50% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 7: Meeting the Geniuses

Chapter 7: Meeting the Geniuses

Chaofeng bolted towards the middle of Dragon Gate where a majestic palace stood. The palace emitted an ancient powerful feeling. Powerful dragon sculptures adorn the steps of the entrance. Chaofeng went up the steps till he came to a massive door with a dragon insignia on it and two Imperial Guards in front of it.

The imperial guards saluted him and pushed open the door for him. The door creaked open when it was fully passable, Chaofeng saw ten individuals looking at him. Chaofeng felt excitement welling up in his stomach. He quickly calmed down and walked to the centre of the room. He looked at the geniuses in the eyes.

" I am Qin Chaofeng, nice to meet you. Who would like to fight?"

" Huh?"

Everyone in the room looked at Chaofeng like he like was a madman. Then Suzhen laughed thunderously and walked up to Chaofeng with his spear in hand. He stopped right before Chaofang looking into his eye with a huge grin.

"I like guys like you. I will fight you."

The tense atmosphere immediately disappeared and everyone smiled. Zi Yan giggled and stated.

"Let us give the boys some room."

Everyone except for Chaofeng and Suzhen who were in the centre of room retreated to the sides. In the centre of the room, there were two heroic youths looking into each other's eyes smiling. Suddenly two powerful auras erupted, making the winds swirl. They saw they both were Martial Masters, Zi Yan squinted her eyes and smiled.

"Oh, not bad."

One youth's azure robe fluttered in the wind making him look like an ancient immortal and the other stood clad in armour unmoving like a mountain. It seemed like nothing could move him. A saber suddenly appeared in Chaofeng's hand and he disappeared. He then appeared above Suzhen and he struck down with his saber.


Suzhen raised his spear to block Chaofeng's chop with one hand, he was still erect like an unmoving mountain even though the impact created small shockwaves. Yuchian whose eyes were closed slowly opened his eyes and started pay attention. Wu Hao folded his arms across his chest and grunted seeming unbothered by the shockwaves. A light flickered in Feixue's beautiful eyes.

"He is fast."

Suzhen's eyes turned extremely cold like he was fighting against his biggest foe. He assumed a stance and dashed at Chaofeng with his spear.

" One Thrust, A Hundred Deaths"

Suzhen lunged his war spear toward Chaofeng with extreme speed and force. To Chaofang it looked like a hundred deadly spears were surging towards him all at once.

It was a truly astonishing move.

Chaofeng activates his Soaring Cloud Dragon Art to escape. The spear images riddled his afterimage with holes. Suzhen looked at where Chaofeng was slightly shocked but he quickly regained his composure, trying to sense where Chaofeng was. Sensing him, Suzhen turned around and looked up, Chaofeng was in an unusual stance and a dragon image could be seen behind him.

The other geniuses all looked at Chaofeng as a rival after that exchange. All except for a youth in a white robe that seemed unbothered.

Suzhen's battle intent suddenly skyrocketed and large grin reappeared on his face as he stared at Chaofeng. It was like he was screaming.

" Come on !!!"

Chaofeng seeing this smiled and entered a saber drawing stance while still in the air. Yellow lightning started to cackle around his body.

"Taste my new technique."

Chaofeng lashed his saber out with lightning speed it seemed to transform into a bolt of lightning as it descended.

"Lightning Tribulation Slash !!!"

Before the attack could reach Suzhen, an astral hand grabbed it and destroyed it. Since the astral hand interrupted his attack Chaofeng lost control over his body and smash into the floor. The audience turned their attention to the source of the astral hand and it was an old man with a clenched hand stretched out in front of him. The old man put his hands behind his back and looked at the youths.

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His voice was like a decree from the heavens. The old man was the Chu Clan Leader, Yetian's grandfather. Old man Chu gestured at the door behind him.

" Come in, your training awaits."

Zi Yan sighed.

"I guess the fun is over. However, I still got some interesting data."

The genius started walking toward the door. Chaofeng dusted himself off and glared at the old man while walking to toward the door. Old man Chu sneered at him.

"What, you want to bite me, little guy? Sorry, your fangs aren't big enough."

The geniuses entered a room and saw it was a large training grounds. There were many types of training equipment scattered all over the grounds. Upstairs there were many rooms and even though they were inside when they looked up they saw the sky. The most impressive of all was the spiritual energy, it was unusually dense and refined.

An old man dressed in an Imperial gown slowly descended from the stairs.

"This will be where you live, train, breathe for the next year. The Clan Leaders and I every now and again will drop by and lecture you. Other than that you have complete freedom to learn whatever you want. The guards at the door are instructed to acquire whatever you desire. Now go and retrieve your belongings and move in when you are done meet me in the Throne Room."

After speaking Dragon Sovereign vanished into thin air. The geniuses all left for their belongings. Chaofeng went straight to his room and packed his things. Then to the main house and told his mother what was going on. Su Ming who was in the kitchen started to cry so Chaofeng rubbed her head. Lin Fei gave her son a big hug and waved him goodbye, knowing he has a great destiny and he must go.

Chaofeng scanned the rooms and realize that only one was empty. He unpacked his things and headed to the Throne Room. The guards opened the door and Chaofeng saw everyone waiting for him. Dragon Sovereign nodded.

"Now that everyone is present. Before we beginning your training I will like to tell you about the last Great Realm War 10,000 years ago."

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