57.14% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 8: Enemy Lurks

Chapter 8: Enemy Lurks

The Dragon Sovereign sighed like he was remembering a dark memory. He paused for a long time. No one dared say a word, the Throne Room was completely silent. Then suddenly he spoke in a melancholic voice.

"For you to understand the war 10,000 years ago, we first must talk about the history leading up to that point. In beginning, there were four God Realms below the Heavens. There were the Deity Realm, Asura Realm, Purgatory Realm and us, the Primordial Realm. The Diety Realm is home to the Devas. They pursue the truth of the universe and perceive themselves as the keepers and law enforcers of this world. "

The Dragon Sovereign waved his hand from his throne and an image started to form ahead of him. The image took form and a golden figure standing before them. He stood erect and proud with a benevolent smile on his face and he only wore pants. His chiselled body was bare for the whole world to see. However, he was clad in jewels and gold and large hoop earrings in his ears.

The youths look at this golden man with intrigued especially Suzhen and Yuchian. Seeing the image completely formed the Dragon Sovereign continue speaking.

"Following the Devas, are their archenemies the Asuras in the Asura Realm. A war-torn realm drove to destruction by its people. They were the first aggressors in this great war. After tearing their realm apart, they invaded other realms to rekt destruction and test their strength against other realm warriors. They lived for the feeling of supremacy they felt after defeating an enemy. Along the way, an Asura by the name of Rama realised he can take other realms fate, supplementing the Asura's when the Asura defeated them in battle. And so he became the first War God."

The youths were shocked by looking at the figure before them. The image in the air turned and folded, becoming a gruesome figure. He was clad in war-torn armour which seemed too small for his herculean muscles. His skin was dark-blue and released a domineering aura but what was truly shocking was the creatures heads. This creature had three heads, all with furious expressions and large fangs.

Seeing the youths' wrinkled expressions the Dragon Sovereign explain further.

"Even though Rama has three heads and two arms, don't assume all Asuras look that way. They are some with one or two heads and four arms. Even though their skin colour is predominately blue, the shade differs from Asura to Asura."

After hearing the explanation the youths nodded.

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"After the Rama's secret was revealed to realms another God Realm join the fray, the Purgatory Realm. The Purgatory is the oldest of the four God Realms. They say the first demons were born from the darknesses of the universe. Thus they became an entity for pure darkness feeding off malicious intent and death. The Demons joined the fray attracted by the carnage and destruction which made them grow stronger."

The image manufactured a black shade with red eyes. There was something in the pitch darkness but it couldn't be seen no matter how long they started. It sent chills down everyone spines even the Dragon Sovereign felt uncomfortable.

" Finally, the last God Realm, the Primordial Realm."

Longing flashed in the Dragon Sovereign's eyes as he continued speaking.

"When our Beast Realm was at its peak. The Seven Heavenly Beasts and Four Great Primevils charged valiantly into battle prying away fate from the other God Realms. After the battle, the universe was split into four, each God Realm ruling a section. The Primordial Realm had won the war, seizing most of the fate for themselves becoming the first True God Realm."

The image flashed showing eleven fantastic beasts sweeping through a grand unknown battlefield killing all that cross their path. Min Ren saw an ancient beast slaying Devas and Asuras alike like it was child play. It was dark-red Qiongqi. His eyes glisten and pride welled up in his heart. This image had a great impact on the youths' future cultivation.

The Dragon Sovereign's voice became sombre.

"These four great forces fought for millennia, wreaking havoc across the cosmos. However, the Heavens are not blind and they took all the heavenly fate and sealed it in the High-Heavens. Only releasing it once every 10,000 years. This was the beginning of the Great Wars."

" Nothing really changed at first the God Realms were still far stronger than the other realms. However, the fate wasn't as much as before and The God Realm weaken themselves by fighting each other. Soon other started to rise to challenge for heavenly fate none threating the God Realm's authority. They were quickly destroyed but a serpent lurked bidding its time."

The Dragon Sovereign's eyes flashed with killing intent.

Zi Yan was immediately intrigued by the last sentence.

"Now 10,000 years ago, the God Realms were significantly weakened from fighting each other, no longer called themselves Gods. They charged into battle once more. However, this time was different there was a new contender for the Heavenly fate. The humans from the Earth Realm, The four realms sneer at their new foe for it was the weakest of all the realms."

"The four ancient realms thought this foe was like so many others that they would just fade away in the winds of war. However, they were wrong for this foe had been laying and waiting for this very moment when they were significantly weakened. They used strange spells and formations to overwhelm the four ancients realms, used massive warships to turn tides of battle. They then ravaged our lands and took our Qi veins for themselves even took captives. They swept aside the four ancient realms then called themselves the Immortals of the Immortal Realm."

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