92.85% Dragon Ball: Goku Rebirth / Chapter 76: Job Offer, Nah I'm Fine.

Chapter 76: Job Offer, Nah I'm Fine.

"Oh, my never had I the faintest thought that a Saiyan could grow so strong, even rivalling Beerus in his 70% form, Saiyan how would you like to be the next Hakaishin, think about it immortality couple that with your regeneration, you can watch all the anime that you desire, on Kamitube for free without a subscription, think about all the food that you can eat for free."

"Hmm, the offer is tempting though I'll pass I'm fine the way I am, Mr..."

"Whis is my name, and I'm his attendant/teacher, I see within in you great potential are you sure?"

"Yep, I'll pass I don't want my life to be connected to them weak Kai's, for your information!"

"Strange, I've never heard this knowledge being commonplace though you've found out anyway my interest is truly peaked at how a mortal could figure all this by himself."

"Oh shush, Whis I want a rematch with him!"

"Nah, it's fine Beerus I don't want any rematches I'm too tired for that sh*t!"

"Ciao, I'm going home-... WHOOSH!!!"

And I kai-kai'd away with Beerus trying to intercept me as he threw a punch but unfortunately hit only the air destroying another dimension in his process.


Planet Imecka:

"We've arrived Master Shiro, are you sure you wish to come here, I can sense a great power over in the distance yet almost closer to us that our own hearts, as if one wrong move and we all die."

"Hmm, it seems your right Cherry, I do sense a being here who seems quite strong, and it seems he's even stronger than my father's last recorded power level (5 billion) though this fact brings me joy as my body can't help but tremble in joy and excitement, I can't wait to tear this being into shreds."

"But master you have too much of a gap in power that I'm afraid you'll be easily bested, I suggest to not fight if you wish to hold onto that pride of yours!"

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"And for that, I'll turn you off..."

Saying that Shiro simply turned the computer A.I off as it began to bug him about everything which was quite annoying, and after his crude action he quickly turned his ship into a capsule before leaping out into the shadows.

And while on his way to the high power level he saw countless imeckan's who lived in absolute poverty as they had nothing but a mat to sleep on within the desert of this extremely bipolar planet, it shifted from cold to warm almost in an instant and randomly at that.

But one thing captured his Interest, and that was the Imeckan's army having appeared near one of their own civilians homes as they without any question took away the house with a single swipe leaving only a floor to sit on as the young children began crying and one even had the courage of running up and kicking the soldiers leg.

This hurt him a lot as the soldier responded with a punch to the three year olds face instantly ending the young child's life and with no remorse it turned to the parents.

"Under Article 13 Page 17 Section 47 Line 22, it states that all agression against the army is paramount to treason and possible regicide of the king, and the solution to this problem is to cut the roots before it grows into a bigger problem, I'm sorry but your going to have to pay for your funeral costs before I kill you, so hurry up and hand me 70,000 DK Coins immediately, and remember to pay for your your three children and wife, overall it amounts to 350,000 DK Coins."

"But, but we don't have that money you've even took our three year old son and our house because we couldn't pay rent how would we even give you anything I don't understand why your even doing or condoning such rogue like behaviour."

"Hmm, that's a new one 'Rogue like behaviour' once again for going against Article 13 I will now have to sentence you all to death, be... Prepared!"

Saying that the soldier rushed at the family as his outstretched arm reached out for the father's neck ready to snap his neck like a twig at any time as his legs aimed for the couple's two children who were twins about 6-7 years old, though he left the women as he was going to rent her out for some side money.



He had reached the family as his hands and feet were about to kill the family a sudden cold sensation stopped his body in its tracks as a long dark skinned hand ascerted it's dominance by breaking the soldiers wrist while the dark figures left leg immediately broke the soldiers family jewels into a million pieces of flesh, blood and a mysterious other substance.

Seeing such a scene the nearby soldier alerted the higher ups as Shiro made his way to him with a deranged smile lit upon his face ready to kill and kill and kill and kill some more. Oh how lovely Shiro the child is so kind and blunt and straight to the point not beating around the bush at all

He wanted a fight, he has a fight, he wants to kill you, he kills you. This was his motto- 'I want to kill you... I kill you, I want to fight you... I fight you, I want to just kill... I just kill as they call me a butcher of blood sweat and anguish!!'

"I'm calling all nearby soldiers within Beetroot Boulevard, quickly arrive there's a hostile target here, I repeat Beetroot Boulevard theres a hostile target here- Calli g for some backup he has immense strength and is extremely brutal I think we need the myth, the legend, the Ledg-...!!"

"Sorry tin head who were you talking to your superiors, well tell them to arrive quickly before I blow up this useless planet and tell them to bring out the main dish these appetisers don't appetise me at all other than staining my shoes and my fists... Now hurry up I don't have all day Mr Ledg-..."

And before he could carry on speaking the signal was cut off immediately by Don Kia as he ran back and forth with sweat oozing from his face in fear as he called in his bodyguard to handle the mess that was Shiro Goku.

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