55.55% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 15: new bloodline

Chapter 15: new bloodline

{shiny charmander > charmeleon status}

name: Azar

Condition: Healthy

level: 15> 16

EXP: 0/100

HP: 62> 67

STR: 71> 76

DEF: 62> 67

AGL: 85> 90

Skills: Growl, Scratch, flame thrower, Iron tail

Ability: blaze

Bloodline purity: 50%

Azar slowly evolved into a yellow charmeleon, one that was bigger then most, most likely due to the fire stone.

Due to the evolution energy, somehow Azar was forced out of the ground so while the rest of us were in a daze, she took what she assumed to be the best action which was to jump do a front flip and use the momentum to slam the geodude with her iron tail...

{status of geodude} (fainted)

level: 14

HP: 20/60> 0/60

"first round goes to the challenger!" the umpire shouts.

"you really got lucky there kid but now its time to get serious, Go Onix!!!" Brock shouts with pride.

"Azar you've had your fun, return! Now its your turn, Go Maya!!!" I shout just as loudly as Brock.


*Brocks POV*

Purple? what the f*** how lucky can you be to not get one but two shiny pokemon???

Oh great and now its evolving too, what the f*** is going on today!!

calm down, calm down, look cool, don't want the pretty lady to get worried about me.

look at her, playing hard to get by pretending to support my opponent haha.


*Delias POV*


Beat that creep!!!


*Adams POV*

{shiny mudkip status}

name: Maya

Condition: Healthy

level: 15> 16


HP: 70> 75

STR: 84> 89

DEF: 70> 75

AGL: 54> 58

Skills: Tackle, Growl, Aqua jet, mud shot*

Ability: Torrent

Bloodline purity: 53%

She was on the brink of evolution before we even got here so its not really a suprise.

{status of onix}

level: 16

HP: 80/80

"use dig!!" Brock shouts

same trick again huh.

'Maya when signal you, do a back flip and use aqua jet towards where you were standing'

After I finish my order I use my telekinesis to go down the hole that onix is in, I then attach some of my telekinetic power to him so he doesnt notice just so I know is general location.

"now!!!" I shout out loud

Maya jumps into a back flip as sprouts from the ground intending to pull her in with its mouth wide open. Maya fires an aqua jet directly into its mouth.


*GRAAAA* onix howls in pain

{status of onix}

level: 16

HP: 80/80> 40/80

seems like attacking the inside is a lot more effective.

"use sand attack!!!" Brock shouts.

suddenly sand covers the field, good thing ive marked onix with my power.....oh hes not going underground?

'MAYA FIRE DIRECTLY UPWARDS!' I scream in my head.

onix tried to attack by jumping and using body slam, lucky I was quick to react.


*GRAAAA* onix gets hurt once again

{status of onix}

level: 16

HP: 40/80> 10/80

'Maya just fire mud shots and aqua jets from far away now, finish him off before he comes up with anything new ' I communicate with a sense of urgency.

Maya quickly executes her order and onix faints in a pool of water. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"The challenger wins!!!" the umpire shouts.

*Ding* {mission complete}

task: win your first gym battle.

reward: 50,000 SP and new system function- {Ability steal}

Ability steal: This allows you to absorb the blood from a living pokemon thats in their final evolved form and steal a random ability from them, This ability can only be bestowed upon any of your party. However you can use energy from the blood to get stronger.

"hmmm that was an interesting match kid, here take it. You earned it" Brock says with a straight face.

He then walks past me towards Delia, gets on one knee....

"will you marry me?" Brock asks in the most masculine voice he can muster.

How do you propose to a stranger right after losing a match directly infront of her!!! Respect.

Out of nowhere a flying kick comes towards Brock and knocks him out, oh its officer Jenny again, I really feel sorry for her...

"congrats on winning guys, I saw your fight right at the end, your really something......but the problem is you have 2 shiny pokemon, a lot of crooks will be after you if you don't be careful" Jenny quietly advises me. As expected from an ex- cop.

"My wife is right, you need to be careful. Oh before you leave if you see my daughter on your journey, tell her daddy misses her!!!" Brock shouts as he runs to a pretty challenger that walks in. Obviously Jenny follows while cracking her knuckles.

wait......BROCK HAS A DAUGHTER!?!?!?!

Me and Delia walk by them as we exit and say our goodbyes.

we look around the market for a few hours, eat at a restaurant and then go to the pokemon center to sleep for the night.

I then realise that I completely forgot to ask what Brocks daughters name is......oh well, I probably won't meet her anyway............ Or so I thought.

that night before actually sleeping.......Ive decided to use one of my random bloodline tickets.

'Eve is their a way you can influence the tickets choice of bloodline?'

'Nope totally out of my power, although I hope it gives you a sturdier body so you can survive dangerous spots........and for other reasons.....' Eve whispers the last bit under her breath but I choose to ignore the pervert.

'ok please use the ticket Eve' I ask with anticipation

*Ding* {riolu (B class)} bloodline obtained.

sensless sensless

whos abilities do you want Adam to steal? and to who should he bestow them?

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