71.42% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 10: Dao

Chapter 10: Dao

The youths were jolted and turned to look for the source of the voice. A middle-aged man suddenly appeared and started to slowly walk toward them. The man was clad in golden scholarly robes and exuded brilliance and wisdom. The youths were drawn to the man like a moth to a flame, there was a feeling that they must listen to whatever this man has to say. However, one person had another feeling, it was joy. He ran to the scholar in front of him.

" Third Uncle, are you the one teaches us ?"

The rests were shocked when they heard Chaofeng and they looked at the scholar again. This is Qin Liye, the youngest Martial Sage in history, the author of over 500 martial manuals, The Golden Sage and Teacher of the Masses. Suddenly the youths arose and bowed to Liye with reverence. Liye looked at the youths and smiled.

" Come, it is time to begin." as he gestured for them to follow him.

Liye walked towards a boulder under a mulberry tree and gestured for the youths to sit in front of him. Liye closed his eyes and breathed in, soon it seemed like he became one with the world. The grass and leaves swayed in tone with his breathing then he abruptly stopped. The world became still again. Liye eyes flew open and as he began speaking.

"What is Dao? Is it just a word, the elderly throw around? The Dao is the path all cultivators must take, it is the truth and celestial way. In the beginning, there was the Primordial Chaos and it gave birth to the Heavenly Daos. They were Yin and Yang, Life and Death, Creation and Destruction and Time and Space. Then they split and became the Natural Daos which birthed the Elemental Daos and the Physical Daos. Then people started to invent and the Grand Daos were made."

Liye could see that even though the people in front of were geniuses he needed to make this extremely clear. So he waved his sleeve and a ball of water began to form in the air above them. As the water was forming, Liye continued speaking.

" Water is an Elemental Dao but if one gains the Dao of water, They will see the connection. Water has the hard and soft properties thus one can perceive the Physical Dao of Hard and Soft from water."

The blob of water fluctuated between a soft liquid and a crystallised shard.

"Even though hard and soft is a Physical Dao, it is also a duality and can be connected to the Grand Dao of Duality."

Liye pointed at the blob of water and it stopped fluctuating and started to rotate. The blob became a ring of water that was both hard and soft.

" When one sees the truth of duality and is able to become two things at once one arrives at the threshold of the Heavenly Dao. The mysteries of these opposing heavenly daos are boundless."

The blob of water was no longer water, it became circulating black and white lights. As the two lights circulate an image began to form and it looked like a glorious water world. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

" What I just showed you was the path the Water King of the Eastern Sea took to arrive at a Heavenly Dao, his dao. Just one of many paths. Now you know where you are going, let us talk about cultivation."

Liye paused and the image in the air dissipated. He turned to see the astonished faces of the youths. Their gazes were extremely bright. Liye laughed to himself and nodded.

"The act of cultivation is to overcome. To surpass who you were yesterday and step into the future of infinite possibilities. All obstacles, all chains, all limits, all challenges are to be overcome. The power of cultivation is the power to stride forward without limit. Even the Heavens shall be overcame."

Hearing Liye's statement, they bodies tensed up. Suzhen tightly held his spear. Min Ren pondered for awhile then nodded with agreement. Specks of light started to fall on the area where they were sitting and the ground turned golden. Even the leaves on the Mulberry tree turned golden. The light started to enter their bodies. The youth bodies trembled, it seemed like the light was pushing them into a state of enlightenment.

"There are history books depicting an age without cultivation, the Age of Man they called it. The Heavens held all the heavenly fate for themselves and were truly tyrannical. A beast tried to fight against this tyranny and it wrestled away heavenly fate from Heavens. The beast was one of the weakest beast, the carp but this carp wasn't like the others it was completely golden. When the heavenly fate descended on the carp it turned into a golden dragon. This was the first record of cultivation. The new-formed dragon gained the abilities to speak, it called the heavenly fate he obtained " Dragon Gate". This is also the history of our prestigious Clan."

At the moment Liye stopped speaking the youths entered a state of enlightenment. Liye nodded like this was an expected result.

" When one knows where one is headed, one must also know how to get there. When one knows these things all one needs to know is oneself. I wonder who you are." Liye asked as he took out a blank book and paintbrush.

In Chaofeng's Subconscious

Chaofeng found himself floating in complete darkness instantly a bright light flashed, consuming him. When he came to, he saw he was sitting on a clear lake which he could not see the beginning or end of. Suddenly he a booming voice jolt but he could see where it came from or understand it. Chaofang frantically looked around for the source of the voice. The voice echoed again.

"Ho at ou?"

The sky rumbled and rain poured and a massive Dragon coiled itself through the clouds. It was Chaofeng's goal the Azure Dragon King, the lord of the skies and seas. Chaofeng stared at the majestic beast with longing. He then heard a loud voice again but this time he could hear it properly.

"Who art thou?"

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