48.14% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 13: Delia's suspicions

Chapter 13: Delia's suspicions

We've been walking for 5 days since the day I woke up, a lot has happened in these 4 days, for one ive decided to 'try' and be a but nicer to Delia so were getting along better I guess, although when I get her angry she beats the shit out off me.....somehow shes 2 points of strength ahead of me.

Other then that we've had quite a few battles with trainers and random pokemon in the wild, just to get our pokemons levels up for the gym. I have a big advantage over trainers since now because my pokemon are part of my {party} I can communicate with them telepathically without having to concentrate and use {telekinesis}, so in the end I won every single battle since they cant hear my commands. In the first place I don't really command my pokemon anyway, I just chip in when I can due to having a different view point. Ill let them battle in the way they see fit.

During these 5 days Azar learnt iron tail after the repeated battering of her tail and the vitamins I fed her to make her tail stronger.

{shiny charmander status}

name: Azar

Condition: Healthy

level: 10> 12

EXP:30/100> 20/100

HP: 59> 60

STR: 70> 70

DEF: 59> 60

AGL: 81> 83

Skills: Growl, Scratch, Ember, Iron tail

Ability: blaze

Bloodline purity: 50%

I eventually got to naming my mudkip.....Maya. I only asked her to meditate and try to compress the water inside of her, no results so far but im seeing progress.

{shiny mudkip status}

name: Maya

Condition: Healthy

level: 10> 12


HP: 67> 69

STR: 82> 83

DEF: 65> 68

AGL: 52> 53

Skills: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun

Ability: Torrent

Bloodline purity: 53%

I was about to buy 2 more blood refining pills for Azar and Maya but Eve said they need to fully evolve first or there bodies may not be able to take the full pressure from their bloodlines and end up....exploding. So I decided to wait.

I found out suprisingly Delia also wants to conquer 8 gyms and beat the league, because of this she insisted we find her a second pokemon, we eventually found a budew which I said not to get since its weak to ground pokemon and their may be a ground type at the gym, but she caught it anyway and forced me to help, her reasoning was 'its cute', whats cute about a poison type???

I got an indication showing that budew joined my {party} too.

Tonights the last night were gonna be the wilderness, Im thinking of using my random bloodline ticket but then I finally decided ill save it for now...Im thinking I can maybe trust Delia at this rate....I know she risked her life for me........ im trying to get over my fears but....I need more time to think about it. Anyway if I end up putting my trust in her, ill give her the random bloodline ticket. Ill save up my SP and buy bloodlines for myself anyway, it turns out I gain 1000 SP everytime I beat a trainerand sometimes more depending on how much stronger the trainer is.

Name: Adam

Age: 13

condition: healthy

blood lines: {????}, {mew (S class)}

HP: 30

STR: 5

DEF: 3

AGL: 7

INT: 30

Abilities: {????}, {telekinesis}(E), {sychronise}

Skills: ancient power

Pokemon: charmander, mudkip

SP: 130,500> 150,000


*next day*

'Eve is it possible to give Azar and Maya fire and water stones while also giving them an everstone so they can absorb the fire and water energy while still maintaining their pre-evolved state?' I ask Eve this question after a lot of contemplation.

'Its not possible.......atleast not without me hehe, its because the water and fire stone both shove energy into the pokemon, so if you make them hold an everstone preventing them from converting the energy into evolution.......they explode once again!!! But I can slow down the transfer of energy with a small price of 1000 SP for every minute the transfer takes hehe' Eve casually tries to rip me off.

at around 11 am we find a spot to rest for a bit, I buy a fire stone, a water stone and 2 everstones. I quickly set up compressed tent, I then call Azar and Maya and instruct them to first take an everstone each, and then I hand them there attribute stones.

I sit their watching them absorb for a full 25 minutes each!!!! I lost 50,000 SP!!!

Right at the end Maya shoots a stream of high pressure water, showing that shes learnt aqua jet while Azar fires a stream of fire showing that shes learnt flamethrower. The best part is their increase in level!

{shiny charmander status}

name: Azar

Condition: Healthy

level: 12> 15

EXP:20/100> 40/100

HP: 60> 62

STR: 70> 71

DEF: 60> 62

AGL: 83> 85

Skills: Growl, Scratch, flame thrower*, Iron tail

Ability: blaze

Bloodline purity: 50%

{shiny mudkip status}

name: Maya

Condition: Healthy

level: 12> 15


HP: 69> 70

STR: 83> 84

DEF: 68> 70

AGL: 53> 54

Skills: Tackle, Growl, Aqua jet*

Ability: Torrent

Bloodline purity: 53%

The only real downside to this is that the pokemon can never use an attribute stone more then once in there lives.


*Delia POV*

After the day that Adam fought the gyarados ive been hearing weird voices, its like I can sometimes understand what my pokemon are saying but through our minds.

I saw Adam have battles where he doesn't talk at all and his pokemon fight like they're being commanded sometimes...........I feel like Adams not telling me something.

Sometimes when im in a pinch and my mouth doesn't move fast enough, I feel like my thoughts are transmitted directly to my pokemon.

Somethings up, and im gonna find out what that something is.


*Adams POV*

"We've finally made it to Pewter city!!!" I shout to Delia thats lagging behind me while I stand at the entrance to the city.

"How did you find it? I haven't seen you take a map out once" Delia asks with suspicious eyes.

"Good memory I guess, why are you so nit picky today?" I ask with a confused face.

'I may have forgotten to tell you that the party function allows her to communicate with her pokemon telepathically too........woops' Eve says with a guilty tone.

'f***, what do we do?!!?!' I ask with a hint of nervousness.

'I don't see much of a problem if you tell her about your powers, the party function prevents her from telling others about the system anyway. Most importantly she seems like a good person, but its up to you' Eve gives a casual response.

I look towards Delia.

'I.......I need a bit more time......'


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"Delia stop lounging around! Lets go get our first gym badge!"

sensless sensless

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  • AshSatola


    Anime logic XD A girl can always beat up a guy in anime hahaha.

  • DarkKnight32


    Please at least make him do some running so he gets his agility up and maybe some push ups. way is a girl is stronger then him while biologically man are born to be stronger then woman's ??? (And lets not talk about how he got a bloodline one is a pokemon bloodline that gives him telekinesis and another one is probably what god gave him with that hammer( i have thor wibes here) and you give him only 5 points to strength is 10 average for a ***** then this is really bad he should start training before the main heroin gets raped by someone and he won't even be able to help

  • TrueImmortalDevil


    True ...

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