64.28% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 9: The Strong and Weak

Chapter 9: The Strong and Weak

The atmosphere in the Throne Room turned chilly and sombre. The Clan Leaders' killing intent leaked out their bodies as they remembered the atrocities of the past, Feeling such strong killing intent the youths sucked in some cold air. The Clan Leaders swiftly regain their composure and the dense atmosphere dissipated.

After hearing the Dragon Sovereign's story the youths each had different thoughts. Zi Yan was extremely impressed with the Immortal Realm's decisiveness and planning. In spite of that, they made an enemy out of her so they must be destroyed. Suzhen was overjoyed at thought of fighting all the other races. Wu Hao looked spaced as if he was trying to process all the information he just heard. Xiaodie was quite scared of the destruction and carnage of the Great War while Jianzhen was reflecting on the sword techniques of the Asura.

Min Ren's martial heart waved for the first time in his life after seeing thousands of Qiongqi annihilated. However, he quickly solidified it making it stronger than it was before.

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"When I become unparalleled under Heavens, the Qiongqi will return to glory."

The youths from the Heavenly Beast Clans had different expressions and thoughts. Their duty was instilled in them form young. The only thing in their heart was determination. However, there were two individuals who seemed to miss the gravity of the situation as their eyes sparkled with excitement.

Chaofeng and Yan'er looked at the Great War and all they saw were cultivators vying for supremacy using whatever methods they could. The unique spells and formations the Immortals used, the evil curses of the Demons, the killing techniques of the Asura, the dharmas and sutras of the Devas, they wanted them all. Like they sense something, they both turned to look at each other at the same time. Suprised by Chaofeng, Yan'er quickly looked away and blushed.

The Dragon Sovereign sighed and continued speaking.

"The Immortal Realm crippled the four former God Realms solidifying their God Realm status. The winds of change are truly unpredictable. The strong became the weak and the weak became the strong but now they are the focal point. We and the other crippled realms will not lie down and accept our fate. For the last 10, 000 years, we studied their spells and formations. We even learned their alchemy to make up for the loss of our Qi vein. We swallowed our pride all so we can have a chance to vie for supremacy again."

The Dragon Sovereign's voice was filled with hope and anticipation.

"The amalgamation of everything we learned will be taught to you and hope you will be able to improve it. Hereby, give you the title of Guardian. I hope you will grow into the invincible protectors of our realm so the tragic 10,000 years ago never happens again."

An emblem flew out from behind the Dragon Throne and the guardians' heads and entered their seas of consciousness. They soon felt a surge of essence as their bodies were shrouded in light. The light was slowly absorbed into their bodies.

"That is a gift from us, you can call it an inheritance. It will supplement and help you when you cultivate and learn new techniques."

The guardians inspected their body, trying to see if anything changed.

The Dragon Sovereign saw them frantically inspecting themselves, smiled.

" Alright, go back and train."

The Dragon Sovereign and Clan Leaders smiled as they watched the youths leave and the door tightly closed. The White Tiger Clan Leader's smile disappeared and he breathed out loudly.

"There is no going back now. The rice is cooked."

The Dragon Sovereign looked at the Old Tiger and joked " What's the matter, did the Evil Tiger God lose his valiant spirit in old age? "

The Old Tiger roared " I, Chu Hanxian's spirit isn't so brittle. My Spirit and body are as valiant as ever."

The Heavenly Pheonix interrupted the old man boasting " This era is theirs. We have tried and failed."

A stumpy old man with a cane suddenly spoke up.

"It is all up to them and fate now."

A male Heavenly Fox nodded in agreement.

Back in the Imperial Palace Star Room, everyone was either training or cultivating. Chaofeng was back in his room reading his martial manuals. He took out his The Bringer of Clouds and Rain Art and started reading. He turned the page and saw the first move, "Drifting Clouds, Gentle Rain" it was a movement technique that utilised mysterious gentle movement. The second move was "Sudden Rains in Clear Skies " which connected beautifully with " Drifting Clouds, Gentle Rain." Chaofeng eyes sparkled and he rushed to the training grounds.

He stood in the middle of the training grounds and a saber appeared in his hand. He assumed a relaxed stance as performed " Drift Cloud, Gentle Rain". However, It wasn't quite right, something was off. After trying and failing many times, Chaofeng sat down in the lotus position and meditated.

"The key words in "Drifting Clouds, Gentle Rain" are " drifting" and "gentle"." Chaofeng thought to himself. " Drifting is the art of being carried by a secondary force so I have to give up control of my body. Additionally, gentle is light and soft....like water. By infusing my Water Intent I should be able to execute this move."

Chaofeng gradually came to his feet and entered a relaxed state of body and mind. He swayed around the training ground avoiding all obstacles right before coming into contact with them. After awhile Chaofeng felt like a cloud drifting along the boundless sky. Suddenly he struck out with extreme speed slashing at an empty space. His motion was smooth like water and flowed like a river. It seemed like the attack appeared out of nowhere. The attack had no beginning or end, it just was. This was the second move, "Sudden Rains in Clear Skies".

Chaofeng looked at his saber with astonishment. Jianzhen also looked on with intrigue. As Chaofeng was about to try again, he was interrupted by a voice.,

" Attention, your first lecture begins now."

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