63.63% An Adventure with Aj - Modern Times Edition / Chapter 6: Chapter Six - One Year Later

Chapter 6: Chapter Six - One Year Later



Name: Aj

Age: 1 year 9 months




Strength: 17.0 (That of a slightly pubescent girl)

Endurance: 50.0(That of a Hippo )

Speed: 15.0 (Drew A blank Suggestions insert below)

Intelligence: 90.0 (Kinda Albert Einstein Second Coming)

Wisdom: 125.0 (Kinda Going Over Bankai)

Dexterity: 9.0 (That of A Crackhead trying to stick his fix )

Vitality: 50.0 (Halfway Thereeeee)


[Complete Appraisal]

[Akashic Record]

[Cut, Copy & Paste]

[Space and Time Travel]




{Absolute Infinite Stamina}

{Attention To Detail}

{Critical Thinking}

{Remote Access}


{Emotional Awareness}


{Alcohol Tolerance}

{Basic Creole}

{Basic French}


October 19, 1986

Now a that a year has passed so let's catch up a bit after the two weeks passed my father never showed to pick up his stuff, typical of the loser as soon as that happened my mom threw his shit in the trash and never looked back after she did it I cheered,

my mom was a slight wreck during those two weeks but after he didn't show she got her shit together and got my aunt to look after me and she threw herself into her work and she started arranging to go back to school for her master's degree,

while I was annoyed at having to see my aunt so much I made no fuss and just behaved and by God's stupid amount of luck the seed caught, and now my aunt is a few months pregnant you don't know how much I prayed for It not to stick but that's what I get for putting faith in a higher power to make it all better,

now all I want is for it to be stillborn or for it to die in the birthing process yes that's fucked up but I don't want my aunt to be one of my father's conquests and gets to extend his progeny due to cheating on my mom. My mom filed for divorce and my father agreed with all terms no fight necessary cause he knew my mom would keep her promises after the divorce my mom seemed freer and had less weight on her shoulders, happier and more fulfilled since she's doing what she wants.

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During this time I went forward with my plans of crippling my father but decided to modify it so he has all his faculties but can't move when he wants so he has to be assisted everywhere, I heard my aunt discuss over the phone with June seems like their still friends, that she was miserable looking after my deadbeat father, and was probably thinking of leaving him saying this all in front of him because she seems to think he is also deaf, I swear when I heard that tears of laughter could barely express my joy at this man's misfortune and at the fact that no one but me knows that he can understand everything and can only suffer in silence,

and when he gets put in a hospital I will activate the other parasite that codes his name into lust-crazed **** man who can suddenly move, then people will think he was faking it oh and if you're wondering how he's paying for child support, while the man has many faults he's actually a good accountant and he also knew how to invest so all of his dividends will go towards his bills and my child support.

My aunt left to see my grandma and to go give birth as planned and I willed spirits for that child's life since I would not interfere anymore with the [System] and behold the fucker survives I swear why do I even try and the fuckers name is still Jordan, hoped it would change since the fucker was always cocky about being named after number 23, but now that I'm over one and a half I started showing bigger signs of intelligence in front of my mom while also trying to master my mom's native languages Creole and French since my family is from Congo.

Then from their master Korean for the K-pop among other things, Spanish for its lands affected by it and possible prostitution aspects, German for the automotive and technological industry, Japanese For its technological and animation advances, among a few more that are necessary,

but now that it's getting close to 1985 it's time to implant the number for the twenty-five million dollar jackpot coming up soon so we can accelerate my plans further, like investing into certain properties or even certain companies across the globe but that's for further down the road,

then as my mom comes in happily humming I start to second guess should I move forward with my plans my mom is happier than she was already maybe I should be normal until I'm older to not draw signs or targets to myself, but then those future faces that ruined my life and family my blood boils in remembrance and shake my head as my heart grows firmer in my decision of making this life the best and make all the people involved feel and live a fate worst then death.

As my mom calls me and then I toddle over to her I say to her "mommy I will make you the proudest parent in the universe" she smiles and giggles at my statement and picks me up and says to me "of course my little munchkin man can I will always be there to watch over you to just in case you get a big head." As I roll my eyes and just snuggle closer to her and feel the warmth of her embrace I smile happily thinking hello world you'll soon know the name Aj and like it!!!

InnerMinds InnerMinds

Any thoughts on what women should be conquered along the way he will be in late teens during 90's and early 20's during 2000's and if it should be Harem or he Stays loyal to one woman and she has to be a banger so comment and vote below on how you think it should be.

Also, we need a very hot lawyer for when he's in his teens to represent him and stuff maybe side benefits too.

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  • InnerMinds


    meh we'll see

  • BoredDreamer


    Thanks for the chappy... and no idea if it should harem or...

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