42.85% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 6: Zhao Yan'er

Chapter 6: Zhao Yan'er

" Woah."

" She is a heaven-defying genius as well."

Zhao Yan'er became the focus of everyone attending. It was like the world revolved around her. Zhao Yan'er stared a the sea of eyes staring right back at her. She felt slightly uncomfortable just as she was going to flash away, someone shouted.

"I remember now, she is the young princess of the Heavenly Fox Clan, the one that caused that huge phenomenon when she was born. Heaven's Daughter Zhao Yan'er."

Chatter broke out in the crowd. Everyone in Dragon Gate's Martial Grounds looked at this little girl with a new found respect and reverence.

"The Herald of the Age, the first-born in the age of genius is that beautiful little girl."

"She is truly gifted by the Heavens."

"Unfairly beautiful and powerful just the invincible empresses of the past."

Jiang looked at Yan'er and smiled." Enough, it is time to end our grand opening."

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The crowd quickly calmed down awaiting the announcements but their hearts were still restless. Some even sneaked glances at Yan'er. Jiang's voice echoed through Dragon Gate as name slits rained down on the crowd. When the name slits hit them a number showed on their chest.

"Everyone 1000 and over are in the outer court, My Fourth Brother will show you the way to the barracks. You will be our main fighting force in the future, train hard. Now everyone else will come with me to the inner court. You will be our generals and commanders. The top ten, please stay behind the Sovereign would like a word with you."

Jiang looked at the section of the crowd waiting on him.

"Let us go"

The Martial Grounds that was completely crowded a few moments ago now only had 10 exceptionally looking youths. Chaofeng's Grandmother slowly arose from her throne, gave Chaofeng a kiss of his head and walked in the direction of a pure white tower. The rest of the Heavenly Dragons left with her. Everyone in pavilion stared her as she left when she was out of sight they turn back to the Martial Grounds.

Dragon Sovereign and the Clan Leaders slowly stood up and descended to the Martial Grounds. They didn't hide their impressive auras, they want to show these geniuses their might. The geniuses looked at the five terrifying monsters in front of them, their strength seemed to cover the skies. It felt like they were suffocating under boundless pressure. Suddenly the pressure disappeared and the Sovereign said in a very clear voice, a voice that strikes at the soul.

" You must surpass us."

The geniuses that now regained their ability to breathe properly, quickly regain their composure. They stared at the figure before them and their fighting spirit soared. Seeing this the Clan Leaders nodded in approval. Dragon Sovereign looked at the youths and smile.

" You will train in the Imperial Palace directly under us with one more person."

Dragon Sovereign was going to call Chaofeng over but he soon realised Chaofeng already left. He wondered where the little fella went.

The ten heaven-defying geniuses stay behind in the Martial Grounds and familiarize themselves with each other.

Chaofeng chased after his Third uncle to ask about his changes. "Third Uncle, Third Uncle wait up!"

A scholarly gentleman dressed in gold robes stopped and turned around.

" HAHAHA, Little Feng, what is the matter?"

Chaofeng took a moment to catch his breath.

"Uncle I need to ask you question about intent and sea of consciousness. If there is a blue orb over a sea in your sea of consciousness is that Water Intent ?"

Chaofeng's Third Uncle's name was Qin Liye and he was the most knowledgeable person Chaofeng knew. People called him the Golden Sage. So when Chaofeng had any questions he will always come to his Third Uncle.

Qin Liye inspected Chaofeng and touch his head with his right hand. The hand began to glow golden and a calming light enveloped Chaofeng. Chaofeng felt completely at rest. After a few moments, the light disappeared and Liye lifted off his hand.

"It is just initial Water Intent. Intent is ability force your intent on an action when your Intent becomes powerful enough it form a Will. To force your Will on an action is to challenge the law of the heavens. When your Will overcomes the law, it became a Law, your Law. That is the path, you have started on. Many powerful cultivators have gone their whole lives never forming a Will let alone a Law. Good luck, I believe in you."

Liye flashed leaving Chaofeng still pondering what he just heard. Chaofeng looked to the sky and in soft voice exclaimed.

"The cultivation path is truly grand. There are Heavens beyond the Heavens."

Chaofeng dash home excitedly, impatiently greeting his mother and entering his room. Chaofeng looked at his martial manuals, reading them to see if he can from any more Intents. After trying unsuccessfully for a few hours he sighed.

" I guess it can't be so easy."

After sitting for so long, Chaofeng walking into his courtyard and looked at the beautifully lit moon. The glow of a full moon illuminated his pond and the magnolia tree in the pitched darkness. He felt refreshed seeing the magnificent scene. Chaofeng opened his palm and a saber appeared. Chaofang practised his saber forms under the moonlight. The more he slashed and chopped, the more he felt like he was grasping something. The next time he slashed a light appeared and split a rock that was couple chi away cleanly in half.

Chaofeng huffed and puffed as he stared at the splitted rock then at his saber. He suddenly felt extreme exhaustion and passed out. Jiang flashed into Chaofeng's courtyard and saw him passed out on the ground with a saber in his hand. As he walked towards Chofeng, he noticed a rock cleanly split in two. He picked the young boy up into his arms and smiled.

"You have really become strong but you have to become much stronger, my son."

Next Morning

Chaofeng found himself tucked into bed which slightly shooked him but he didn't dally on it. He quickly did his morning routine and headed for breakfast. He greeted his parents and ravaged a large breakfast. While he was taking his last bite, Jiang looked at him.

"You will be training with your Grandfather from now on in the Imperial Palace."

Chaofeng paused instantly and looked up at his father. He saw a smile on his face, Chaofeng's fighting spirit leaked out, He downed his cup of tea and bolted for the front gate.

Technolance Technolance

Thank you for reading


Chi is a Chinese measurement called the "Chinese foot"

1 chi is 33 ⅓ cm

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