57.14% Becoming a Snake God (hiatus till summer) / Chapter 4: Conclusions

Chapter 4: Conclusions

Day 4


A good nights rest after a whole day of scheming really hits the spot. If only this cave wasn't so cold, It would have been a real bliss.

What I came up with after a long time of strategizing and molding my plans is a risky plan that, if it succeeds, will allow me to become stronger and, if possible, safely leave the cave.

Or at least leave this room as I'm not sure how big the actual cave around it is.

I just know there should be a cave that connects this room to the outside...

In short, my hidey-hole has been used as a research lab while strategizing this plan of mine.

And I should tell you, I found out quite a lot yesterday.

For starters, my status reading skill is actually quite a cheat as it does much more than simply read a status. It is more like having a small library that expands as you are getting stronger. That is why I believe learning magic won't be too big of a deal for me... Once I become stronger, I will also be able to precisely know, in a digit, how strong someone is as well as how much my every strike hurts my enemies, that way I won't need to waste stamina and other resources by doing an overkill move.

Besides the cheating part, when I read the info on 'Status Reading' the first time I failed to notice that it isn't exclusive to those who possess the 'touch of divinity'. It is just that it was obtained that way in my case.

This means that 'Status Reading' isn't as rare as I thought it would be, but its rarity should still be quite high... Just not unique.

Concerning the 'Touch of Divinity'...

It seems that my 'Status Reading' is still too low to show it in my status, and I myself am not sure yet if I should count it as a skill or what?

Since it seems to empower one thing it should mean that it is like some single-use ability that permanently cheat-boosts one thing. I think that, once I leave the cave and possibly find human settlements, I should visit a library or anything that might contain this world's history, as well as the history of The Church and its heroes.

But, concerning the 'Touch of Divinity' itself, I won't fiddle too much into it for now, since I don't want to screw something up and I do have only a single try...

Also, I gave some more attention to my skills, doing some more detailed scanning, and then confirming the little info I am able to get from 'Status Reading' at my level.

First of all, venom fangs right now only have a paralysis-inducing venom, which is alright and all, but it would have been better to have something more lethal. Off course this venom is still able to kill but only if the dose is high enough and I can't really test how much of the venom is needed to even paralyze my stronger siblings, let alone, kill them...

My second skill is my soft scales, which are my main line of defense.

As I am still just a baby snake that only recently hatched, my scales are very weak even against all of the before mentioned external influences.

Those influences being fire, chemicals, blunt force and sharpness.

But still, any defense is much better than no defense.

If I get a chance I would like to focus on strengthening my scales to increase my defenses, since it would benefit me quite a lot.

As for my third skill...

Now, I know what you might be thinking:

"His third skill is status reading, we already know that just proceed with the story!"



While thinking up my plan a thought occurred to me...

What if I can add skills to myself by doing the tasks associated with the possible skill?

For instance, taking a medium-sized rock, one that I can envelop with the entirety of my body, and then crushing it with all of my force...

As you might have guessed I did just that and got a learned skill which goes...

Read me this!

[Status Reading...]


Lesser Strangle- A lesser Physical skill.

User exerts physical force to choke or suffocate a restrained target.


Not a real shocker, I understand... But any skill I can get my hands on will greatly increasse my rate of survival.

You probably noticed how the skill emphasized the word 'Lesser'.

I'm not sure if I completely understood what status reading meant, but if I am correct it should go like this:

Imagine if I learn 'Fire Magic' skill. This would be a skill that by itself has multiple abilities. We can call it a "Root skill". This "Root skill" is a skill that actually branches out into abilities that we use through the use of the skill itself. Let's say I get my 'Fire Magic' to level 1 and it awards me a 'Fireball' ability. In that case, I can use 'Fireball' through the 'Fire Magic' skill. Basically, that is how it works based on my understanding...

But what happens if I learn 'Fireball' before learning 'Fire Magic' skill?

That is where the 'Lesser' thing comes in, as it would turn what would normally be an ability of a root skill into a lesser skill so it can stand by itself.

How it works exactly I'm not sure yet but that is how much I think I understood...

Buts seeing how I can level up this lesser skill of mine, it should mean that it might evolve into the actual root skill it comes from. So it is worth getting even lesser skill as it would reward me quite a bit later on.

Also, from what I understand right now regarding skills, they have 2 basic usage types:

Passive, which is constantly turned on and requires no resource to maintain.

Active, which usually has a charge time and it almost always uses a resource.

These are the two that I managed to confirm through my research and hypothesizing. Of course, not all of my guesses might be right, hell, maybe none of them are, but from my intense isekai novel knowledge I should at least be close to correct with some of the guesses.

