62.04% Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend (HIATUS) / Chapter 82: Delicious Monkey Wine!

Chapter 82: Delicious Monkey Wine!

On the way to the Dining Hall, the group met with Tai Long who was going back to his dorm.

Tai Long greeted them with a bit of confusion, feeling they were different somehow, but froze when he saw Tang San and Xiao Wu.

"Bastard! Get away from Young Master's wife!" Tai Long yelled angrily and leapt at Tang San while integrating his Spirit.

Tai Long threw his fist as hard as possible at Tang San's face, the rest of the group only watched on with amusement.

Tang San sighed as he touched his face, he had indeed changed a lot compared to his previous self.

Just before Tai Long's fist reached Tang San, the Blue Silver Grass under his feet experienced an explosive growth.

The Blue Silver Grass created a wall in front of Tang San and bundled up in front of Tai Long's fist.

"Tai Long, it is me, Tang San." Tang San use his Blue Silver Grass to lower Tai Long's fist. Inwardly, he was surprised by how much more control he had over the Blue Silver Grass.

Tai Long didn't attack further, confused by the Blue Silver Grass since it was the same as the one his Young Master uses.

Seeing Tai Long still not believing him, Tang San summoned his Clear Sky Hammer, dispelling any doubt Tai Long had.

"Young Master! You have changed so much! You are so handsome now!" Tai Long immediately changed his tune, sucking up to Tang San.

Finding out they were going to go to the Dining Hall to celebrate, Tai Long clung to Tang San's leg as he begged to come along.

Nobody saw a problem in letting him celebrate as well, so they accepted him this time.

"Tai Long, you go on ahead and tell the cafeteria to prepare some empty wine barrels and a large feast for us." Wulin said.

Although Wulin wasn't his boss, Tai Long had immense admiration for Wulin who was one of the youngest in the Academy.

He had once seen Wulin have a spar with the Spirit Saint teachers Zhao Wuji and Liu Erlong on equal grounds, shocking him out of his mind.

Tai Long immediately nodded his head and hurried away while the others looked towards Wulin with confusion.

"Sixth Brother, why do you need empty wine barrels?" Mu Bai asked him, unable to understand why he needs empty wine barrels.

Wulin smiled mysteriously as he answered, "I have a nice wine for all of us to drink, you definitely won't regret it."

Fatty and Oscar's eyes brightened as they eagerly said, "Brother Wulin, don't keep us waiting, hurry and tell us what it is!"

Wulin nodded as he replied, "Thanks to a change in my Spirit Ability, my gourd can now produce Monkey Wine."

"Monkey Wine? Although Monkey Wine does taste nice, it's not that much better than the ones at the Dining Hall." Mu Bai said in disapproval.

Wulin didn't mind and smiled, "What if I said, the Monkey Wine is ten thousand years old?"

Suddenly, Mu Bai went rigid, his mouth moving yet unable to speak, looking like a fish.

"T-ten thousand years old Monkey Wine… I have only tasted one that was a couple hundred years old." Mu Bai was almost watering at his mouth.

"Ten-thousand-year-old wine, how rare is that! Not even large clans have wine dating that far back!" Fatty had a greedy look in his eyes.

"Haha! Come, we can drink as much as we want today. We aren't leaving until we are drunk!" Wulin amiably ushered them forward.

In their usual private room, a banquet feast was already prepared, including a couple empty wine barrels.

Wulin walked to the wine barrels and summoned his gourd. Inputting a lot of Spirit Power, he tipped the gourd over and wine poured out with haste.

Luckily, just summoning the Monkey Wine without any effects didn't cost much Spirit Power. It was the purification and poison nullification effects that drain a lot of Spirit Power.

After everyone got a cup of Monkey Wine and the barrels were filled, Wulin held his cup in the air as he looked at everyone.

"Now! To celebrate our recent events, and to our progress in this time. Cheers!" Wulin stated, starting the beginning of the banquet.

"Cheers!" Everyone struck their cups out and cheered, before bringing it to their face and taking a big drink.

"So good!" "Incredible!" "It's so tasty!" The moment the Monkey Wine touched their tongues, they fell in love with it.

It had a sweet fruity taste and washed down the throat really smoothly. It would be difficult to discern whether it was an alcoholic drink or a fruit juice.

Everyone moved about grabbing some food and sitting near each other.

Due to the exercise they do, each of them has incredibly large appetites, even the tiny Little Jing.

Since the main tables are filled with food, the younger generation pulled a couple sofas together and sat in a circle.

The older generation went off to a corner and had their own little party.

As experienced and high-ranking Spirit Masters, they have had many extravagant foods and products, so they were not as astonished like the youngsters.

However, they were still surprised by how tasty the Monkey Wine was, giving it many praises.

Everyone was explaining the changes that they underwent in the purification process, causing Tai Long to become confused, but they didn't mind him.

He is a simple-minded and loyal guy, and he is something like a servant for Tang San, so they didn't mind talking in front of him.

During their talk, Xue Mei got some more food and gently put it on Wulin's plate.

He smiled and thanked her, pulling her to sit on his knee causing Xue Mei to blush greatly.

Xiao Wu saw Xue Mei's actions and got the idea to do the same for Tang San.

However, before she could get up, a strong and burly hand was gently putting food onto Tang San's plate.

Xiao Wu was instantly enraged as she screamed, "Tai Long! You are not a girl, why are you giving my Brother San food!?"

Tai Long had an innocent expression of confusion, "Ah, I thought that Young Master should eat more, so he can grow up healthy."

