21.42% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 3: Fated Day

Chapter 3: Fated Day

Profound fighting spirit erupted from Chaofeng as he stared at his father with heroic eyes" Oh really, how many geniuses did you find ?"

Jiang snickered " Six, but these six are heaven-defying. My Heaven Eyes were almost overwhelmed when I saw them."

Chaofeng was shocked and overjoyed when he heard this.

" Where are they, where are they ?" Chaofeng screamed as he frantically looked for these six outstanding youths.

Jiang could only look at his son with a smile " Come inside, they are with your Grandfather, You will see them tomorrow at the grand opening."

The figures dressed in azure entered the courtyard, Lin Fei ran and hugged Jiang as soon as she saw him. The family sat together and had dinner while Jiang told them about his travels. Laughs and chatter filled the night sky.

Chaofeng left his parent still talking and went to his room with boundless excitement for the days to come. Chaofeng realised that he could not seem to go to sleep so he got up and started reading his martial manuals.

" The Seven Colour Lightning Tribulation Art, huh. Seven different lightning attacks each with a different property. Hmmm, what do they mean different property? The Bringer of Clouds and Rain, a Saber Art created by Ancestor Xuanyuan, move unrestraint like the cloud and engulf like the pelting rain" Chaofeng could only smile when reading these books as his image of the azure dragon is coming into form.

Chaofeng took his final book " Eb and Flow Martial Art, Everything has a force, like the waves of the sea, absorb and redirect until completely overwhelming whatever stands in your path, even great mountains will move in time."

After reading the opening phrase Chaofeng felt strange so he closed his eyes trying to regulate his spirit. However, when he closed his eyes, he went into deep meditation. Chaofeng slowly opened his heavy his eyes and saw it was already morning. Chaofeng went into deep thought " What was that? I feel stronger but I do not know why."

Chaofeng inspected himself and saw his cultivation was the same. Then Chaofeng closed his eyes and tried to concentrate, he saw an empty realm with a body of water swaying back and forth and a blue orb above it.

" What is this? Is this Water Intent?" Chaofeng wondered

Suddenly a cute voice interrupted all his thoughts " Young master are you alright? " as the door slowly pry open and a peeking little face can be seen through the space created.

Chaofeng smiled " Su Ming, I am alright."

Su Ming looked at Chaofeng with a sceptical expression but she did not push the matter " Madam has called you for breakfast "


Chaofeng quickly got ready and headed to the main house. On the way there, he thought to himself " It seems like I have to pay Third Uncle a visit when I get a chance."

Chaofeng arrived at the main house, greeted his parents and proceeded to wolf down his breakfast. Jiang could only look at his son with a smile. Jiang finished drinking his tea and said his goodbyes, he had to leave early to oversee the preparations of the grand opening. Chaofeng also downed his tea and quickly said his goodbyes as well.

Chaofeng sprinted atop his small peak, he took out his two Firestorm Pellets and threw them in his mouth. Chaofeng continued to sit crossed-legged and cultivate. He felt a surging torrent of fire flow through his body, he could feel his body becoming hotter and hotter. Stream started to come off him. Chaofeng suddenly opened his eyes.

" Medial Martial Master!! "

All of a sudden a piercing chimes could be heard all of the Myriad Beast Realm. Chaofeng looked to the sky and proclaimed "It is time " and headed to the Martial Grounds.

On his way, he saw the entire Dragon Clan heading the same direction.

In the White Tiger Clan, an old man walked into a lightning chamber and looked at a young boy with loving eyes "Yetian, It is time."

The young boy sudden opened his eyes and blinding light exuded from them "Yes, Grandfather."

On top of the Vermillion Tower in the Sky Palace, a beautiful woman in red dress accented in gold ornaments was talking to a beautiful girl, they looked like different versions of the same person. "Feixue, It is time."

The young girl staring off at the boundless distance of the vast skies "Yes, Mother"

As she turned around and began walking to her mother, a next voice echoed through the Palace " Fly to undiscovered heights."

Feixue's body shuddered and determination flashed in her eyes. " Yes, Father"

In the Far West, an old man was walking on a black lake with a cane. Soon after he came to a serene young man meditating on the surface of the lake. The lake was completely still, not even one ripple could be found.

" Yichuan, It is time."

The young man slowly stood up like he was in that position for a long time and disappeared with the old man. The lake was uncorrupted as ever.

Heavenly Fox Clan

"Yan'er, It is time to go"

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An extremely pretty girl turned around to look at an old man, every motion of hers were majestic and profound. She slowly opened her small lips.

" I am not going."

" Come on, Yan'er you have to go this is for the very survival of our realm " insisted the old man.

" But people look at me weird and talk behind my back when I walk pass" Yan'er pouted.

A couple slowly walked in the garden, they were simply bewitching. They seem to be gliding as they walk, the man suddenly commented: " Yan'er, they are just amazed by your beauty, that is all."

" But Dad, I tried wearing a veil and they still talk behind my back."

The man assumed an intensely serious expression and proclaimed " How can veil hide my daughter's heavenly charms. Impossible."

Yan'er hearing her father's words immediately chuckled. It was a chuckle like the most melodious note. The garden was suddenly filled with smiles and laughter. Her Mother walked up to Yan'er and took her silky hands.

" Let us go."

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Ten Thousand Beast Realm has been changed to Myriad Beast Realm

Ten Thousand Beast Bell has been changed to Myriad Beast Bell

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  • 4cedia


    Good novel. I like!!! Will MC will be OP like strong to stronger or Weak to strong?

  • GoldenKun


    thx for chapter.

  • Technolance


    Thank you strong to stronger and I don't like overly OP characters. With that said everyone born in the age of geniuses will be fairly OP in some way.

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