45.45% An Adventure with Aj - Modern Times Edition / Chapter 4: Chapter Four - The Disgusting Adulterer, Degenerate, and Some Petty Revenge

Chapter 4: Chapter Four - The Disgusting Adulterer, Degenerate, and Some Petty Revenge

"Aj honey where are you" calls my Mom, seemingly worried about where I have wobbled off too as she sees me sitting in front of our door looking outside she says in confusion "Why does he always run away and sit in front of the door, is it cause he misses him?"

When I heard her say this I laughed so hard in my mind cause she doesn't understand that man as much as I do and I know he will leave us in a few months and never show his face again till more than a decade passes, so as due punishment I will cripple him almost completely I hope his other woman enjoy taking care of him when he's retarded and completely forgets how to do everything.

And to be a bit malicious I will give him the ability to beat and **** anyone who says his name more than once in less than ten seconds in a lust and crazed filled frenzy, but this is for when he's gone {Remote Access} is such a gift. As the door opens the deadbeat walks in and sees us by the door he smiles and says to my mom "So he's by the door again huh welp he must of known daddy was coming home."

My god if I could hang someone for creating the word daddy this would be the time and place, anyway while my mom kisses him and asks if he had a good day I go crawl away from that disgusting display, yes if you're wondering why I'm crawling when I could easily walk it's obvious, why would I show any signs of genius in front of a man who could take me away from my mother and claim custody of the said genius.

A Few Hours Later

My mom is gone and is at work as a nurse since she got off of maternity leave a few weeks ago, and ever since then this disgusting man has brought that women to the apartment we live at in Manhattan. I swear it's like he has a straight cock in his brain when he should be watching me and making sure I don't choke on something he's plowing this average broad.

This has been going on ever since my mom went back to work not joking the night she left since she works the night shift, he kisses her bye and ten minutes later this bitch shows and where I could clearly see them he drops her skirts and starts fingering her asshole and then straight inserts it with no foreplay, I was like Ewww really you cheat on my mom for poop fucking you could see the dukey juices flowing out her ass and just dripping on the floor all brown and I swear I could smell it.

But back to this night I once again am forced to witness this shit because this man has the sense to put me in my crib but never watch me thinking I could never remember what he was doing, then "knock" "knock," he opens the door and there's average broad with another chick I swear was my aunt but I swear I was tripping till the deadbeat says, my aunts name "Lisa why are you here with June" my seemingly normal aunt is dead drunk and June knowing who she was thought it would be a good idea to bring her here and out of my drunk aunt's mouth is "Rene please can you fuck me I need you to make me pregnant, my husband Gerald wants kids and have been trying for months and I got us both tested secretly and he is infertile and he blames me for why we don't have kids yet.

So can you please help." My own head is spinning really fast now thinking is this really happening right now I've never heard of this situation before.

I know my old man he's not that stupid and he knows this is his wife's sister, but lough and behold once again he thinks with his cock and says "Sure but I'm not sure if its possible in one session we might need multiple, so come over every night with June and we'll see what we can do." As he proceeds to let them in and close the door it goes through my mind that this can't be happening and then I remember that in the future he has nine children with multiple different women, and also that my cousin who was adopted by June after her husband checked and realized that he was infertile.

It was said that they adopted Jordan in Africa after my aunt spent a few months there visiting my grandma and found a baby who fit their wants also he is younger than me, it would explain a lot of what happened in our family but back to this male degenerate called my father he decides to have some decency and take both of them into the bedroom and closes the door, but most likely he couldn't fuck them both on the couch.

Now that I won't be getting eye-raped by older people fucking let's see if I can fuck with them somehow, hmmm [System] can you use [Complete Appraisal] and make a complete scan of the target? 'Yes, Master it is possible who would you like to scan?' HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHe (cough) (cough) (cough) (cough) {Scan} my father, June, and Lisa enhance projection around their genital areas, please 'Yes Master activating [Scan] enhancing scan on the genital area.'

