85.71% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 12: Emperor and Empress

Chapter 12: Emperor and Empress

Chaofeng was still meditating on the seemingly infinite lake. A majestic beast still stared at him, occasionally asking him in a thunderous voice.

" Who art thou?"

As Chaofeng meditated on the Dragon's question his whole life flashed through his mind. The times with family, the expectations of the Clan, the hope of the Beast Realm. All of it. Chaofeng dug deeper into the depth of his heart and he saw something that started him.

It was a young boy surrounded by martial manuals and books, as the young boy was excitedly grabbing more books. Seeing this scene, Chaofeng suddenly understood himself. The self that was buried under expectations and the wills of others. Chaofeng finally opened his eyes.

Chaofeng stood up and stared at the dragon in the sky, " I am Qin Chaofeng and I love martial arts. You were once my goal but not anymore. You overcame many laws of the Heavens and gained control over them, ascending to Godhood. However, you are just the lord of skies and seas, my martial art will not be so small."

Chaofeng paused for a moment, becoming more and more resolute as the time pass.

"I will transverse many realms and fight many opponents, learning many things. I will learn the Dharmas of the Devas, Immortal Spells of the Immortals, the Curses of the Demons, Killing Techniques of the Asura, I will not let my martial arts be limited. If the laws of the Heavens restrict my martial arts, I will just have to gain control over them. If this mortal coil restricts my martial arts, I will ascend to Godhood. If Heavens restrict my path, I will charge into the Jade Palace and ask for an explanation. I will not be restricted for my martial path is endless."

Chaofeng breathed loudly, feeling both exhausted and refreshed. Unbeknownst to Chaofeng, a little girl just exclaimed the same settlements to a purple sky.

The Azure Dragon turned furious, the skies turned and the clouds darken. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, the darkness seemed to consume the world as the winds and rain raged. The Azure Dragon's rose in a majestic manner as he looked down at Chaofeng arrogantly.

Chaofeng stood upright like a mountain as the storm raged, The Azure Dragon is a god but he will not give in, he will not surrender. His heart will not allow it. The Dragon's eyes turned cold as fire spewed from the side of its massive mouth. The Azure Dragon furiously roared Dragon Fire at Chaofeng. Chaofeng did not move, he simply closed his eyes as the fire engulfed him.

The fire blazed but did not burn Chaofeng. Chaofeng felt his body becoming stronger and stronger as the fire burned. Suddenly it was extinguished and a mark of a dragon head appeared on Chaofeng's forehead. The mark shined in the most dazzling blue light calming the skies and disappeared without a trace.

A confused Chaofeng slowly rubbed his forehead, " What was that?". Chaofeng suddenly realised the world in front of him disappearing and a bright light consumed him.

A gigantic beam of golden light shot to sky, suddenly gigantic purple light also shot out neither dying down. It seemed like the lights were contending for supremacy over who is more brilliant. Everyone in Star Room looked toward the glorious lights even Liye stopped his writing to take a look.

"Oh what a glorious path."

Chaofeng turned to see Yan'er in a shroud of purple light and a purple cloud mark was on her forehead. She looked even more dazzling than before and her demeanour seemed to have changed. The lights finally dissipated and they rose to their feet. Yan'er neatly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and fixed herself. To Chaofeng this simple act seemed to stop time and made the world dim and listless.

"Beautiful", Chaofeng exclaimed without thought of where he was.

Hearing him, Yan'er blushed and turned her face to the side.

Chaofeng suddenly realising what he had just done, sheepishly laughed. Yan'er seeing the young boy awkwardly laughing, start to giggle herself. Hearing the wondrous sound of her laugh, Chaofeng heart seemed to skip a beat. He wanted to say so many things but the words just would not come out, in the end, he said.

"Let us go, everyone is waiting", as he looked around seeing everyone has already left.

They both started walked to a mulberry tree where a crowd congregated. As the two figures came in view a divine presence seemed to engulf the atmosphere. Min Ren instantly opened his eyes, looked at the two figures with interest. Chaofeng and Yan'er arrived in front of Liye and bowed,

" Shifu."

Liye looked at the two youths before him, inspecting them thoroughly. Sudden, he rolled his head back and laughed, almost falling off the stone he was sitting on. The rest of the youths looked on, trying to understand what was going.

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Liye regained his composure, coughing a few times. He then looked at Chaofeng and Yan'er with soft eyes and a broad smile.

"My dao doesn't follow the will of the Heavens, I follow my heart to walk above the heavens. I don't seek to be immortal, I seek to get rid of my status as weak. That is what it means to be an Emperor and My dao doesn't follow the will of the Heavens, the endless dao of the world could only be below my feet. The Heavens would not dare come close and can only prostate at my feet from afar for I am an Empress."

Liye's shined with glee and anticipation.

"The heart of the Emperor and Empress, the path you have decided to walk is extremely long and dangerous. Keep focus and do not waver. Remember in the match between the river and the mountain, the river will win in time."

After dusting himself off Liye stood up and started walking towards the exit," You first found out where you were headed, then you learned how to get there and now you know yourself. Now your path is endless and it all depends on how far you are willing to walk."

Determination flashed in everyone's eyes, " Yes, Shifu!!"

Liye laughed to himself, " Things are getting interesting."

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