85.18% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 23: Another world?

Chapter 23: Another world?

Its been a month, we've all gotten stronger with the exception of lusamine obviously. through the month Delia was caught playing with plants multiple times which ofcourse lusamine questioned, but who said I had to answer her questions.

Lusamine Just pouted and walked along, I decided to join her into my party but only so I can talk to her in the worsed case scenarios, Obviously I asked Eve to luck her telepathy function

Name: Adam

Level: 27

condition: Healthy

bloodlines: {????}, {????}, {mew (S class)}, {riolu (B class)}

HP: 100%

Abilities: {????}, {????}, {Telekinesis}(E), {Sychronise}, {Aura}

Skills: Ancient Power, force palm

Pokemon: Charmeleon, Marshtomp, larvitar

SP: 200,000

{Delia status}

condition: healthy

bloodlines: {Swadloon (B class}

LVL: 21

HP: 100%

Abilities: {plant growth}(E), {overcoat}

Skills: bind

Delia didnt evolve like expected, apparently its different for every bloodline. Fortunately she did level up quite a bit. I finally perfect a new move that is force palm so now Ive taken advantage of the riolu bloodline.

Over the journey I didnt really find the need to catch a new pokemon so it was just the usual for a month of smooth and easy travelling.

Delia and I eventually warmed up to Lusamine and we all became closer, its hard to ignore someone thats with you for a whole month. We found out that at this point in time Lusamines thoughts were quite pure, she talks about sacrificing things while doing everything else to avoid that sacrifice.

Lusamine seems to have given up on her world peace ambition but she's still annoyingly playful, its quite hard to get back at her. She somehow got Delia on her side eventually, like an older sister figure, which is to be expected since she is years older then us.

"We're here, Adam its time to give me attention, were going to a restuarant to eat and then talk about.........oiiiiii" Lusamine speaks trying to get me to waste time while I ignore her and walk towards the gym.

"Mine*, Adam usually likes to go conquer the cities gym before he does anything else"(mean-eh is how you pronounce Lusamines nickname) Delia whispers to Lusamine.

I head directly to the entrance of the gym, Its a huge wooden door wrapped in vines, as I push it open I see a path surrounded by the most beautiful plants, ones Ive never seen before with hundreds of different flowers and trees, all different colours. As I walk down the path with girls behind me gasping I see Erika the gym leader playing with a bellsprout.

"uhm excuse me maam..........are you perhaps the gym leader?" I ask pretending not to know her.

"ah Erika-chan, nice to see you again. As cute as always arent you? What my companion here is really saying is that if he wants your body instead of the gym badge, not a problem right?" Lusamine suddenly interrupts with her annoying swagger.

"Apologies young one, although your quite the looker and I am pretty tempted. I like a man down there, if ya know what I mean.........oh also im married" Erika speaks while winking at me, her aura playful.

"Its ok, I just thought that their was finally a woman of higher quality then the ones behind me and got a bit excited, my apologies" I respond casually. Ive learned how to handle Lusamine a lot better over the month ive been with her.

"oi you know that witch is like fourty.......ouch" Lusamine gets interrupted by a stone heading her head.

"Adam thats not fair, I didnt even do anything!" Delia chimes in.

"quite, your an accomplice of that vixen, now may we have our battle?" I respond curtly Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

'Yep I was in your head the whole time, nothing to do with me' Eve ofcourse tries to prove her innocence

"Ofcourse, follow me to the platform" Erika turns around and I follow until we eventually reach a large field covered in green grass.

"Are you ready to begin?" Erika asks

"lets do this!" I reply without hesitation

"The match between Gym leader Erika and Challenger Adam. Begin!!!" the umpire commences the battle.

"Azar this is all up to you!!" I easily send Azar out.

{shiny charmeleon status}

name: Azar

Condition: Healthy

level: 27

Skills: fire claw, smokecreen, flame thrower, Iron tail

Ability: blaze

Bloodline purity: 50%

"Quite the pretty pokemon you have there, Go weepinbell!!" Erika quickly responds with her pokemon

{status of weepinbell}

level: 25

condition: healthy

HP: 100%

'Azar slam your tail against the ground if you can hear me" I transmit this through telepathy to confirm she can hear me, and she easily responds with a slam.

'perfect, now use smokescreen' I make my first command.


*Erikas POV*

Oh pretty boys obviously made a plan before this with his pokemon, otherwise why would it use a smokescreen without any commands

'weepinbell keep your eyes open, she could be anywhere but she cant see you either so move around'


*Adams POV*

Its really disadvantageous, having to shout your commands like that.

'Azar I can see its aura in the smoke, turn to the left, a little more.......ok use flamethrower' Azar uses flamethrower and it smashes against the weepinbell sending it flying across the field.

{status of weepinbell}

level: 25

condition: fainted

HP: 100% > 13% (changed it a bit, if a pokemon or anything hits a HP below 15% then they faint)

Guess the higher level and advantage of fire is really useful against grass types.

"Dammit I dont know how you found weepinbell but you wont get so lucky next time!"

However contrary to her thoughts, the process went exactly the same except she did try to use stun spore but that got blown away by the smokescreen and she did use the move grass not but I could sense its approach so it was an easy win against her other 2 pokemnon, I held a perfect victory.

{shiny charmeleon status}

name: Azar

Condition: Healthy

level: 31

Skills: fire claw, smokecreen, flame thrower, Iron tail

Ability: blaze

Bloodline purity: 50%

"How embarrassing, I didnt even get a hit in, youve pointed a major weak point out in my pokemon, thank you. Here take the badge kid" Erika chucks a rainbow coloured badge which I catch and admire.


{mission complete}

objective: collect 4 gym badges

reward: travel to another random world with party + one random bloodline ticket

*59 seconds remain until world transportation*

'Eve im guessing you didnt know this was gonna happen, as per usual?' I ask with slight irritation

'Sometimes I wonder why im even here hehe' Eve responds with a giggle

"Erika I would love to talk more but we have an appointment to attend, so sorry. Gotta run!" I shout this as I run out of the gym pulling the girls behind me.

*20 seconds....*

I quickly pick up and put both girls over my shoulders as I run into the forest beside the city.


*teleporting to randomly assigned world*

As we teleport, I realise..................Lusamines in my party................sh*t

sensless sensless

lots of comments and good reviews give me motivation lol.

let me know what world you want Adam to go to, I have one in mind but if someone comes up with something better then I can tweak the plot. Dont worry the plot wont change very much based on your choice of world

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    Thanks for the chapter

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    Alternate world - Zombie pokemon world!

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