78.57% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 11: Who am I ?

Chapter 11: Who am I ?

Who art thou?

Chaofeng slowly calmed his beating heart as he asked himself the question.

" Who am I?

Chaofeng pondered for a while and answered.

" I am the Dragon Prince of Dragon Gate, son of Qin Jiang and Lin Fei," he shouted with a smile.

Chaofeng and the Azure Dragon were looking at each other in complete silence. Chaofeng started to feel uncomfortable so he took a few glances around. Then suddenly he heard the voice again starting him.

" Who art thou?"

Chaofeng was extreme perplexed by this question, unable to answer. He sat and started to meditate on the question. Chaofeng fully braced himself for a long trial. However, in the Star Room, someone was about to wake up. That person was Min Ren.

in Min Ren's subconscious

Min Ren stood tall against an army of Qiongqi, the army emitted an overwhelming Battle Intent. The battle Intent rushed out and swallowed Min Ren, he then heard many voices all at once.

" Who art thou?"

Min Ren eyes flashed and forced himself to stand tall resist the impressive onslaught of Intent.

" I, Min Ren has no rivals even in the Heavens, for the only rival I have is the "me" from yesterday. If I can not defeat the "me" from yesterday then I will be no longer Min Ren."

Min Rean paused and bowed to the army of Qiongqi.

" I will surpass you, for I will never stop surpassing myself. Goodbye, great Qiongqi warriors for I am a cultivator."

The army disappeared and a statue of Min Ren stood in the middle of the lake. Min Ren suddenly opened his eyes feeling like he reached a new height. Min Ren felt like he could break through to Peak Martial Master at any moment. He looked around and saw everyone still meditating, he glanced at Liye writing in a book as he sat on a boulder.

Min Ren dusted himself off and started walking to Liye.

"Shifu", Min Rin greeted as he bowed to Liye. Liye nodded and started to speak.

"Knowing others is intelligence;

knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength;

mastering yourself is true power."

Min Ren nodded in agreement. This was the truth he had found. Liye gestured him, inviting Min Ren to sit with him. Liye did not look up, he continued scribbling in a book.

"So who are you?"

Min Ren was slightly shocked by the abrupt question but his shocked expression quickly changed to a resolute one.

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" I am Min Ren, a cultivator", he said without insecurity or doubt.

Still only paying attention to his book, Liye asked another question.

"And what does that mean?"

Min responded without pause or consideration like he was just stating a fact.

"Min Ren is one that surpasses himself, therefore he surpasses the past, the world and even the Heavens in time."

Liye stopped writing for the first time and his head slowly rose until his eyes met Min Ren's. In a soft voice with a hint of glee that was almost a whisper.

" Your heart has been opened. A cultivator should cultivate his heart as well. Even though the heart has nothing to with your cultivation realm, it does contribute to your strength. And your heart is extremely pure, the heart of a cultivator is one of constant improvement. Well done."

Min Ren started to meditate on Liye's words, the area was filled with silence once again. Two awe-inspiring auras shot to the sky on the room at the same time. Just as it appeared, it disappeared, without warning. Two youths started walking toward the mulberry tree, one was sturdy like an unmoving mountain while the other was sharp, he was like the sharpest blade. It was Suzhen and Jianzhen.

Suzhen glanced around, he saw Min Ren meditating and smiled. When they both arrived in front of Liye, they bowed.

" Shifu".

Just like Min Ren, they discussed with Liye the truths they have found in the depth of their hearts. Liye smiled as he acknowledged their resolve. Liye looked into Suzhen resolute eyes and nodded.

" The heart of a protector, sturdy like a mountain, even the storms of the Heavens will not move thee. Good Good." He then turned toward Jianzhen, "the heart of a swordsman, sharp and upright but be careful not to bend or become dull. The swordsman path is full of dangers and many lose their way."

Jianzhen nodded.

Suddenly, three more streams of light shot toward the sky. Suzhen and Jianzhen turned to see who was coming. It was a tower of a man with two little girls by his side, one was cute and calming while the other was a flame. Wu Hao, Xiaodie and Feixue bowed toward Liye and discussed their findings as well. However, unlike the others, Wu Hao seemed a little ashamed of his findings.

Xiaodie and Feixue had the heart of a saint and wanderer respectively. However, Wu Hao had a heart of a tyrant which he thought was cruel. Seeing this Liye could only shake his head vigorously and respond.

" Wu Hao, you have accepted your tyrannical heart but you do not know true tyranny. Tyranny is not the same as cruelty. Tyrants are only defined by one thing and that is absolute rule. Absolute rule is what makes a tyrant, absolute rule over the world and oneself. Do you understand?"

Wu Hao regained his usual demeanour and nodded.

Over the time it takes an incense stick to burn, Yetian, Yuchian and Zi Yan woke up as well. Yetian discovered his heart of valour, while Yuchian had a heart of a sage and Zi Yan, a heart of a trickster. Liye nodded at their findings he glanced at Zi Yan with a sly grin.

"It is alright to have a scheming heart, however, do not be consumed by it. When one becomes too scheming they usually meet gruesome ends." He turned toward to Yuchian and smiled " The Beast Realm will have another Sage in the future."

Yuchian's normally stone face and slowly grew into a smile, he felt resolute. Liye nodded and turned to Yetian " The White Tigers are brave heroes, you have not let down your Grandfather."

Yuchian smiled and his eyes flashed with determination, " I will surpass him in bravery as well."

Now there were only two.

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Did my philosophy course's teachings come out too much in this chapter?

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    Oooh such an interesting chapter. Thank you for the chapter

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