70.37% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 19: Talk

Chapter 19: Talk

*Delias POV*

'Hello Delia, I guess this is our first formal introduction?' Eve politely starts conversation.

'Yep this is definitely the first time we've talked, Its really weird suddenly going through 13 years of memory.....I feel like ive aged hehe" I start a casual conversation.

'I know how you feel, I had only been born for a year when I met Adam, im like this now after scoring through his 13 years of life.....' Eve explains with nostalgia.

'Hmmm is that why your so attached? I mean since Adam is first person you've ever really known?' I ask with curiosity.

'.....I never really realised...maybe I am attached to Adam?' Eve speaks with uncertainty.

'you've had it hard haven't you?' I ask with sympathy in my voice.

'....no im....*hic*....ok....*hic*...' Eve tries to deny my claim while lightly sobbing.


'I know it was rude to eavesdrop but Delia insisted.....I asked the system to let me listen directly....Eve can you pull us into my soul palace' Adam suddenly speaks.

' mmm ok but you have to promise that you wont look at me when you guys come in....' Eve speaks with uncertainty.

'Its a promise' me and Adam speak at the same time.

Suddenly I feel my body being pulled and then im suddenly stable on my feet. I spread my arms with my eyes closed.

"come...come here Eve"

I suddenly feel a warm body separated by a thin cloth enter my arms and a pair of arms slowly wrap around my neck.

"waaaahh...........hic..............waaah" Eve slowly starts breaking down into tears while in my arms.

I suddenly feel another pair of larger arms wrap around both of us.....Adam


*Adams POV*

I hear Eve crying.....I use my ability to sense aura with my eyes closed to locate the pair. I slowly walk up to the pair and wrap my arms around both of them while letting Eve cry her heart out.

"Im sorry.....Im so sorry Eve.....Im sorry for not noticing....I kept thinking about myself....I had no idea....im so sorry" I whisper into Eves ear.

Suddenly she starts crying even louder and wraps her arm around me and squeezes tight.......

Dammit Ash, you had an amazing mother.


*Delias POV 4 hours later in the forest in their tents*

'Eve we still have a problem' me and Eve have been talking for the last 3 hours and have gotten on quite well.

'.....Adam right? should I get rid of him?' Eve speaks in a joking voice.

'hahaha no but we seriously need to figure out how to open him up more.......' I switch to a serious topic.

'What do you propose?' Eve asks for advice

'Im not sure.......my mum said a lot of things are solved when you put love into it? Why dont you kiss him?' I speak while cringing and blushing at the same time.

'no no no way.......im not ready yet, why dont you do it for now? I dont mind going after?' Eve gives a flustered response.

'but your the one he likes......I cant do anything' I speak with a saddened tone.

'maybe before.......but im not sure anymore hehe, im pretty sure your place in his heart has grown a lot.......you should have heard him earlier today. And dont try to hide it, I know you had a crush on him as soon as you saw him' Eve responds with a convinced voice.

'....was it that obvious?' I say with uncertainty.

'absolutely, now lets get some sleep and talk more about this tomorrow' Eve speaks in a tired voice.

'no.....if we dont do it now then ill never have the guts to do it again...'I speak ready to take a leap in our relationship.

I start to raise from my sleeping bag..... Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

'wait wait!!! your still young, its too early!!!!! I said wait dammit!!! NO I WANT HIS FIRST KISS!!!!!!!' Eve desperately tries to stop my unstoppable march.


*Adams POV*

While I was laying in my tent excersizing my telekinesis with my pokemon egg in arms, I hear Delia calling...

"Adam come out, I need to talk real quick!!' I hear Delia speak in a firm voice.

Oh it must be serious, maybe somethings happened?

'ADAM DONT GO OUT, SHES A PERVERT! RUN RUN' Eve suddenly starts screaming in my head.

'Eve stop over reacting she might be in danger' while in a rush to leave I forget that Eve would tell me if Delia was in danger.

As I exit the tent I suddenly feel a pair of arms wrap around my neck and a pair of warm moist lips grab my mouth...

As I stand there looking at Delia in shock I hear Eves screams in my head.


I eventually start blocking her out as my mind goes blank and my eyes go misty.....

sensless sensless

This one was interesting to write since its something I never really thought I would write lol.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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Comments (52)

  • Primordiaux


    Didnt mind the memory sharing but the system was to much. You have absolute no trust and after a couple days she knows all your secrets.

  • natsuday1


    But if ash has Adam's bloodline. It will be very cool. 😎👌

  • natsuday1


    This feels so wrong. Because, Delia IS Ash's mother! Right? 🤔

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