14.28% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 2: First Step

Chapter 2: First Step

Somewhere in Dragon Gate.


A young boy reacted on instinct, throwing off his warm and comfortable covers, jumping up from his bed to put his clothes on. All of this was done in less than one breath. At this time most of the Dragon Gate disciples and even some of the servants were still sleeping.

" It time train my saber, I have almost mastered my Dragon Saber Technique." the young boy exclaimed as he ran through the door.

The young boy was no older than fourteen years old, with a slim body and a childish face. He was extremely handsome like he painted by an expert. His eyes were especially clear and full of fighting spirit.

As the young man barrelling towards the front gate, he heard a stern voice "Qin Chaofeng, did I not say not to leave without breakfast?" Chaofeng turned around and walked toward his mother disgruntled.

Chaofeng's mother was an extremely beautiful woman in the Dragon Clan by name of Lin Fei. So beautiful that The First Prince Qin Jiang fell in love with her at first sight. Chaofeng hurried down his breakfast, all four bowls of it and fled through the front gate. Lin Fei looked at the closing gate and sighed.

Chaofeng ran to a small peak where he trains his saber skills, he wanted to get there before the sunrise. When he got there, he practised his saber techniques till the sun rose, the sun shone down on his little mountain peak. Chaofeng laid down dripping in sweat, bathing in the sunshine. After a while, he sat up and took out a piece of paper. On it, there was a drawing of a dragon in clouds above troubled seas and a quote " When the Azure Dragon descend he brings lightning and rain, the seas turn restless and when he roars thunder crackles."

Chaofeng looked at the paper with longing in his eyes and great determination. He stood up and roared at the Heavens "I will create my own Saber Art " Descent of the Azure Dragon". I will grasp them all, the law of water, wind, lightning, massacre and wood. I swear."

After his proclamation, Chaofeng stared at the morning sky for quite some time then descended the small mountain. As he raced down the small peak he decided to practice his Soaring Cloud Dragon Art.


Chaofeng turned into to an incorporeal dragon as he flew toward his courtyard with extreme speed. Arriving in his courtyard with a loud bang " Huff, it only took me two breaths of time, I have gotten faster, this means I am Peak Medial Completion soon breaking through to Large Completion." Chaofeng dusts him off and headed toward the baths.

Suddenly, a cute voice sounded out from behind him " Young Master, Young Master, let me assist you." When he looked around a saw a cute little girl running to catch up to him.

"HAHAHAHA, Su Ming, you do not have to help me take a bath. I can bathe by myself. " Chaofeng said with a big smile on his face.

"No fair Young Master, I am Young Master personal maid but you never let me do anything" pouted the little loli looking like a cute little chipmunk.

Chaofeng seeing this wonderful sense just wanted to go over and poke her cheeks. After staring at her angry expression for a while, he surrendered " Alright you can help me clean my room." Hearing those words Su Ming smiled and sped off to Chaofeng's room without delay.

" Oh man" Chaofeng turned and headed into the bath.

After his bath Chaofeng went to his room to meditate. " Hmmm, Peak-Initial Stage Martial Master, I guess I have to go to Aunty for pills so I can break through. Alright, let us get this day started." Chaofeng left his courtyard heading toward Heavenly Flame Peak. Now that Chaofeng was dressed in his azure imperial robes, he turned heads everywhere he went.

" Aunty Feng!!! " A beautiful woman dressed in red looked up to see Chaofeng running towards her.

Oin Baifeng looks at him with a smirk " Little Feng, what are doing here?"

" Oh Aunty, I came to see how you were doing of course." putting on his most innocent face.

" Oh really, well aren't you the best," Baifeng said laughing to herself "This little guy." She smiled and went back to work.

" Aunty, there is one thing though"

" Here it comes" Biafeng thought to herself. She turned to Chaofeng " What's the matter, Little Feng?" Chaofeng looked at her with his puppy eyes and said " I need some pills to break through to Medial Martial Master."

" Oh, Medial Martial Master, not bad why don't you use your contribution points?" Baifeng looked at him with a smirk on her face.

Putting on his very own pouty face " Come on Aunty I have to buy some Martial Art Manuals with those."

"Alright Alright but I hope you know you getting older and your cuteness is wearing off. These are Firestorm Pellets made from Dragon Blood and herbs it will strengthen your cultivation and your body." Baifeng stated handing Chaofeng two small crimson pills.

" Oh Aunty, you spoil me. Byeeeeee" Chaofeng turned and ran off. " Hmm, time to head to the Martial Hall." Chaofeng thought to himself.

Chaofeng walked into the Martial Hall. The Clerk quickly reacted " Young Master, what can I help you with today ?"

Chaofeng took out the Dragon Saber Art he mastered " I am returning this Manual and looking for a lightning-based Saber Art, The Bringer of Clouds and Rain Art and a water-based Martial Art, all Earth Grade and above."

Hearing Chaofeng request the clerk paused for a moment and then responded "Yes, Young Master."

The clerk promptly returned with a stack of books, " Young Master for lightning-based Saber Arts, there are the Wukai Saber Art which is a Peak-Earth Grade Saber Art for 300 CP and The Seven Colour Tribulation Lightning Art which is a Pseudo-Heaven Grade for 450 CP." The clerk paused waiting on Chaofeng answer.

" I will take the Seven Colour Tribulation Lightning Art." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

" Alright, next we have The Bringer of Clouds and Rain Art and Eb and Flow Martial Art both Pseudo-Heaven Grade each 500 CP, 1450 CP in all." Chaofeng took his emblem and gave it to the clerk and received the manuals.

Chaofeng looked at the three manuals and thought to himself " That was all my saving." Then a smile erupted and determination gleamed in Chaofeng's eyes " You three will be my first step towards my Descent of the Azure Dragon Art."

Chaofeng could not wait to begin so he rushed home. When he arrived at the front gate he saw a handsome man in azure robes similar to his own. The man had extremely deep eyes and grey hair on his temples.

"Dad, you are back"

Jiang turned to face his son and smiled " Of course I am back, the day we have been waiting for is tomorrow. "

Technolance Technolance

Thank you for reading my first chapter.

CP - Contribution Points

Cultivation in this book goes as follows

Foundation Stage -> Martial Student -> Martial Master -> Martial Grandmaster-> Martial Saint -> Martial King -> Martial Overlord -> Martial Sage ->Martial Soveriegn -> Martial God

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