81.48% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 22: Hostage

Chapter 22: Hostage

"can we have our gym battle now?" I ask while undoing the bind that surrounds me

"nope" Lucy replies simply

'Eve can I snap her spine again?' I ask Eve with annoyance.

"uhm why not?" I ask masking my irritation

"you took my first kiss you know" Lucy replies while acting ignorant

"its fine, you must be feeling that weird heat throb that I felt when Delia assaulted me. Its not love, its just nervousness. No need to worry" I give her a thumbs up

"Adam we should do it again to confirm!!" Delia suddenly interrupts

"yeah thats not happening" I reply

"hmmm here take the vermilion gym badge, I dont feel like battling you" Lucy suddenly speaks up

"thanks I guess, well we'll take our leave now.......seeya round I guess" I turn around and start to walk off

"Hold on" I hear lucy speak

"something else?" I reply

"No I just need you to wait a sec while I pack my stuff" Lucy replies

"uhm....and why would you be packing your stuff Lucy?" I ask knowing the reply

"oh my real names lusamine haha, seems like you couldnt tell my name but could still figure out who I was" Lusamine speaks with a smirk

"your too smart for your own good" I reply with caution

"Oooh I really wonder how you fixed my spine? I really wonder if the world would like to know?" lusamine carries on with a bigger smirk on her face.

"Lusamine dont make me regret my decision" I reply with a threatening look

"I guess the only way to keep me from telling people is by keeping me hostage" Lusamine replies unfazed with a huge grin on her face

At this moment all of us have one thought "we've been played"

"Hope you know that the only reason im not killing you is because I dont want to waste a sensu bean" I reply while gritting my teeth

"such a tsundere" she simply replies while heading to another room to pack her things.


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*2 days later on the way to celadon city*

Eve and Delia gave me this long lecture on how its not ok to kiss other girls and how I can only do it with girls I really like and they like me too, Which made sense since I quite like Delia and it felt kinda wrong to kiss lusamine.

Lusamines just been following us while making sly comments, turns out shes 19 years old but still hit it off well with Delia. Its like she never kidnapped her, how womens minds work will always mistify me.

Right now its the evening and im fighting a wild geodude.

It puts its hands on the ground so I jump up and use telekinesis to keep me up longer to avoid its use of earthquake.

I then land on the ground while it recuprates and sprint directly to it right before sending a punch directly to its face and knocking it out.

Suddenly I feel a surge of energy from reaching level 20 but not like the usual leveling up surge. Its much more intense.

'Eve whats going on?" I ask Eve while trying to maintain my calm

'umm you know how pokemon evolve after a certain level?' Eve responds nonchalantly

'what will happen to me' I ask

'dunno its never happened to a human before so the system has no records to go by' Eve replies without much thought

'oi oi shouldnt you be more worried? what if I grow a pair ears and a tail?!?!' I reply with irritation

'I would be into it......' Eve responds

When I feel like the energy is about to burst out I feel another 2 types of energy come and suppress the evolution energy while mixing and integrating with it.

'what just happened?' I ask confused

'your other 2 bloodlines suppressed the evolution and somehow mixed with it..........basically your bar for evolution has risen, so your gonna evolve later into something even stronger I guess' Eve replies with intrigue

'Eve your quite useless for a system you know' I state with irritation

'im only 1 years old!!!' Eve replies with a fake hurt voice

"Hohoho Adam can fight a pokemon directly, knock a rock type out with a single punch, you can jump super high, run super fast.........just what are you?" I suddenly hear lusamine speaking from behind a tree

'Dammit I thought I told Delia to keep an eye on her, Im not good enough to sense aura while im in the middle of a fight yet' I speak my complaints to Eve

'she fell asleep, she sniffed her own sleeping powder.........' Eve reponds with a giggle

"Delias pretty unreliable............as for what I am and who I am? I know neither but thats none of your business" I reply while giving a potion to the geodude so it isnt too weak to defend itself when it wakes up

"your too kind hearted, its just a pokemon. super low intelligence, theyre at the level of a 3 year old and thats if theyre smart" Lusamine states with her matter of fact attitude

"maybe your just not kind hearted enough, I feel responsible since I did just beat the geodude for no reason. If I was into eating rock then it would be dead" I reply back with the same attitude

"I was testing you, I want world peace and the only way to do that is through 'necessary' sacrifice" Lusamine responds with a smile

"you will never achieve world piece" I respond simply

"what do you mean?" Lusamine frowns

"You cant begin to fathom how big this world is, Unless your satisfied with just gaining peace on this little planet then it is possible" I respond with a smile

"your suggesting theirs intelligent life on other planets" Lusamine frowns deepens

"other universes" my smile deepens

"you sound confident, like youve seen it yourself" Lusamine looks directly into my eyes

"Haha good night Lusamine" I walk away slowly while laughing

However I look back just before I lose sight of her realise I cant leave her there and sleep so I sit while leaning on a tree, I watch her contemplating while staring at the ground with a completely chaotic aura

'You totally shattered her ambition' Eve speaks out

'it needed to be done, shes an alright person right now but she'll become a proper b**** if she becomes obsessed' I reply calmly

'annoying that you only played the game with her in it so we dont know her that well' Eve states

Who knew I would fall asleep and wake up to see her standing there still with heavy eye bags

'Well she her auras calm now, seems like shes given up on that ambition for now' I yawn

'I have a feeling shes found one that I wont be happy with' Eve responds with trepidation

sensless sensless

Whats Lusamines new ambition?

What will Adam evolve into?

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  • Saneklinez


    He evolves into harem master from harem apprentice and gains new girls.

  • AnsemDawise


    Is the author still working on this story? It's a good tale and would love to see more.

  • DragonkingKyo


    thanks for the chapter

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