Besides the usage types, that I just went through, there are also skill kinds.

Such as: biological, physical, magical and special, that I know of...

Biological skill is the one that you use a specialized body part or technique to use, be it naturally obtained or formed by other means, if it uses no magic and is developed by evolution it categorizes under (bio).

'Lesser strangle' fits under physical skills as it uses physical force to use. I guess that humans use martial arts as physical skills. That sounds novel-ish enough.

I didn't come in contact with any magic skills yet, but it is safe to say they do exist seeing the info on the skills I do have.

Special skills are skills that don't really meet any single criteria and are very rare. My status reading, which is also a special skill, is acting a bit dodgy when I try to inquire anything more, so I simply gave up on the subject... Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Alright, now that we got over that confusing bit let me introduce you to my plan.

First I will level up my strangle skill as much as I can for the rest of the day, it would be great if it reaches level 4 or 5 as it should max out around that number. I believe lesser skill have around 5 levels before they become their root skill, and it would really help me out a lot if I manage to get my first root skill.

After grinding my strangle, I will go out to see if there are any siblings of mine that are defenselessly sleeping or eating.

If I do manage to find one of them close to my hidey-hole, I will go and use the whole poison sack worth of venom into him or her. That should definitely knock them out if not kill them...

I will then proceed to pull the corpse while I move as fast as I can towards my hidey-hole.

In case I run, er~, slither into trouble, I will use strangle to choke out my competition.

Just stopping the blood flow to their small serpent brain for a few seconds should knock them out cold for a couple of minutes.

But this strangle tactic is too risky so I will do my best to avoid it as much as I can.

Since my siblings outside are all bigger than me, I should really look out if any of them already evolved into something that specializes in physical force, rather than venom. If such a thing happens, I'll be in a lot of trouble.

So in a nutshell, I snatch one of my siblings, then rush them to my hidey-hole, and then safely eat them. This should steadily give me xp to level up so I can more comfortably slither around this cave room.

And getting stronger means I will eventually be able to kill one of those molten things...

That is right! I figured out what left that big scorched hole the other day.

It was one of my biggest siblings!

I even managed to Status Read him just before he left again.


Level 3,unnamed, Fire Snake Baby

Vitality:0,7; Strenght:0,5; Agility:0,7;

Resistance:1; Magic:0,5; ▓▓▓▓

▓▓▓▓ Total:3,4; Xp:13/50;



Venom Bite-Lv4(Act)(bio)

Fire Breath-Lv2(Act)(bio)

Smooth Scorching Scales-Lv3(Pas)(bio)



Yep, to my surprise it has 'Fire breath' which isn't magic but bio skill.

Also, it seems that once you evolve it automatically puts you at level 1 of that new species you evolve into.

I know this since I saw siblings who are still the same species as me at level 4 and some even on level 5...

While I am still here, sitting at level 1...

Ehhh~, how unfair the world can be...

But I will change the flow of power in this snake den, even if it costs me my eye, or my fangs I will survive!

Alright, now that the pep talk is over I should start training my strangle and level it up as much as I can. If I manage to boost it all the way up to its root skill, I will get another trump card to assist me in surviving this snake den and the cave after it.

As for the evolution than my oldest siblings took, it seems there are multiple choices so I will give it some thought what should be my best choice for evolution. Even if I try checking my 'Status Reading' about my evolutionary options, it would just say that I am too weak right now.

I hope I qualify for that information before my time to evolve comes so that I know what I am getting myself into, as blindly evolving could get me to a dead end by choosing an evolution that has too little evolution potential.

My best choice would be the one with the most evolution choices as it should be the strongest.

Of course, the one with the most choices will probably have the weakest early evolutions... but it will be totally worth it in a long run!

Day 5

My body hurts so~o much from all that training...

But it was not for nothing!

Besides getting a strong pain in my muscles I also got 'Lesser Strangle' to become its root skill!

I will let my 'Status Reading' show you the rest...

[Status Reading...]


Serpentine flow- A skill that enhances the user's movement in the style of the snakes. Passively rises agility based on the user's body type, as well as awarding abilities based on the skill's level.

unlocked ability: Strangle Lv1



GoustScribe GoustScribe

I set myself 2000 words per chapter requirement for every release besides the first and last chapter of the volume.

This way I make sure that every time I publish a chapter I am sure you guys would have at least some content to read. I intend to make this novel a long-running one so I hope you understand if the build-up of the story feels a bit slow sometimes.

Sorry about that and hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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  • Dao_of_Balance


    It seems like Orochimaru has mastered the technique serpentine flow.

  • Rodolfo


    Thanks for the chapter More chapter pls!!

  • Grum


    Thx for the chapter!

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