100% Celestial Dragon Sovereign / Chapter 14: Style

Chapter 14: Style

The Star Room was transformed, everyone was communicating and sparring together. Their battle strength grew stronger and stronger as they clashed their beliefs against each other. Min Ren received the most challenges and was still undefeated. The Star Room even had a ranking system now.

1. Min Ren....35-5-0

2. Ji Yuchuan.....29-1-4

3. Zhou Yan'er.....22-5-3

4. Qin Chaofeng ....10-16-10

5. Wu Hao ...4-21-1

6. Sun Suzhen...9-10-5

7. Chu Yetian....15-0-10

8. Zi Yan....13-2-10

9. Bai Jianzhen..... 10-3-2

10.Feng Feixue...9-6-3

11.Chi Xiaodie....0-14-0

Chaofeng would issue challenges just so he can try new martial arts, resulting in very inconsistent results. While Xiaodie's Crystallise Body made her nearly indestructible, Wu Hao and Suzhen used her to test their strength techniques at the dismay of Zi Yan and Yan'er.

Two months have passed since the last lecture and the youths were starting to wonder when the next one was. As they sat in the Dining Hall eating breakfast, Suzhen was talking with his mouth full, " Wh-en est da nax lecture?"

Chaofeng who was sitting in front of him also with his mouth full, " I don know." Little bits of food sprayed through the air, bringing disgust to Min Ren, " Why don't you all shut up and eat, and Chaofeng you are a royal, act like it."

Chaofeng still eating, turned to face Min Ren who was beside him, about to say something. Min Ren's killing intent rose, " Don't you dare speak." Chaofeng quickly swallowed, "You are just like my dad."

The youths finished eating and were about to start their daily routine of cultivation and sparring. However, they were greeted by a familiar face, it was Liye. Liye sensing the change in atmosphere, smiled and started walking to his boulder. The youths just followed him with great enthusiasm, they gained a lot from the last lecture.

Liye sat on his boulder and looked at the excitement in the eyes of the youths before him. He smiled and began speaking, " Hmmm, it seems like you are closer now, good because what I am about to teach you needs a lot of battle experience to complete."

The youths looked at each other and smiled.

Liye continued " What I am about to teach you is how to form a style, you very one fighting style."

The youths look at Liye with a confused look, " Style?"

Liye stroked his chin, " Before we get to styles, we must first talk about martial arts and their essence. Each martial art has an essence, and only by grasping that essence can a martial art be mastered. That is why there are countless martial arts under the heavens. Even if every water-based martial art is the same, they will not look the same because it depends on how people use them. How people use their martial arts is called style. When a person's style links the martial art's essence a level of mastery called perfection is created. This is also why masters tend to create their own martial arts so it can fit their style. "

The youths listening nodded like they were understanding the greatest truth in the world.

Liye continued " The Dragon King of the Eastern Sea and the Blade of the Mist were both extremely strong cultivators that reached the apex of Water Dao but the martial arts, they created were completely different. Why is that? It was because they were different people with different goals, thus had different styles. Dragon King of the Eastern Sea was a king so his techniques were about "suppression" while the Blade of the Mist was an assassin so he forced on "assassination". The Dragon King had techniques like " Waves of Turbulent Eastern Seas" that overwhelmed others with continuous motion, the essence of " suppression" was evident. The Blade of the Mist 's "Silent Blade in Mist" was a silent attack shrouded in mystery, perfect for "assassination". These moves resonated with their style thus became their signature moves."

The eyes of the youths flashed with determination, they all thought the same thing," For my martial arts to evolve I must form my style."

Liye slowing got up and started to walk towards a gigantic boulder in the back of the training ground. As he walked, he talked " Even element properties contribute to the essence of the martial art. The element properties, your goal and your martial heart, when these things are known your martial style will become clear."

Liye took up a saber and stopped in front of a massive boulder and slashed down with all of his strength. The saber was like lightning as it descended and with a long bang, a large gash appeared in the boulder. Liye turned to look at the youths, " That is me, attacking without taking consideration for my attack essence or my style."

Liye slowly turned but did not stop talking, " My style is one of calculation, finding advantages through observation and application. Lightning has an essence of speed and penetration." Liye observed the boulder and changed his stance to a drawing stance, " so how can I link my style with the essence of lightning? That is to calculate the way to generate the most speed and which part of the boulder is the weakest."

As Liye last words reached the youth's ears, he dashed forward and drew the saber with lightning speed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


A dust cloud appeared with a gust of wind, the boulder was cleanly cut in half. Jianzhen and Chaofeng were extremely shocked. Liye was not a swordsman but he reached the level of swordmaster by just linking the essence of the move to his style.

Liye smiled at the youths, "The secret to creating skills is finding ways to link your style to its essence. Now go and create, I am awaiting your marvelous creations with those grandeur ambitions."

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