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Celestial Dragon Sovereign original

Celestial Dragon Sovereign

Author: Technolance

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Ten thousand Beast Realm, Dragon Gate, Imperial Dragon Palace

Within a quiet room hidden deep in the Imperial Palace, an old man slowly opened his eyes like he sensed something. Looking up to the ceiling which was a starry sky, his dull eyes glistened with excitement.

" Guards, summon the Heavenly Dragons to the Imperial Palace."

When the Imperial Guards heard the Old man's voice, their body shivered like a weight suddenly was upon them. However, without delay, they responded.

" Yes, Dragon Sovereign!!"

At the same time across the different realms, similar actions were being carried out.

" Yes, Demon Lord"

" Yes, Holy One"

" Yes, Your Majesty"

" Yes, War God"

In the Immortal Realm, on the top of a mountain that seems to touch the sky, stood a young swordsman draped in white robes and a young girl no older than 7, holding hands. The young girl looked up at the young swordsman with eyes that seemed to see through the truths of the universe.

" Master, It is time."

" Little Jing, yes, the age is finally upon us " The young swordsman gave a smile and without pause, he turned around and descended the mountain.

In The Dragon Imperial Palace, four characters with impressive auras were strolling through the palace until they arrived at a massive door with a coiling dragon insignia.

" Father!!!" shouted the burly man in jet-black armour as he pushed open the door.

"Younger Brother, there is no need to shout, have a little decorum, you are not in your barracks. " said a man clad in azure imperial robes giving him a regal look.

" Look Third Brother, Eldest Brother is scolding again." laughed an extremely beautiful woman in a fiery red dress that accentuates all her curves.

" HAHAHA, yes,

he seems to cannot help himself " responded a man in gold scholarly robes.

When the four Heavenly Dragons reached the Imperial Throne, they kneeled.

"Imperial Sovereign, long may he reign."

The Dragon Sovereign looked down at his children and smiled. " HAHA, my children." Suddenly his eyes turned serious and in a regal voice, he said " It is time. Ring the Myriad Beast Bell."

The burly man stood up in excitement as his fighting spirit rose " HAHAHA, the so-called age of geniuses, let's see if they can interest me ."

The man in azure robes went into deep thought. Seeing this the Dragon Sovereign asked in a concerned voice " Jiang, what is the matter?"

The rest of the Heavenly Dragons turned to Qin Jiang awaiting his answer. Jiang looked up at his father with a crooked smile on face "Um, I guess my child will be born in the age of geniuses."

After Jiang finished speaking the Throne Room was completely quiet for quite some time even the burly man was completely tongued tied. Finally, The Dragon Sovereign closed his eyes which looked like he was repressing his emotions after a few seconds, he looked up at the ceiling" The Heavens have finally given me a Grandchild, the Imperial Bloodline finally has a 3rd generation and a Heavenly genius at that." Tears streamed down his face.

The Dragon Sovereign resumed his regal composure "Jiang visit your mother she will be overjoyed. Now it is time for us to discuss the job ahead."

" Yes, Father!"

The Heavenly Dragons left the Imperial Palace when they finished discussing their plans. Qin Jiang headed towards a celestial white tower with a smile on his face. The burly man walked up to a giant black bell that gave off an ominous, tyrannical aura and punched it with tremendous force. As the bell rang, it seemed like heaven shuddered and turned. the sound travelled across the realm.

The bell chimes echoed through the realm, the beast clan leaders were shocked when they heard the bell. Deep in the White Tiger Clan, an old man with tiger eyes snickered " The old man is finally using the bell. He has not used it in the last 10,000 years."

In the Sky Palace, a fairy-like woman draped in red and gold slowly stood up and started walking out of the Palace. The Sky Guards were quite shocked seeing their Heavenly Pheonix leave her chambers.

"Heavenly Pheonix!" " Heavenly Pheonix!" " Heavenly Pheonix!"

The Sky Guards panicked, not knowing what to do, they could not stop her even if they wanted to. Suddenly a calming voice echo through the Palace " Do not worry, everything is alright. She has been summoned."

In the far West, an Old man sat under a willow tree meditating, slowly arose. He took his cane and tapped the space in front of him and it rippled like the surface of a pond. The Old Man stepped in the rippled space and disappeared.

Soon after all the clan leaders flooded the sky above the Dragon Gate giving off an impressive aura. A blinding light shone from inside the Imperial Palace and the Dragon Sovereign appeared before the multitude. After staring for a while he slowly opened his mouth " The age of geniuses is upon us and we must prepare for all that means."

The crowd was shocked and countless murmurs erupted. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

" We must improve the overall strength of the realm back to Divine Realm status so we can come out on top of this Great War. Therefore in fifteen years, I will be opening Dragon Gate to all, It will be the place where we foster our geniuses and the starting point of our advance. It is time for us the band together for the glory of The Ten Thousand Beast Realm. So go back and prepare and bring your geniuses here in fifteen years and let us hope we are strong enough to survive this war."

The crowd roared and their fighting spirit arose piercing the clouds in the sky.

At the same time in Heavenly Fox Clan, a child was being born. Suddenly baby cries could be heard throughout the clan. The skies above turn purple, lightning flashed and thunder crackled and spiritual energy became extremely dense. It was like the Heavens were welcoming a friend.

Technolance Technolance

My name is Technolance and amateur writer in College.

Thank You for reading my first book. Comments are appreciated and your feedback encouraged.

Comments (3)

  • WinterBud


    Hey! You are brimming with potential. Despite the grammar and punctuation mistakes here and there, the story itself flowed really well. The descriptions are good, the setup was intriguing. You only need an editor, but Grammarly should do well enough. Keep it up!

  • Technolance


    Thanks alot and yes I truly need and editor. When I reread it is like my brain fixes it for me and I don't see all my mistakes.

  • GoldenKun


    thx for chapter.

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