11.11% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 3: Tears?

Chapter 3: Tears?

"AAAHHHH....AHHHH....AAHHAAHHH ITS BURNS IT BURNS....STOP STOP AAAAHHHHH" I scream in my head while spasming, convulsing, twitching, crying and falling in and out of consciousness. "WHY.....WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!!!!!!"

"hehe look at it squirming around like that, gosh its only gonna take a minute since its such a small body part" the stupid whore snickers.

"its done, open wide honey..." *gulp* the whore chews and takes it in one bite "how was it?" the old bastard asks while ignoring the heart wrenching scream in the background.

"oooh yum, babe its definitely a delicacy hehe, have the other one and you'll understand" she moans in delight.

without wasting and time the old bastard draws the hair straightener to my other appendix and I get my mind ready for another round of pain.....the iron gets closer and closer and eventually touches...

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" a world shaking voice shouts full of anger

as the voice fades a spear of light strikes where the couple and vaporizes them into ash. A small piece of golden light enters my mouth and my body starts rapidly healing.....my stomach closes up, my limbs grow back, my eye, my tongue....everything grows back.

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a circular symbol below me forms and glows and all of a sudden im pulled up into the sky at an incredibly fast rate, so fast that before I know it I stop while standing on my legs, I fall due to the combination of not knowing how to use my new found legs that well anymore and due to the dizziness caused by the what I assume to be teleportation. I arrive in what looks like to be a throne room......"wow its huge" I speak with unmasked awe and then realise "I can speak!!!" although its deeper then i remember, I can hear my voice....I look around and notice hundreds of statues made out of gold with intricate designs, all very majestic and awe inspiring.

"hello.....young one" I suddenly hear a fatigued voice coming from the golden throne and notice a middle aged extremely handsome man in golden armor sitting there with a huge silver spear in his left hand. he has blonde hair, blue eyes and a full blonde beard.

"hello.....sir....can I ask what happened and where I am?" I ask with hesitation

"of course, I destroyed that worthless despicable couple with this spear and sent their souls to the deepest parts of hell for eternity..........and ive brought you up to...a safe place I guess. Your probably wondering why I brought you here and whether your going to hell or heaven?" the shiny gold man says with inquiring eyes while I respond with a simple nod since im still not use to using my voice and tongue.

"well I brought you here for reasons you aren't allowed to know yet, and as for where your going? your not going heaven.........or hell. Your special since you have absolutely no karma, neither negative nor positive and also you're still alive and technically shouldn't be here in the first place" he says with a hint of sadness in his voice

"why dont I have any karma?" I ask confusedly

"its because before the age of 12 you don't gain any kind of karma since your pure, and since your 13 but you were locked in a cage, you didn't have the chance to gain negative or positive karma so your basically a blank slate just like every other child, however your still alive which changes things..........anyway don't think about it too much, their are many things i cant tell you yet, for instance why I brought you up here while you're living................for now im sending you to another world, one where you'll make friends and will help heal that heart of yours" he says with hope in his eyes.

*KREEEEEEEE* I hear a loud animal cry come from just outside...........

"were running out of time, your going to the Pokemon world first, you'll have to make do with this hammer" he throws a hammer towards me with haste, I try to catch it but it just goes through my hand and is absorbed into my body.......what the hell!!! then he runs up to me while a void forms behind me and pushes me through it.

as I slip through the void I notice wetness below his eyes.........are those........ tears?

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  • CliffkunLolRekt


    Well I got bord of danmachi and hate onepiece lol honestly would it kill someone to give guts a system and send him to magi or in the very least a place with lots of wifus ya know a bad past needs good wifus why do you think tony grew up to be a ******* with his money he did not have like 3 quality loyal girls around

  • Shady41



  • CliffkunLolRekt


    Wait I forgot to add the name of the anime the first wifu is in its konasuba

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