28.57% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 4: Grand Opening

Chapter 4: Grand Opening

Dragon Gate, Martial Grounds

Chaofeng arrived and saw a vast sea of people of all ages. He did a quick scan of the surroundings and found his father speaking to some Imperial Guards. Then he saw his Grandfather and Grandmother sitting on their thrones.

" Grandmother left the tower?" Chaofeng questioned himself.

Chaofeng rushed over to his Grandfather. Out of the corner of his eye, Dragon Sovereign saw a figure bolting toward him. He smiled and spoke.

" Little fella, what is the hurry? "

Chaofeng laughed " Greetings Grandfather and Grandmother." He gave them a quick bow.

An elderly woman looked across at Chaofeng even though she was old, she did not lose her beauty or radiance. If anything it was extremely refined. It seemed that all things under the Heavens could only prostate and dimmer before her.

" Little Feng, come and let me hug you. You are too big for Granny now?" The elderly woman questioned with a smile.

Chaofeng did a quick look around and didn't see anyone around. He laughed shyly " Of course not, Grandmother." As he drove into her embrace.

After a while of savouring his Grandmother's embrace, Chaofeng looked at his Grandfather and asked about the six heaven-defying geniuses his dad found. Hearing Chaofeng's question, Dragon Sovereign chuckled to himself and started to scan the masses. Dragon Sovereign pointed to a youth dressed in black swordman robes with a red sword on his back. The youth was not exceptionally handsome but he had a certain aura.

"That is Bai Jianzhen, he is a Black Roc but he has the bloodline of the Primordial Undying Bird. His swordplay is extraordinarily refined as well."

Dragon Sovereign resume his search and stop when he came to a hairy youth clad in red and gold armour and spear. The armour and spear looked like a set. The youth gave off a powerful, savage aura like a savage guard dog.

"That is Sun Suzhen, he is Savage Red Ape which is already pretty strong. However, he also has the Asura Demon Ape bloodline."

When Chaofeng heard this, his impression of the armoured youth completely changed. This was because of one of Chaofeng's heroes, the Tyrant Ape King that charged into the Asura Realm and fought whole armies was an Asura Demon Ape. Chaofeng battle spirit soared.

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Seeing the battle-ready expression of his grandson's face. Dragon Sovereign continued. the next youth he showed Chaofeng was a very beautiful girl dressed pink and violet. She was surrounded by male contestants and showed a shy, uncomfortable expression. Suddenly a girl in a long dark purple dress appeared and scared off the males, her dress had a slit all up to her hips showing off one of her silky legs. The ice queen then turned around scolded the girl she just saved. Seeing this Chaofeng and Dragon Sovereign both chuckled.

"Those two are Chi Xiaodie and Zi Yan. Chi Xiaodie, the one in pink is a Supreme Dream Butterfly, a truly rare and powerful race. Zi Yan is a Nine Heaven Serpent which stand on the peak of all serpent bloodlines."

Without a moment pause, Dragon Sovereign showed Chaofeng a giant figure. The youth was at least 8 feet tall and possessed massive muscles and over his body. This is what one will call a body gifted by the Heavens. Chaofeng has never seen anyone so big before, he was even bigger than his Fourth Uncle.

" Wu Hao, he is a Golden War Elephant but that isn't even the most of it. He also has the blood of one the four Purgatory Beasts, the Taotie in his veins. His defence and power is truly top class. And lastly Min Ren."

Dragon Sovereign pointed at a youth sitting crossed-legged on a stone, unbothered by the noise of the masses. When Chaofeng saw the extremely handsome youth clad in white, his blood boiled like it was compelling him to roar.

"That boy is truly something unique and probably the last of his kind. He is a pure-blooded Qiongqi, out of all the six genius he is your biggest and strongest rival."

Chaofeng turned to give the white-robed boy another look but when turned he saw Min Ren was already looking at him with a smirk on his face. This surprised Chaofeng but he quickly regained his composure and returned his very own smirk.

Suddenly a shout sounded out from the crowd.

" The Heavenly Clans are here!!"

Instantaneously, four groups appearing in front on the Dragon Sovereign. The four leaders stared at the Dragon Sovereign for quite some time then suddenly kneeled and roared. Even an old man with a cane.

" Dragon Sovereign, long may he reign."

The Dragon Sovereign chuckled "What is this nonsense, come and sit."

The four leaders signalled to their respective group to join the masses and entered the pavilion. When Chaofeng saw them, he suddenly remembered he was still in his grandmother's lap and quickly got up. Then he remembered his exchange with Min Ren and his face was as red as a tomato. He could not move for some time. When he came to, he realised the four leaders were already sitting and one even had an otherworldly beauty sitting next to him. Then he saw an old man with tiger eyes turned toward his direction.

"Li Shuangyan, you seemed to be doing well. I shall thank the heavens."

Chaofeng's grandmother smiled but did not turn her head " Yes Chu Hanxian, I am doing quite fine."

The other leaders also gave their blessings. Chaofeng saw his Uncles and Aunt enter the pavilion and stand behind his grandfather. His father without warning shouted in a proud voice.

"Let the Grand Opening begin!!"

The crowd erupted in cheers. Chaofeng felt his fighting spirit rising as he dashed out of the pavilion toward the crowd. He was promptly stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Shocked and a little annoyed, Chaofeng looked back to see his father with a confused look on his face.

" Where are you going?"

A little confused, Chaofeng said in a confident tone " To take part in the Grand Opening."

Jiang could only laugh at his son.

"Why would you take part in the Grand Opening? Aren't you already apart of Dragon Gate?"

Chaofang stared at his father with unblinking eyes then at the stands where all of the Dragon Gate disciples were then back at his father who had a smirk on his face.

" Huh?"

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