14.81% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 4: System!!!

Chapter 4: System!!!

*void between ?????? and Pokemon world POV*

"Arceus! so called god of pokemon. Give me rule of this universe!!!" screeched ????? while barely floating in the air full of wounds

"PALKIA HOW DARE YOU DEFY YOUR RIGHTFUL LORD, AM I NO THE ONE THAT GAVE YOU LIFE!!!" exclaimed Arceus with a domineering voice while floating firmly in the air

"Arceus you created me with the thirst for POWER!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD I WORKED TO BREAK THE LIMITS OF LEVEL 100!!! HOW CAN I BE BLAMED FOR YOUR MISTAKES!!!" Palkia responds with blame and then bends his back backwards creating a huge sphere of purple light, pushing all of its remaining power into this last resort attack. Arceus senses danger so charges a similar kind of sphere but instead with a white colour.

"Palkia after I destroy you. Only because without you the universe will destablise, I will recreate you. good bye my disappointment of a child...." as Arceus ends his sentence both spheres collide and a huge explosion occurs destroying Palkia in the process while also tearing through the void.

At this exact same moment a stream of light carrying a young boy passes through a completely different void tear, as the boy travels through this empty space a ball of energy comes through the tear that was made by Arceus and collides with the boy making him fall unconscious.

"oh how interesting of the king of gods to send you to my world, well I wont do anything since I dont want to get on that crazy old mans bad side...but i wonder what that weird ball of energy was.......shit I hope that damn king doesn't use me as a rapidash (horse type pokemon) for punishment again........"

*Pokemon world POV*

A blinding light falls from the sky, striking the ground at the center of a field of tall grass with a *bang* causing the surrounding Pokemon to flee with fear. The light fades and whats left is a young boy around the age of 13 in an unconscious state surrounded by a circle of weird symbols.

*MC's POV 2 hours later*


"ow ow im awake, get off me you piece of shit!!!" I scream at a...bird...no wait.... its a pidgy!!! ah shit i scared it away........ Guess old golden man wasn't messing with me, I really am in the pokemon world...

"ahhh that was weird, how come I fell unconscious this time?" I ask myself out loud.

*Ding* "That might be my fault.....sorry bout that?" a sweet female voice expresses apologetically.

"Oh well since you apologised I cant really be annoyed, but please show yourself or ill see you as a threat" I growl faking confidence.

*Ding*"I mean even if you want to attack me, you'll just destroy your soul...ive kinda intergrated with it since im pretty much a growth helper or something.......Oh I guess you could see me as one of those systems in your memory......by the way whys your IQ so hig....."

"wait how much of MY memory have you gone through?!?!" I interrupt in a nervous tone, I don't want my past being so nakedly revealed.....

*Ding*"well ive gone from age 1 month to age 7 years and 10 months so far, why do you ask? also why cant I see the first month after your birth?" the system asks in an inquisitive tone.

"stop looking through my memories immediately!" I command in a slightly enraged tone

*Ding*"ok since you ordered it, by the way my names Eve...its nice to meet you Iann" Eve says in a amiable tone Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"nice to meet you Eve, please don't call me Iann, that name was given to me with intention of creating initials that spell the word 'it' which I don't quite like. Since your Eve.....from now on im........Adam" I say in a thoughtful tone, it sounds cool and makes me feel like ive started again.

" Also Eve if you 'Ding' again im gonna.....do something............So as the system Eve, what can you do?" I ask in an embarrassed tone.

"umm you can just think of the question in your head while addressing me and ill hear it, well just the usual since im quite low level at the moment so {status} {inventory} {missions} {shop} pretty much sums it up"

hmm ok....{status}!

Name: Adam

Age: 13

blood lines: ????

STR: 5

AGL: 7

INT: 20

Abilities: ????

SP: 0

"the question marks don't mean theirs nothing there, it just means im not high enough level to identify what they are..." Eve says with a disappointed tone.

"you cant even identify a plain human blood line? Aren't you kinda useless?" I ask in a questioning tone.

"hey! its not my fault you haven't upgraded me, anyway im just as suprised I cant identify it...your bloods weird..." Eve complains.

"yeah yeah whatever useless, do I have a beginners package?" I ask in excitement

sensless sensless

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Comments (10)

  • AshSatola


    Cynthia!!Cynthia!!Cynthia!!Cynthia!! WAIFU

  • CliffkunLolRekt


    I guess that’s tru honestly ge May need to get thos wifus soon at least the first also let the summons see his past and a thing saying that they need to help the mc make a harem coming from what is most probably his dad that the old god was From the ****** hints lol any tru dad after seeing what he has been through would add that message to any girl summons he will have as well as show his good sides

  • sensless


    You've got to remember that he just escaped that hell recently so hes not really ready to talk about any of it as of yet

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