Ok on my father use a delayed [Cut] on his Achilles' tendons so it will activate after his session with those women are over, also use [Paste] on his penis so when he sticks it in June towards the end of his session e gets stuck but make it seems like she's just tight but after he shows no response seal it completely. Then use a delayed [Cut] on Lisa's fallopian tubes in case she gets seeded by this scum, sorry Jordan but you might not see the light of day this time around if what I think is true. Also, use a delayed [Paste] to slightly cover the passageways to the lungs of my father and June so they get caught earlier, and he doesn't get the satisfaction of leaving on his own terms.

'Yes, Master all tasks have been completed based on stamina all preparations will finish in thirty minutes.' Well well now that's done time to wait for my mom to come home and cry my eyes out in front of her and poop and pee my diaper a bit to make him seem very irresponsible oh [System] use [Paste] to implant in my mom the idea of suing for child support and collecting evidence of his stupidity and clear all previous tasks after the situation is done. 'Yes, Master.'


Name: Lisa

Age: 33

LVL: 5

Occupation: Registered Nurse


Strength: 18.0 (Senior Nurses Need to be buff too)

Endurance: 19.0 (They Work Really Long Hours)

Speed: 12.0 (They procrastinate as much as possible but get better with time )

Intelligence: 20 (That of an Alcoholic Adult)

Wisdom: 22 (That's Definitely Has Seen things and don't want to remember)

Dexterity: 18.0 (She's really good at Poking You with needles Enough Said)

Vitality: 100


[Compassion] - Having empathy for the pain and suffering of patients, as well as a strong desire to make the hospital experience as positive as possible.

[Ethics] - The commitment to humanitarian service and concern for the dignity of all patients.


{Communication} - the ability to effectively speak and listen is critically important.

{Critical Thinking} - When Faced with important choices on a daily basis and must be able to use critical thinking to aid in decision-making.

{Attention To Detail} - Since having far-reaching consequences. Even the smallest mistake may have tragic results, therefore, strict attention to detail Becomes Second Nature.

{Confidence} - they have the skills and knowledge to provide the best possible care. able to work independently with little supervision, knowing they will get the job done.

{Adaptability} - Flexibility and the ability to adapt are especially important for anyone are often required to work long hours, must also deal with fluctuating schedules, and the ability to cope becomes paramount in such situations.

{Stamina} - Nursing is a demanding profession that requires physical, mental and emotional strength. An effective nurse needs a high energy level and a healthy lifestyle in order to succeed.

[Cut Parasite] - An installed microscopic blade assigned to complete tasks

[Paste Parasite] - A microscopic bonding material that awaits to complete tasks



Name: Rene Janus

Age: 40

LVL: 6

Occupation: Accountant


Strength: 10.1 (That of a Cheating Infidel)

Endurance: 15.1 (That of a Sex fiend of an Adult)

Speed: 9.0 (That of a Dyslexic Monkey)

Intelligence: 15 (That of a Stupid Adult)

Wisdom: 15 (Will never learn from past errors)

Dexterity: 25.0 (That of a Surprisingly decent accountant)

Vitality: 80 (Someone you know Fucks too much)


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{Attention To Detail}


{Mass Cut Parasite} - Being targeted by so many delayed microscopic cuts.

{Mass Paste Parasite} - Will receive and massive influx and be stuck with something

{Delusioned Sexual Prowess} - The result of suckering women with the facade he's good in bed which manifests into tricking the target into having a good time with them, but after the act, the target comes to regret associating with the owner.


InnerMinds InnerMinds

Had time today so started early will post another later tonight, was this better than last chapter and ways to improve thanks.

And if you're wondering why he has 3 persons worth of wisdom last chapter Its because he copied he hasn't [Cut] it out yet.

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    Hmmm, seriously nothing, I guess. Just waiting for him to grow up, xD

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    aww come on I know u have something to say

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