcement. Exclusive my ass I didn't even want to do this interview. I smiled and waved at the camera just to make my fans happy. "Now Dark, we will just jump right into it since we are dying to know more about you. Our team has collected some Questions from your fans on your web page. And I must warn you some of these questions are sensitive. Are you ready?" she smiled at me, but I just nodded. I knew these questions were not from my fans but from Macy and her team or team of Retards I should say, just trying to dig up some dirt on me. "first question is from Stacy from trevally: Dark where you from and when did you start singing?" she placed a card down and looked at me. "I'm from right here the heart of Maseland, Morning-Ale Valley I've been singing all my life I guess." I answered short and simple. Robyn had a pleased smile. I was glad the question was easy, but I knew she was just getting warmed up. "next question is from Jenna From Maseland: Dark how come we never see your family on your web page who are your parents?" Macy had a grin on her face as she asked this question. i knew they were getting excited about these questions I could see all of them smirking as if they can get anything out of me "my parents have nothing to do with my life style and career they want to remain anonymous and I wish you to respect their decisions." I said trying not to be rude. I looked at Robyn and her smile was gone. I guess she didn't like that answer. Macy was now frowning she didn't get the scoop she wanted. She flipped through her question cards until her annoying smile crept back to her thin lips. "Britney from Bunny state asks: Dark is it true you are dating Rose and if so why. Everyone knows she's a terrible person." Macy asked. "Well everyone hears rumors and is quick to spread them, but I don't believe in rumors unless I see it for myself." I smiled, and I could see Macy blushing. "wow Dark you truly are an amazing guy. I will not take up anymore of you time, so we will wrap this up with one last question. this is from Hailey from Maseland she claims to be your number 1 fan her question is: Dark what is your real name?" Macy finally found the question she was looking for. I knew this question would come up sooner or later. "Pass." I said then stood up. I could see Robyn rubbing her forehead. "Are we done here? Are there anymore questions?" I asked. "N-no that was all." Macy looked shocked at my sudden attitude change, but I had enough of these stupid questions. Why do people care so much about knowing more about me just enjoy the music nod your head and move on? I walked out, and Robyn followed. "you didn't have to be so rude." She tried scolding me. "but I don't blame you kid that was more of an interrogation than an interview, you did well." she didn't push me further. We were ready for our photo shoot for the cover of Macy. I saw a familiar face smiling at me down the hall. "Rose. What are you doing here?" my girlfriend stood by my changing room with chocolate in hand. "I wanted to come see you and wish you luck on your photo shoot. I mean Macy…that's huge." She said handing me chocolate. She was thoughtful, but she still doesn't get that I hate sweets, Especially chocolate. "how did you know." I asked.

"Robyn told me now. Can I have a kiss?" she asked as she leaned in closed her eyes and puckered her lips. I didn't hesitate, I planted one on her. "you do know next month I have to dump you right?" she laughed. "And why is that?" I said wrapping my arms around her hips. "Because I turn eighteen and you're still a miner." She pinched my nose. "Well I guess ill have to find another girlfriend, wouldn't I?" I teased. "Hey I was only joking." She pouted her lips and crossed her arms. "so was I." I said as I gave her another kiss. "Besides it would be hard to replace you…no one makes me as happy as you make me." I said rubbing my nose against hers. "Then tell me one thing." She said suddenly so serious "what?" I asked, "what's your real name?" she asked. "Dark it's time to go on." Robyn yelled form a corner. I never loved the sound of her voice until now. She saved me from answering the question.

"Sorry babe but I have to go." I kissed her on the forehead as I walked away. "why do you always run away Dark?" she said but I ignored her. As I was walking my phone rang. "hey dad." I answered. "Hey Adam, where are you?" he asked "im at the studio shooting." I answered. "I thought you where off today?" he sounded out of breath. I wonder what he could be doing, then I heard Heathers voice in the background. "No, I'm doing a Macy shoot." I said eager to hang up.

"Well I need you to go over and check on Honey she's home alone so try and get out early." He said. "Seriously dad...I can't leave now." I whispered to the phone. "I'm counting on you Adam." Then the line was dead. I'm counting on you? He always said that to get me to do things knowing I can never say no. this Honey girl is troublesome. I shook my head to keep focus. I walked up and tried to get the shoot done as fast as I could.

I took a few pictures and we wrapped up. "great work today Adam." Robyn said to me while I was trying to wash off all the make up. "Rose barged out earlier is something wrong?" she asked. "yeah everything is fine." I answered half heartily. "Next week let's do a shoot with Rose since she is a model after all. And since everyone knows you two are the it couples then let's do a shoot everyone will go wild." "I have to get going." I said bringing her back from her daze.

"where are you going?" she asked surprised. "I have to take care of a few things. "what? No! you have to recode a song before you leave that was our deal." She said "sorry but something came up, see you next week" I rushed out of the door but stopped once I saw Rose standing in front of her car. I ducked hoping she didn't see me. I don't want her to see me outside my image. I crawled on the pavement next to a black car once another car pulled in I quickly jumped on my feet and ran down the street. That was a close call. Rose had no idea I was Adam she knows me as Dark Scorpion.

Now time to go see what that bitter Honey is up to, and I didn't forget about what she did to me earlier revenge is all I want right now.

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  • whiterose1967


    I am enjoying their interactions as typical teenagers with crushes and idols..thanks

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  • killerdeal


    I kinda ship honey and Adam but I don't think it'll happen sadly.

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