"Why are you so lady-like! Go, go away! Unless you finish an entire barrel of wine, you aren't allowed back here!" Xiao Wu was furious hearing Tai Long's sincere explanation.

He stole her chance to be a loving character for Tang San, causing her to fume angrily.

Tai Long instantly scrammed when he saw the angry Xiao Wu, knowing better than to pick a fight with her.

Tang San, the middle-man in this problem, gently grabbed Xiao Wu's hand as he pulled her to sit down, "Xiao Wu, don't be angry, let's eat this together." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Xiao Wu's expression instantly changed as she almost sat on top of Tang San, leaning deeply into his chest, "Ge, won't you please feed me?"

Unable to resist her charm, Tang San carefully fed Xiao Wu, as she blissfully smiled and ate the food.

Everyone continued to eat and drink happily, except for Tai Long who tried his best to finish an entire barrel of Monkey Wine quickly.

In less than five minutes, he was lying on the ground next to a wine barrel, hiccupping and laughing to himself nonsensically.

Not long after, the rest of the group were also getting drunk. Xue Mei finally relaxed from her embarrassment and sat comfortably with Wulin's hand on her waist.

Little Jing on the other leg was drinking Monkey Wine like fruit juice, acting her usual coy self, getting Wulin and the other girls to feed her.

Wulin leaned in to Xue Mei's ear as he whispered, "I might be able to make that drink tastier for you, do you want to try?"

Xue Mei looked a bit confused, "Master, it already tastes nice enough, why don't you share it with my sisters as well?"

However, Wulin shook his head as he said, "Only you will like this drink."

He lifted his hand from her waist and held it above her cup, before using his nail to cut his finger.

Blood dripped into Xue Mei's cup, mixing with the wine. In order to keep bleeding, Wulin manipulated his wound regeneration to slow down.

Over time, he has gained more and more control on his Phoenix Regeneration Spirit Ability, allowing him to control which parts of his body regenerate.

Right now, he is slowing down his internal organs, so he can still get drunk, while leaving his blood regeneration at max.

Once a small amount of blood mixed into her drink, Wulin allowed his wound to heal in an instant.

Looking at Xue Mei, he could see that her eyes were red as she greedily stared at the cup.

Removing his hand, Xue Mei quickly moved, bringing the cup to her mouth in an instant.

Relishing the cocktail in drunken ecstasy, Xue Mei's body leaned onto Wulin's solid chest as she melted in satisfaction.

If not for being in front of others, she might have even tried to lick the cup clean.

Seeing her expression, Wulin smiled happily as he held her slim and supple waist, "Do you like it?"

Xue Mei quickly nodded, "Master, your blood tastes even better than before! It is even better than the Monkey Wine."

"Since you like it so much, I will let you drink it instead." Wulin had a light blush from drinking as he cut his finger again and filled Xue Mei's cup.

Xue Mei was filled with excitement as she quickly gave Wulin a kiss on the cheek before flushing and focusing on her drink.

This was the first time that Xue Mei took the initiative to kiss Wulin, causing him to become extremely elated as he laughed and took a big gulp from his gourd.

Now that they were becoming drunk, the rest of the girls were starting to become clingy as well, edging themselves ever so closer to Wulin.

Fatty and Oscar saw this and looked around, Xiao Wu was almost sitting on Tang San's knee as she was acting spoilt for his attention.

Qing'er was sitting next to Mu Bai, quietly listening to him recounting his five-day adventure to receive his Spirit Ring, she was sitting close enough that a small movement will cause them to bump shoulders.

"Unfair! The heavens are really unfair!" Fatty yelled out in injustice, his speech slightly slurred from the effects of alcohol.

"I am so handsome, why are no girls gathering around me! Do the heavens have no eyes!?" Oscar swung his cup in the air as he drunkenly yelled.

The two of them looked at each other like kindred spirits as they hugged each other screaming injustice.

"You two, stop screaming so much! Just go drink your sadness away or something, don't disturb us!" Xiao Wu viciously glared at the pair.

However, being drunk gave the pair a false sense of confidence as Oscar retorted, "Xiao Wu, if you are too vicious, Third Brother will get scared away from you!"

Fatty laughed as Xiao Wu paled, when suddenly Tang San chimed in, "Hehehe, I would never be scared of Xiao Wu, I will be by her side forever…"

Tang San was tipsy, causing him to become boldened as he spoke his mind.

Xiao Wu's eyes moistened as she no longer cared about those two and jumped into Tang San's embrace, hugging him tightly.

Seeing this, Oscar and Fatty lamented their bad luck and wished they could one day have a relationship like that.

Unable to do anything else, they decided to take Xiao Wu's advice and drown themselves in the delicious Monkey Wine.

Wulin was hugging Xue Mei's tender waist with one hand while he used the other to stroke Little Jing's fluffy tail.

Little Yue and Rong Rong also took interest in her tail as they began playing with it as well.

Feng Feng, on the other hand, became extremely meek as she quietly leaned on Wulin's shoulder, sipping her drink with rosy cheeks.

Wulin was feeling accomplished in life as he looked at all his girls, constantly drinking and spending quality time with his women.

Soon, the rest of the night turned into a blur as Wulin allowed himself to drink himself to sleep…

The_Wulin The_Wulin

I successfully finished my two assignments, hurray!

I think there are a couple more chapters until the group goes to Sunset Forest to get their next Spirit Rings.

But the good news is that there is a H-chapter coming up soon, been a long time since there has been one.

Anyway, see you next week-ish.

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