92.85% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 13: New Beginnings

Chapter 13: New Beginnings

After watching Liye leave, everyone returned to their rooms without a word. They had so much to process. However, Chaofeng and Yan'er suddenly stop and looked at each other, they both felt a feeling they could not explain. A while had passed, Yan'er made the first move and entered her room.

Everyone stayed in their respective rooms, cultivating only coming out for meals and baths. Two weeks passed, the youths started coming out more, they had solidified their martial hearts. However, Min Ren caught everyone attention, he has progressed to Peak-Martial Master. Seeing this everyone felt the will to catch up. However, Suzhen, who was at the bottleneck to Peak-Master did not create a scene like he usually does. He no longer compared himself to Min Ren, He believed Min Ren is just slightly ahead of him now but the road is long and it won't be always so.

The youths wanted to learn new martial manuals, seeing the great techniques of Liye on top of the images of the Great War. The youths felt extremely small and lacking. Suzhen and Wu Hao requested Body Training Manuals and Fist Techniques while Jianzhen wanted everything on Swordsmanship even the philosophies. Zu Yan and Xiaodie were intrigued by the illusion arts, Yuchian and Yan'er chose the soul arts. while Yetian and Feixue asked for all the lightning and fire arts respectively. However, none of them shocked the Guards like the two other requests.

Min Ren asked the Guards for every martial manual that focuses on speed and strength while Chaofeng asked for foundation manuals for every element. Both these requests while simply madness at best. The guards tried to convince them otherwise, telling them, " Focus one path, a shattered mind would not go far."

However, they both disagreed, "The path I have taken is madness so I must descend into madness."

The stunned guards did not have a response so they just left, soon after the returned with a few attendants and large stacks for books. Everyone took what they wanted and return to their room.

Back in Chaofeng's room, he was surrounded by books. He saw many books from multiple elements but one book caught his attention. The book had a strange symbol where white flowed into and black flowed into white, it was " The Celestial Way of Eight Trigrams", the book depicted the uses of eight elements and unity between them. One the first page there was a hexagon with Heaven and Earth at top and bottom of the hexagon respectively while Lake, Fire, Thunder to the left and Wind, Water, Mountain to right. Under the drawing, there were writings.

"Heaven and Earth are the door and the gate of change, the father and the mother of all hexagrams,

Heaven is firm and Earth is yielding, They are fitted to embrace each other, Change is shown through The Elements, Fire and Water are the functions of Heaven and Earth. Thunder is a dragon, celestial and ferocious with an unstoppable will to push forward. "

At this moment Chaofeng was enlighted, he finally understood the Lightning tribulation Slash, there is no retreat in the lightning arts. Chaofeng continued reading, he did not have any Wind arts yet so he did not focus too much on it and then he realised Lake and Mountain was substituted by Earth and Wood.

The book combined the nature of the eight trigrams with the six basic elements birthed from Yin and Yang. Chaofeng finally came to an understanding, "The elements are not separate, they supplement either, wind and fire feed each other, it makes water more powerful and lightning faster. Lightning gives wood and earth new life and wood and earth feed each other. They are in an infinite cycle of Yin and Yang."


Chaofeng heard a long noise in his head like a heavy door has been forced open. However, Chaofeng kept reading he did not want this exhilarating feeling to go away. He suddenly saw a heading that caught his attention, " Profound Meanings". This section focused on the properties of the elements.

" Wind is flexible and has gentle penetration;

Fire is birth and destruction, the sun the purgatory flames;

Water is motion, the soothing lakes and rapid rivers;

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Earth is unmoving and unyielding like the immortal mountains;

Wood is life and respective energy,

Thunder is fast and ferocious, like a raging dragon;"

Chaofeng's eyes emitted a blinding white light and inside his eyes, that blinding light gave birth to infinite darkness. Chaofeng suddenly woke up, he looked around and realised he was in his sea of consciousness. However, it looked completely different, the blue orb was gone instead there was a small golden dragon and the dragon had six lights floating around him. The lights were blue, red, green, yellow, orange and indigo and the golden dragon's eyes were different. One was white and the other was black.

As Chaofeng looked at this small dragon, he felt an overwhelming celestial power. He felt almost suppressed by the aura, "Is this my power?" he asked himself with an awkward smile. When Chaofeng came to, many days had passed and he felt extremely hungry. So he got up to take a bath and get something to eat. However, when he left his room he saw an interesting development. Suzhen was duelling Wu Hao, Zi Yan and Yuchian were discussing theories, Min Ren and Yetian were playing chess with Jianzhe was watching from the side while Xiaodie and Yan'er were giggling about something.

The total atmosphere of the Star Room changed, all they did every day was cultivate by themselves but now they were spending time together. After Chaofeng finished bathing and eating, he looked around the training ground, trying to decide where to go. Suddenly he heard a voice, it was Suzhen's.

" Chaofeng, let us duel again, we are testing out our body training techniques?"

Chaofeng was quite startled by Suzhen's request however he smiled and responded.


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Author's Note

I had to write a 3000-word paper yesterday so my head is still spinning so this chapter might be a little more rushed than the rest, I hope you like it.

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  • Little_Dino


    Thank you for the hard work~

  • Technolance


    I don't like using metal, it is really just lightning so I used lightning instead :)

  • daoistxuanlong


    ... what about metal it’s also an element why is it not there

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