54.54% An Adventure with Aj - Modern Times Edition / Chapter 5: Chapter Five - When A Mom Matures.

Chapter 5: Chapter Five - When A Mom Matures.

As I wake up a couple hours later and I hear the keys jingling at the door I realize my mom is coming home and when I check the room and can sense that all of them are still in the room knocked out in the room, so it seems the [System] has completed its tasks time to see if my acting skills are up to par, "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh" "mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" "Where are yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" "I'm scarreeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddddddd." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

You could hear the keys jingling faster and the bodies stirring in the room to make the matter worse I crapped in my diaper and peed a lot, you can see the door open and my father rushes out the room dick swinging to see my snot covered face with tears he starts walking to me but then I scream "no daddy don't hit me" he looks shocked at seeing me talk obviously just when he's about to say something he sees the door about to open and then his mouth hangs open as he starts to panic he runs into the room you can hear him whisper screaming for both women to wake up,

but too late my mom comes in sees my face and runs to me seeing my snot and tear-filled face, she gets into that silent scary mode which even to the day she died made me fear her she stalks into the room leaving the door wide open so I could get a good look at the show about to happen, when she sees what's happening in the room she freezes seeing my father rushing to pull on his underwear, my aunt wearing her bra and no panties, and June wearing nothing, my mom says nothing while no one in the room notices until my aunt looks up, and sees my moms face and stops while the rest are still going around searching for their clothes until they notice Lisa has stopped looking at the door they turn around and froze and looking at my moms pretty stormy face,

and to my happiness my mom turns around walks into the living room and picked up a Canon AE-1 then walks back and goes to town taking photos and I mean she gets close and in their face taking pictures of the bed their clothes everything, my father tries to stop her and she says to him "Rene if you touch this camera or me I will fuck you up in court so hard you won't be able to enjoy the rest of your life after I'm done with you." He starts to stutter and gasp in exasperation while my aunt tries to sidle her way out which puts the focus on her my mom says to her "Lisa you will help me with my lawsuit, pay for my lawyer, and help me look after aj for a couple months and I will remove your photos from this camera and never say a word to anyone."

My aunt blinks a little and goes out of the room and just sits on the couch with just her bra and waits for my mom to finish, "So Rene now that I have proof of your infidelity which I had an inkling about will you fight me in court or will we settle this civilly like adults, one you will move out this place and find your own I'll give you two weeks to get your stuff out my house but you can't stay here anymore, two you will pay child support regardless of what I make till he's twenty-one, you will also pay for his college tuition so good luck and pray he gets into a city-run college, three you will turn over all custody of our son and never show your face in front of both of us again, and you know I can win all this and win a lawsuit but I don't want to embarrass you that much just because you crossed my bottom line."

I clapped my hands in my heart after hearing that I was like go mom go, while my father dumbstruck at all the conditions asks "Is that all you want to say to me, not about working it out, not going to counseling, just about me leaving why are you so detached from what happened why, why, why!!!!" My mom just looks at him in scorn and says "The moment you left my child alone by himself with a piss and shit filled diaper crying for me and screaming for you not to hurt him, and saw that you had the nerve to sleep with my sister I lost all hope of making this work because you are no better than a dog who only thinks with his dick, and we both know if you loved me you would have never done any of this on top of abusing our child, goodbye Rene get some of your stuff and leave you can go with you little lover and stay with her, in two weeks come get your stuff I'll tell you what time you can get it."

She says all this and leaves the room, my dad stands there with an ugly face not fully comprehending what happened while June rushes to get dressed and shakes her new housemate to get his stuff, and in my heart I was wondering why she was so quiet the whole time but I guess she has some sense and realizes she can't really mad at a woman who could stay calm and unmoved after catching her man cheating.

As my mom walks up to my aunt she nervously looks up at her waiting, just so you know my aunt is the oldest female sibling of my mom and its odd for her to be nervous in front of her younger sibling, but today is not her day my mom just stands and stares at her lips pursed thinking my aunt starts to make excuses but my mom interrupts her saying "Lisa I know your not stupid enough to do this so I will listen to you and sort my judgement for later, but my earlier offer will stay the same and nothing you day now will change it ok."

My aunt stops for a second and explains all that she can remember and my mom sits for a while and say "While I'm sad about your situation I really wish you didn't fall this far but mom would say to forgive you and I will, but never say anything to anyone, my only condition is go see mom and tell her everything, and also if you get pregnant give it up for adoption, and pick it up as an adoptee that way you can trick Gerald and keep the son and the fact that you cheated secret, just say to him that your going to visit grandma for a year or so to take care of her since no one else can if there are signs."

In my heart I was like what really fuck my moms nice, [System] remove the [Cut] and [Paste] parasites from my aunt's fallopian tubes. 'Yes Master.' While I relayed my orders my aunt starts crying for getting my moms advice and forgiveness, then my dad and his new roommate start to leave the room my mom doesn't even turn to look at him when he calls her and he just sighs in frustration and leaves as the door closes my mom just glances at it and turns back to my aunt and just stares into space while she cries.

About fifteen minutes later my aunt starts to calm down and stops crying, and gets herself together and gets up to leave and asks my mom "Sis will you be alright alone?" My mom slightly scoffs and states "I'll be better if your gone and I'm alone but thank you for worrying see you later Lisa, I will call you when your needed."

As my aunt leaves awkwardly my mom just lays down on the couch, hands covering her face and you could hear her crying in sorrow and pain while I felt bad she had to find out this way but it's better than the way she did the first time. A little time passes and I want to take my mom's mind off her troubles and this diaper is getting nasty to stay in so I decided to be bold and say "Mommy diaper," she looks up shocked seemingly forgetting the fact I was the one screaming earlier, she gets up of the couch and walks to me and picks me up out of the crib and pulls my diaper back a little and I could swear she slightly gagged at my smell in my heart I was offended it can't be that bad,

she brings me to the table and takes my diaper off and I was like ok fine its bad, as she changes me she asks me "Aj say mommy whos my big boy come on say mommy," while Internally roll my eyes I comply "Mommy mommy," she smiled happily she soon went silent to change and clean me and after she was finished she set me in my bed and said "Night night little man mommy will see you later." Then she goes of into the room to remove the bedding and probably burn them. As I finally start nodding off the last thing I see is my mom making a resolute face and nodding to herself.

InnerMinds InnerMinds

Got another coming tonight and I will accelerate the age progression soon.

also, any opinions to improve on?

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  • InnerMinds


    Ok will try to do that but it takes up so much space doing that way but what can you do.

  • Fadhli


    It's nice. If you find it hard to check whether you're writing right or not, use Grammarly. Or just copy paste your writing to Microsoft Word if you're writing using a computer.

  • BoredDreamer


    Well, you can make the paragraph's a bit short, and use a new paragraph when you write a new topic or change into another person view. Also, you can add a few commas (,) and (.) to making the lines more clear and it also helps to readers to understand it clearly.

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