40.74% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 11: skill learnt-

Chapter 11: skill learnt-

*Delia POV*

Right now me and Azar are a playing nots and crosses.......we've been at it for a full hour, Azars quite intelligent. At the beginning she kept losing but eventually she started to figure my trick out and led the match to consecutive draws.......by now shes realised that since we both know how to play were only going to draw from here onwards, were only playing now to distract us from the worry over Adam and squirtle.......I mean hes been gone a full hour!!! This time ive gotten permission from Azar to give Adam a bollocking, I can see her tale twitching to hit him too hehe.


There he is with my cute squirtle.......wait whats that behind him!!!

"Adam!!! ADAM!!!! RUN!!!!" as I scream at the top of my lungs I sprint towards him, faster then ive ever run before, as im within 5 meters of him, I notice a huge blue serpent rise from the water.........I close my eyes and run even faster and then push Adam away with all the force my arms can muster, as I open my eyes.......


I hear something in my body snap and I fall unconscious.......


*Adams POV*

"DELIAAAA!!!!!!!" as I see Delia slammed aside I scream her name.

I quickly send my suit to my inventory and face the gyarados with crippling anger in my eyes. However im still thinking clearly so I chuck squirtle a senzu bean and tell him to feed it to Delia.

before the senzu bean landed in the squirtles hand I heard the system...

*DIng* Eve has added squirtle and Delia to your party

I pull out my stun gun and fire all 6 rounds towards the gyarados consecutively, I see that even though its weak against electricity, this stun gun simply doesn't have a high enough voltage.

"Azar use ember from a distance, do not get close to it!!" I shout to keep distance since water is Azars nemesis.

while im thinking I watch as the gyarados completely ignores me and glides directly to Azar.

I quickly form a telekinetic barrier around Azar so as the gyarados fires a high pressure water gun at Azar it deflects the water, however because of my lack of telekinetic power the barrier starts to crack.

I take these few seconds to check the gyarados status.......

{status of gyarados}

level: 15

HP: 89/95

Dammit that stun gun was useless.

"mudkip go help Azar out quickly!!! Remember to keep a distance and only use water gun!!!" I release mudkip and give my orders.

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mudkip quickly sprints towards the gyarados and once its in range it starts firing water gun.

{status of gyarados}

level: 15

HP: 89/95> 74/95

Every time mudkip uses water gun the gyarados loses 5 HP but not for long, all of a sudden just as my barriers about to break the gyarados dashes towards mudkip and uses a move I recognise as 'thrash' sending mudkip 20 meters away, fainted.

{shiny mudkip status}

name: n/a (unconcious)

Condition: Healthy

level: 8


HP: 60

STR: 80

DEF: 61

AGL: 50

Skills: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun

Ability: Torrent

Bloodline purity: 53%

Ok shes healthy thats good, as I look back towards Azar I feel the telekinetic barrier in my head smash............shit!!

30 meters away I can see the gyarados firing water consecutively towards Azars tail with a sadistic glint in its eyes.

"DAMMIT DAMMIT ILL KILL YOU!!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs as im running towards Azar.

I suddenly see squirtle jump in front of Azars tail with its arms spread, clear determination in its eyes. However squirtle is also low leveled like mudkip, for god sake we've only been on our journey for 2 DAYS!!! Squirtle is quickly knocked 50 meters back by yet another 'thrash'.

"Azar remember what you were kicked out of you clan for!!! you were weak!!!............AFTER ALL THE POWER IVE GIVIN YOU.........ARE YOU GIVING UP!!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

Azars lifeless eyes light up, her tail flame suddenly rises from a few centimeters to over 10 meters. She roars as a stream of fire comes from her mouth hitting gyarados directly, the stream of fire continues for 5 seconds............then Azars tail flame goes back to a few centimeters and she faints rightfully so, especially after using an exhausting ability like 'blaze'.

{status of gyarados}

level: 15

HP: 74/95 > 40/95

I check to see if gyarados has fainted but to my disappointment its on the ground ready to fire another water gun at Azars tail.........

As I see this my anger explodes, my sight goes red. I hear multiple layers in my brain smash...........I then concentrate my telekenitic power on large rocks surrounding us and then force them to rise as I continuosly fire them at the gyarados.


{status of gyarados}

level: 15

HP: 40/95 > 25/95


{status of gyarados}

level: 15

HP: 25/95 > 10/95


{status of gyarados}

level: 15

HP: 10/95 > 0/95





'Adam! ADAM! STOP!......Its already dead!' Eve screams between the 'bangs' trying to bring back my sanity.

I hear her cries and eventually stop. Then without a second wasted, I drop unconscious. My brain has been used way passed its limit.

{status of gyarados}


*Ding* skill learnt: 'ancient power'

*Ding* {mission complete}

task: learn your first skill

reward: 20,000 SP and bloodline transformation ticket

sensless sensless

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