22.22% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 6: betrayal

Chapter 6: betrayal

We made it!!! I looked around to notice nothing unusual, just like every other town hes seen, bunch of small houses, a slightly bigger house and...A POKEMON CENTER!!! Wait concentrate, priorities first...'Eve which ones professor oaks place?' I ask with unmasked excitement.

'Its the slightly bigger house that has the words PROFESSOR OAKS LAB directly in front of you' Eve comments with scorn.

'this b**** is lucky shes in my soul' I react with annoyance.

'excuse me?' Eve shows anger in her voice.

Shit I accidentally addressed her....

'*cough *cough* ok lets head in and meet the professor' I switch the topic in a nervous tone.

'how do you even cough in your head? ok just go in' Eve casually comments.

I walk towards the door and stand there for a bit, its been 5 years since ive talked to a normal person...well gold man didnt count, he was too sudden......huff ok lets do this, I bring my hand up and force my nerves down as I ring the bell.


"COMING!!!....." a middle aged professor Oak opens the door and looks at me "umm im sure I told everyone that the pokemon selection is tomorrow morning didn't I???" professor Oak asks in a confused tone.

" ...my apologies professor, I just wanted to confirm how the Pokemon selection works since im quite nervous...?" I blurt out a question through panic while criticising myself for not thinking ahead.

" oh I completely understand hehe, well all you need is to get your parents to sign this form to show there consent and to prove that your at the age of 13 while also for to you to sign promising that you'll explore the continent and so give me research material through your pokedex........thats the easy part, the hard part is getting one of the the 3 Pokemon I have to accept you and be willing to follow you" professor Oak explains professionally with an amiable voice.

"Ok thank you very much professor, ill take my leave now" I shake his hand, turn around and leave.

'Eve is there anything in the store that can increase my affinity to pokemon? also I thought you get to start being a trainer at 10 years of age?' I ask with hope in my eyes.

'yes, unfortunately you wont be able to afford any of the options. You can only hope for the best............as for the age, your in a parallel universe where many things are completely different to the original Pokemon story, so in this world Ash may not even exist or he could even be an old man' Eve quotes in a casual tone.

'interesting, so I basically cant predict any future events anymore..............guess that makes it more fun for now. Buy me some pasta and a sleeping bag'

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*-100 SP*

I pull out the pasta and chuck it down within a few minutes, I then find a good sized stone and start training my telekinesis by wrapping the energy around it and lifting it up and down up until my mind exhausts itself. Finally I get tired and pull the sleeping bag out of my inventory, find a quite corner in town, close my eyes and drift into sleep.


*next day*

I wake up in a pool of sweat and tears as the rising sun shines on my face, Dammit! seems like those nightmares still plague me.

'Adam who were those crazy people in your dreams? and why were they hurting you like that???' Eve asks in a worried voice.

'WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT LOOKING AT MY MEMORY!!!' I ask with raging anger.

'ah im sorry I didnt mean to, its just that everything you see I see so I was asking if you were ok.......' Eve responds in a pitiful voice.

' tch whatever, we need to go get a pokemon for now' I say in a slightly apologetic tone.

I then put my sleeping bag in my inventory, buy some breakfast via the system, buy new clothes, shower in a portable shower and change clothes. Then I head towards professor Oaks lab.

*-200 SP*

as I enter the lab I notice a group of ten 13 year olds standing opposite the professor listening intently while also handing in signed forms to his assistant. I walk up to the assistant and quickly buy a form from the shop showing it being filled and hand it over.

*-50 SP*

*clap* *clap*........the claps brings the kids eyes back into focus as they look towards the professor

"ok I think its about time we see which 3 of you are worthy till be the masters of these pokemon" as the professor ends his sentence he sends out 3 pokemon, a an excited squirtle, a charmander with a weak tail flame and a firm bulbasaur.

'Eve whats wrong with the charmander?' I ask with concern.

'I need it in a Pokeball to analyse any anomalies' Eve says with a grudge filled voice.

Hmm I wanna talk to it......I try using my telekinesis by wrapping the energy around the charmander and send words as waves through it but it just seems to make the sad looking charmander uncomfortable so I then make my energy surround the ears and then into the canals and directly press sound waves onto the ear drums through my telekenetic powers, while at the same time putting another layer of power infront of its mouth to absorb its response and bring it back to me to hear.

'Eve buy me a pokemon language pack and intergrate it' I say quickly.


Theirs a slight burning pang in my head but nothing I cant handle, I then make direct eye contact with the charmander from the other side of the room and start with something that we can relate with..........

"I see the fear of betrayal in your eyes"

Comments (11)

  • Areyouamous3


    Thank god i thought the mc was betrayed somehow

  • Imperador12



  • SilverEyedLionKing


    Same it was so scary ; I thought that Eve betrayed him as I saw in another novel a system doing so

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