35.71% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 5: Ten Heaven-defying Geniuses

Chapter 5: Ten Heaven-defying Geniuses

Jiang shook his head at the pouting boy in front of him.

" Go back into the pavilion."

The four clan leaders looked at the boy coming back to the pavilion, trying to see through him.

" So this the young prince of the Dragon Clan " They all thought.

Jiang directed the masses to a large hall, the hall gave off an ominous aura that will make anyone's skin crawl. It was an aura of war and massacre. There was a huge plaque on the hall with the words "Venerable Battle Hall". The words emitted an impressive aura like it was filled with unparallel strength. Jiang faced the crowd and begun to explain.

" This is the "Venerable Battle Hall", it is used to train our Imperial Guards. This great hall allows the recipient to challenge a carbon copy of their race with the exact same cultivation level. We will use this to test your battle prowess and comprehension. You will be ranked on battle time so try to finish as fast as you can. Now let us begin."

Jiang took out a name slit and called " Sima Yuan of Three-Eyed Lion Clan, you are the first one up."

A young boy with golden hair and eyes step through the crowd. He looked heroic and confident, he wasn't even slightly nervous. Cheers erupted from a certain part of the crowd. From the stands, a heroic buff man with a closed third eye on his forehead looked at the young boy proudly.

"Charge forth son!!"

Sima Yuan looked up at Jiang and confidently stated " Sima Yuan, here"

Jiang looked down at Sima Yuan and smirked " What an interesting lad ". Jiang gestured at the Venerable Battle Hall.

" Enter."

Sima Yuan entered the Hall without hesitation. Slightly after a minute, Sima Yuan walked out the hall his robes slightly tattered but a confident look still plastered on his face. Sima Yuan stopped in front of the crowd awaiting Jiang's announcement. Jiang looked at the ancient amulet and announced.

" Sima Yuan, Battle time, 45 secs. "

Sima Yuan name appeared above the Venerable Battle Hall with his battle time. Chatter broke out in the crowd.

"Woah. Less than a minute."

"Ahhh, Senior Brother Yuan."


The buff man clenched his fist with pride. The whole crowd was amazed by Sima Yuan performance except for ten individuals. They were all meditating without a care for the trial. Chaofeng looked at the name about the hall with envy, wondering if it was really that impressive.

Jiang listed quite a few names after Sima Yuan, none bettering him, however, there were a few that came close. Chaofeng looked on at the hall, starting to feel bored.

"When are the interesting bits going to begin"

A name he knew interrupted his thoughts.

"Sun Suzhen, step forward."

Sun Suzhen pushed to through the sea of people and walked toward the hall before he entered, he stopped. He stood there for a while and pointed his spear at a white-robed boy meditating on a rock. The white-robed boy just smiled, he didn't even open his eyes. Sun Suzhen snickered and entered the hall. As soon as he walked in he walked back out and he was in pristine condition as well. Sun Suzhen walk right back into the crowd without pausing. Chatter broke out again within the multitude.

" Wait, did he give up ?"

" There is no way he already won, right ?"

"Come on there is no way, he must have given up?"

Sima Yuan look at Sun Suzhen had chuckled " Trash". The surrounding Three-Eyed Lion Clan Disciples all laughed. Ji Yichuan who was near looked at Sun Suzhen with a blank expression and then at the laughing youths. And calmly closed his eyes.


Sun Suzhen caught the attention from the other geniuses from the Heavenly Clans and Chaofeng as well. They all thought one word.

" Strong."

Jiang looked at the savage figure walking through the crowd and laughed to himself.

" Sun Suzhen, Red Ape Tribe, 1 sec."

There was complete silence, everyone held their breath then a loud eruption of cheers.

" Woah, Too strong!!"

" Heaven-defying."

The cheers didn't die down for a quite some time. Jiang called out the next recipient in a stern voice to silence the crowd.

" Min Ren, step forward.'

The crowd all stared at the white-robed boy walking to the hall, murmurs erupted in the sea of people. While fighting spirit erupted from those that knew him.

"That is the boy, Sun Suzhen pointed his spear at."

Min Ren walked into the hall and back out soon after just like Sun Suzhen. He didn't even look at the crowd just went right to his rock and closed his eyes.

" Min Ren, Wanderer, 1 sec."

Dragon Sovereign turned serious. " Truly a heaven-defying genius. he defies reason." as he stared at Min Ren.

Chaofeng looked at his grandfather surprised by his comment " Grandfather, didn't Sun Suzhen do the same thing?"

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Dragon Sovereign looked at Chaofeng with a serious expression " Not exactly, Sun Suzhen has the Asura Demon Ape Bloodline in his veins making him stronger than most Red Apes anyways but Min Ren doesn't have that advantage he defeated another Qiongqi with nothing but pure talent."

Chaofeng nodded like he finally understood, he turned at looked at Min Ren as his blood boiled.

"Truly Strong"

The grand opening was soon over and the audience was extremely stunned. There were nine names on the ranking with 1 sec battle times.

1. Min Ren ..............1s

1. Sun Suzhen .............1s

1. Wu Hao ..............1s

1. Bai Jianzhen .............1s

1. Chu Yetian .............1s

1. Feng Feixue .............1s

1. Zi Yan ................1s

1. Ji Yichuan ............1s

1. Chi Xiaodie ............1s

10. Sima Yuan ........... 45s

Jiang scanned the crowd " Finally the last contender, Zhao Yan'er, Heavenly Fox Clan."

"Oh, It is finally my turn" A cute little girl suddenly stood up and maneuvred out of the crowd like a fairy, appearing before the multitude.

The young males in the crowd stared at the angel in front of them, none daring to blink in case they miss a moment of her beauty. Even Min Ren took a glance at this angel.

Chaofeng looked at the little girl in front of the crowd and whispered "Beautiful."

Zhao Yan'er walked into the hall, and just like the heaven-defying geniuses before her, she walked back out soon after. The crowd stared amazed at this fairy that seemed to can't hurt a fly.

"Zhao Yan'er, Heavenly Fox Clan, 1s"

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